3 thoughts on “[Pics] Team H album “I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN” Chinese deluxe edition”

  1. Keun Suk is the master of facial expressions. He can convey an enormous range of emotions with the tilt of his head, raise an eyebrow, a glare, disbelief, innocence, sensuality, awe, joy, sadness, winsomeness and anger.
    A consumate actor of extraordinary skills or should I say “Artiste”.
    See you in L.A. pronto por favor!

  2. Too bad..just order one of the older versions…
    Oh…maybe next time if I have some spare money…my wishinglist of Sukkie is a mile long
    But today received out of Japan….my DVD from his You’re my pet fanmeeting in Japan!!!!!!!
    I going to watch it now..love to see him doing magic tricks…


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