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Before this, eels could send a request of which song they wanted to hear fully. Top 5 songs were webcast in the program. You can hear a part of all songs contained in Jang Keun Suk 2nd album “NATURE BOY” on PONYCANYON website. [Preview] Jang Keun Suk 2nd album “NATURE BOY”

No.1 Love letter
No.2 Save me
No.3 Nature Boy
No.4 Turn off
No.5 Poker Face

10 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS NICONICO LIVE_20130517”

  1. After hearing the full version, i think i love Turn off the most, followed by Save Me and Love letter. I think i like him seeing slow, ballad songs.

  2. Tenshi, thanx so so soooo much for the English subs for Nico Nico Live.

    As for the songs, I’d also like to hear the whole ‘Love Letter’ song first since he poured his soul into it.

  3. Even though I could not understand a word he said, his actions are so adorable and I love all the songs so far. Hope I can get my hands on it in USA.

  4. my favorite song so far from Nature Boy is Save Me,i’ve been listening for it in repeat mode..Love Letter is second on my list..
    thanks sis for the english subbed video…i have watched it without sub and i really want to know what is he saying specially the part where he licked his lips kkk now i know and he’s so naughty as always and i so love it <3

  5. Mary loves you Geun Suk and Thank you – my birthday is 8th May, I am so happy and grateful to have you release this album on my birthday month – this is a great birthday present for me. I Love you


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