28 thoughts on “[Fan Account] 22 Mar 2011 – JKS at Seoul airport”

  1. OMG!! He smokes???!!! Why??? I’ve never noticed it???!!! I too hate smokers *cries* What sould i do??!!

    “Nevertheless, JKS, please quit smoking!” <— Co-SIGN!

    • have read somewhere that JKS said he was a “latecomer” to smoking i.e. he picked it up in university ….

      let’s sign a petition and mail it to him ^^

      • if he’s a smoker, how can his teeth be flawless and perfectly white? and how can his lips be so pinkish dan soft? he doesn’t seem like a smoker at all

      • hi deborah,

        there is no “if”. JKS does smoke, though I think it’s occasionally.

        (1) if u don’t trust the fan account of this Korean eel who was at the airport today to greet JKS, well, i assume u don’t trust anything she writes

        (2) there is one behind-the-scenes photo taken during “Marry me Mary” of JKS and Moon Geun Young standing in position facing each other but the camera hadn’t started filming yet.
        that photo shows JKS smoking and sadly, i wouldn’t want to be in MGY’s position inhaling the smoke.

        (3) JKS has said it himself about when he picked up smoking.
        don’t ask me to look for it though…. can’t remember where exactly I saw this piece of info

        maybe he goes to the dentist regularly to maintain his teeth?

      • Hi aphrael77, first and foremost, thank you so much for this blog. Everyday, I always look for this site for any info about JKS. I’ve got this addiction(JKS) since watching YB and then I started digging all his projects including his dramas,movies,and cf. I am a dentist by profession and I could tell by the appearance of a person’s mouth, lips,and teeth if he/she smokes or not. In the case of our JKS, yes I agree with you that maybe he smokes occasionally but for 2,3,4,or 5 years already.Although, his lips still appears coral pink but there are some traces of dark spots in it when he doesn’t wear lipstick. When there is constant exposure to heat our tissue will undergo changes in terms of color,texture,etc. I believe when he is in pictorials or something, he wears thin coat of lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I still admire and love him despite of all his flaws. This is my first time to really,truly, and irrevocably love an artist. And I will support him all the way. But I still hope he will quit smoking for the sake of his health. By the way, he has a good set of teeth. Like you, I believe he visits his dentist regularly.

      • Hi and welcome to the JKS addiction club! 🙂

        and wow, there is nothing like a professional opinion when in times of doubt ^^ i didn’t know all that info about lip tissue etc…urgh…

        we can always hope that he’ll soon find a good reason to quit smoking …. alternatively, let’s all write to him (and send it to Tree-J) and ask him to seriously consider quitting smoking ….

      • So, my idol drinks and smokes…. please quite smoking… drinking is ok… (still considered as cool)….. you’ll ruin your lips and teeth and voice and smell…. sigh….

      • the thing about not liking an “idol” blindly, is to go in with one’s eyes wide open.

        yes, he drinks and smokes (occasionally), but i believe from all our comments here, we have our own sense of right and wrong, thus we need not “follow idol” blindly … haha~ in fact, we want our “idol” to follow our wishes (…lol) n that shows how much we are concerned about him.

        just wanna say that i don’t know whether JKS feels the pressure of being “idolized” …. just think of him as being as human as you and I … don’t think of him as the “perfect idol” but as a normal person with his own flaws ……. ^^

      • yes…i agree with you…how can we sign petition for him to quit smoke ??..it’s very bad for his health also for his voice…

  2. Agree, smoking is BAD for health, breath, teeth (horrible stains) and love ones who are close too (inhaling second hand smoke is worse than smoking directly)! Furthermore, the posture/body language of a smoker seems to show negative conotations of impatience and addiction.

    So for your best interest Keun Suk, STOP SMOKING.

  3. As I am understanding smoking do brings a lot of happiness to smokers, especially one is tired or sad or happy, or whatever……….

