[Video] Hanyang University 2013 scholarship certificate award ceremony_20130503

Jang Keun Suk attended Hanyang University the first half of 2013 scholarships certificate award ceremony on May 3rd. This video is about the ceremony. I’m sorry there is no English translation yet. For more info, check this post. [03.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

Source: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/user/hanyangkr2/hynetM.html
Credits: 한양 대학교 (Hanyang University)

11 thoughts on “[Video] Hanyang University 2013 scholarship certificate award ceremony_20130503”

  1. How I wish there is a translation. Just surmised that those other who were present are also sponsors of Hanyang University scholarships. But Sukkie is the youngest among them, and I’m so proud of him. At such a young age he has this heart of gold, that why he is always blessed. Keep it up Sukkie!

    And Tenshi, Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks Tenshi for sharing…will wait patiently for the subs..
    So proud of Sukkie, so young and so dedicated to his social tasks

  3. He has been doing this for many years. His parents has taught him well. I hope the university has given him the same kind of education, not only the academic part but the leadership, the team spirit, the Korean value, the sharing and caring for the society. I think our prince is always the first one who cried out for help when there was any natural disaster, the Tsunami in Japan, the earthquake in Sichuan, etc. As he said in his last year donation that he was happy doing this, it is true prince, when you are able to give you will be happier than when you take.

    This spirit of giving it ALL to whatever you do will bring you all the success, love, and happiness.

  4. To Tenshi,

    I just wonder who is taking care of this website. I want to write to him about the link. Could you please let me know her email address?

  5. How I wish people who write bad things about JKS will write this good will of him.
    It’s so sad, reporters always focus on the negative sides of him, instead of focusing
    on the good side. .. I just wish I can write straight to JKS…. I don’t even know if he’s reading this site.

  6. Dear Sudie, I left a post on Feedback….let’s see if there is any response. Highly unlikely. There is no e-mail address for TreeJ, I suppose you have to resort to the old-fashioned write a letter and mail it technique. Seems as if we are returning to the days of Paul Revere (Pony Express) …. old American expression!
    I’ve also left a couple of messages on Kurt’s FB … thought that might be a faster approach, however, still waiting. Hope you’re not working too hard. I will be going to the show in LA once dates are announced. Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to dear Sis.

  7. JKS is a thoughtful, intelligent gentleman, who has the heart to always give back to his University and to those in other countries who have suffered from natural disasters.
    Korea should embrace this son of theirs’ with open arms and celebrate “The Joy of Jang Keun-Suk!
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to Geun-Suk always moving forward towards his dreams.
    See you in Los Angeles!


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