[Twitter] From Heechul of SJ

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Heechul of Super Junior updated his Twitter with this pic, though I have no idea what is said in his twitter ….

@佳能乃朴有天正室:希澈更新推…[머리 언제 이렇게 자라냐.. 이 머리 만들라고 지금 염색도 안하고 잘참고 기다리는건데ㅡㅡ^] 多海欧尼…

4 thoughts on “[Twitter] From Heechul of SJ”

      • ouw i just know that Heechul was born on 1983…he is so baby-face even now, he cut his hair and he look more younger than that picture..ckckc thanks for the inform friend 🙂

  1. That’s the first day Heechul started DJ-ing at Youngstreet Radio last year March and KeunSuk was his first guest! ^^ together with Lee Dae Hae :)))

    Oh and Heechul mentioned that he misses his long hair and has to be patience to stop dyeing his hair until it grows.. 😉


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