    As requested by me, my husband has quitted smoking at many times, another words failed so many times, one reason is smoking do giving him a peace and pleasure, another reason I am also not that hard-mannered person, can’t see him suffering because of me.

    But one day, his lovely 2 years old daughter pushing him away because of his smelling (although he never smoking in front of us), this was made him finally quit, It’s been 9 years ready.

    Therefore I am rather waiting patiently to see he will quit smoking one day, for someone whom he love dearly.

    Anyway we already took over his happiness of being shopping alone, let him to enjoy whatever he have now………..

    • Congratulations to your husband! Like any addiction smoking is hard to quit, and children are a very good reason to stop!

      As for JGS I was shocked because there’s not a YB BTS where he smokes?! Did he starts smoking after!?

      “Anyway we already took over his happiness of being shopping alone, let him to enjoy whatever he have now………..”It might be the stress of his newfound success… *sigh*

  4. Agree with everybody here.
    I really worry for him, when he smokes his voice will be also affected, not good.
    I wish he can stop smoking ASAP.
    If I can see him I will tell him how to stop smoking, I know some ways….
    Keun Suk a, please stop smoking.

  5. i saw some picture of JGS with cigarette in his hand and i knew he’s smoker from the way he hold it. Smoking isn’t good with his health of course, but in the other side.. i like see man smoking how crazy i am ! hahahaa

  6. I thought he already quit smoking grrr!that’s bad news!Well… his upper teeth looks fine but whenever he giggles you can see his lower set of teeth is not quite good…i hope those people around him should also avoid smoking beacuse if they don’t Sukkie won’t be able to fight his urge to smoke.Though i❤◕‿◕my★so much…i hate to think that he’s not concern about his health and those people who could possibly inhale those smokes coming from him hmp!hmp!Oppa!Oppa!Oppa!you better quit now!!!◕ ̯ ◕

  7. Smoking is definitely not cool! It’s bad for the smoker and also for the people around him! Maybe when he’ll fall in love he’ll quit smoking. Should we root for him?

  8. He’s always so nice to his eels =) even though hes very tired … also he looks GREAT for being that tired <3 <3… about the smoking part… well he's young and must feel stressed a lot due to his career and schedule so i can understand it..I think 🙂

  9. Hi aphrael77, thank you for welcoming me to JKS Addiction Club! You’re great with regards to JKS updates. Every night before going to bed, I always come to this site to check for any news about JKS. You never failed to amaze me with your info about JKS. And thank you for that. About JKS smoking, yeah, we should send him a petition letter to quit smoking. I hope he would consider quitting. But whatever his decision is, I will always support him.

  10. some how i have this feeling that JKS smokes because, am I wrong to say that it is quite common for actors to smoke? still sad though that my hunch was confirmed. I hope he quits smoking… or at least smoke only occasionally. besides bad for the teeth, smoking is related to all kind of cancers. hope he quits. 🙁

  11. I HATE smoking.His fans,family and managers should stop him.(Pls don’t tell me his manager is also smoker!!)
    But I believe he is just occasional smoker.I have never heard of him smoking in other fans’ account or other articles.BUT I still I want him to quit.Hope I won’t see the headlines about JKS getting liver cancer in 10 or 20 years time…

  12. i thought he stopped smoking!! 🙁
    but as long as i don’t see him with a cig, i think i’ll be ok till then.

    and yes , we should sign a petition, but i don’t think that’ll work 🙁

  13. Actually I already suspected he is a smoker and “drinker”. Coz sometimes through his “big” smiles, u will able to see his stained teeth. Unavoidable….. since he has been in the filming industry .. it is really difficult to avoid smoking expecially JGS is an “open” and “uptodate” guy. I believe you all also knew he likes “clubbing” and often attends Lounge H…. how can he avoid smoking and drinking… impossible. I understand him as my husband did the same too since he has to entertain his clients ! Really difficult to quit…..

    As long as he knows the limit, is fine for me……… sorry to be d one exceptional among u all !!


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