[18.05.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

I’m drinking champagne..
샴페인을 마시고 있다..

with Pig….

And I’m waiting to reach 10,000,000 followers on Weibo.
그리고 웨이보 팔로워 천만명을 기다리는 나

tenshi_akuma’s note: Now more than 9,500,000 followers.

5 thoughts on “[18.05.2013] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. What will you drink when you reach 10 millions on Weibo? The world population is 6 billion, more than 1.35 billion in China. I would rather celebrate the number of counties where your eels live. I am sure it will be the highest. Akuma Kung can help to keep the record where your eels come from.
    The reflection of Pig (not Zin Kung) in your glasses is sweet.

    • Sudie, Sukkie mentioned in one of the press conference in China before that when his weibo followers reaches 10 million (at that time he has just started his Weibo account…), he will dance on Great Wall of China in Beijing ^_^

  2. Dear Prince, you reminded me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It is a very lovely story of a seagull that is so different from others. Please find the original book written in English. They also made it into a film with the songs by Neil Diamond. You are very philosophical so I am sure you will like it. I just want to share my thought about you with you and your international eels. You really remind me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. If you can’t find a copy, tell Akuma and I will send you a copy.

  3. Almost 10.000.000!!! We can almost see our prince dancing on the GREAT WALL of China yeahhhhhhhhh

    When reaching 20 he will buy a house…I’m sure he will reach 20 esp when he makes a whole Chinese CD and maybe a movie or so..

    ZIKZIN..Chinese eels : )


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