[13.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter

Let’s RT!!!!

@psy_oppa mothe father indian summer!!

VJ: San-E has come out again!! ‘big boy’
JKS: http://youtu.be/2Ox_Pd_OILA I’ve come out, too.
VJ: Keun-chan has come out, too!! k

근짱도 나왔네요!! ㅋ RT @AsiaPrince_JKS: “@freevj: San-E 도 나왔구나!! ‘big boy’”ㅡhttp://youtu.be/2Ox_Pd_OILA 나도 나왔고

Park Shin-hye: Well.. I kept a promise.. Asia Prince chan^^^^^^
JKS: I love you..

“@ssinz: “@AsiaPrince_JKS: youtu.be/2Ox_Pd_OILA Let’s RT!!!!” 자.. 난 약속을 지켰어.. 아시아프린스 쨔앙^^^^^^”ㅡ사랑한다..

Park Shin-hye: I’ll receive a rice wreath from you^^^^ kkkkkkkkkk
JKS: What will you do with the wreath^^??????

“@ssinz: @AsiaPrince_JKS 화환은 쌀로받을게^^^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”ㅡ화환이 뭐하는거야^^??????


CHIN-kun has come….. Big CHIN-kun….
The staff are at a loss what to do.. As I’m scared, I’m watching it through cctv (Closed Circuit Television surveillance camera?)…

찡군이 나타났다….. 대왕 찡군….
직원들도 어찌할바 모르고.. 난 무서워서 cctv로 지켜보는중…

BB: Jks new album!! RT @AsiaPrince_JKS: http://youtu.be/2Ox_Pd_OILA Let’s RT!!!!
JKS: Late, but thank you

“@bigbrothersound: Jks new album!! RT @AsiaPrince_JKS: http://youtu.be/2Ox_Pd_OILA
Let’s RT!!!!”ー뒷북 땡큐

jksjapan: [Translation] CHIN-kun has come….. Big CHIN-kun….
The staff are at a loss what to do.. As I’m scared, I’m watching it through cctv…
JKS: Late as usual.
jksjapan: ↑ Correct! ^^
JKS: When our contract will expire?
jksjapan: ((((゜ロ゜;…. You’re threatening us in public…
JKS: I can’t read Chinese characters.
jksjapan: ( ̄m ̄) pu pu

“@jksjapan: jks(訳): チン君が現れた….. ビックチン君….
スタッフたちもどうしたらいいかわからず.. 僕は怖くて cctvで監視している… pic.twitter.com/hNnyCPrwUR”ㅡおそいし← せいかい!^^”ㅡ契約いつおわるかな?ㅡ((((゜ロ゜;….公開脅し…”ㅡかんじよめないしー
( ̄m ̄)ップ

jksjapan: It’s better to translate 찡군 into ZIN-kun, not CHIN-kun! Big CHIN-kun sounds a bit funny…. Well, please forget about it (/(エ)\) I’m sorry~
JKS: I like big ZIN.
JKS: Are you Matsumoto (the translation staff name)? You wanna die?

“@jksjapan: チン君より、ZIN君て書いた方がいいですね!ビックチン君て、ちょっとおかしくて….いや、なんでもないです(/(エ)\)失礼~”ㅡオレはbigじんがすきだし
“@jksjapan: チン君より、ZIN君て書いた方がいいですね!ビックチン君て、ちょっとおかしくて….いや、なんでもないです(/(エ)\)失礼~”ーお前はまつもとか?しにたいの?

jksjapan: Ah~, OK, not CHIN, but ZIN! Roger! (^o^)v
@AsiaPrince_JKS “@jksjapan: チン君より、ZIN君て書いた方がいいですね!ビックチン君て、ちょっとおかしくて….いや、なんでもないです(/(エ)\)失礼~”ㅡオレはbigじんがすきだしーあ~、チンじゃなくてジンね!ラジャー!(^o^)v

jksjapan: We updated gallery (of official FC website)!(^o^)v
JKS: Are you Matsuyama (the staff name? but different one from previous Matsumoto)??

“@jksjapan: ギャラリーも更進しました!(^o^)v”ㅡおまえまつやまだろう??

JKS: HELL~~~O No way you’ve already escaped?
jksjapan: That’s all for today! We’re running away (=(=(=(=(/(エ) ̄)/
JKS: Hey! Come come to our base!!

“@jksjapan: @AsiaPrince_JKS
@jksjapan お~~~い まさかにげたの?ーきょうは、仕事終わり!逃げるのだ(=(=(=(=(/(エ) ̄)/”ㅡごのやろぎちにおいでおいで!!

26 thoughts on “[13.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter”

  1. So funny to read exchanges between Sukkie and jksjapan (Frau). They are really good partners 🙂

  2. Sukkie should come out with a song called, You Wanna Die?? He likes that phrase a lot Haha!
    Thanks Tenshi Akuma!

  3. Sukkie’s baby toy, Zin-Kun has been transformed into that big white pig. Don’t you miss him, huh, Sukah? Where is he now? Where are you nooooowww, ZINNNN?

      • Yes, he does say ‘I love you’ in public quite often… Which is admirable because he’s not ashamed to show his affection towards his friends and that is so sweet…

        Hehehe… But it’s funny how careful he has to be. He never says ‘I love you’ or something similar in public to people who are his friends and are working for big, controlling freak, companies e.g. SM Entertainment (Heechul, Tiffany, Yoona; I’m pretty sure he’s very close with them as well) because SME would probably burn him at the stake. Hahahaha

      • I love ” Jazzy, Sunny and Tenshi” comments.
        that’s right, suk always said “I love You” many friends as: Hong ki, Jaejoong, Prhyme and more.
        Obvious, Suk is so close with other korean artist/star-big famous too as: Heechul, Yoona, tiffany. but suk never say “I love you” in public to them (Heechul, Yoona and Tiffany), because they is working for the most famous, biggest and controller company “SM-entertainment”. the SM-entertainment cares and protects of its workers and especially of its most famous and popular artist-stars.

      • I remember he once said “Luv ya” and “I miss you” to Becky, the Japanese artiste…LOL

  4. Thanks for translation. Zin kun looks prettier when in white color, but too huge lol..
    Suk may think Zin kun will lovely like a big bear lol..

  5. JKS….when someone asks when is your next CD coming out? You answer should be: IT’LL DROP NEXT WEEK or IT DROPS TODAY, etc. (Never say I’m coming out …. that’s an expression used by gay community). Just thought your American Noona would give you a heads-up on this!
    Nature Boy/Indian Summer will be great for your next Cri show … great visuals to work with. I Adore Pig in headdress and day-glow! Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams for you continued success. See you in L.A.

  6. Thank you for the translations. It was fun reading his exchange tweets with his staff. He makes them feel comfortable while making himself lovable to us. Admirable prince, always expressing his appreciation and close friendship with three little words which means a lot “I Love You”. I’m sure it makes his friends feel happy and special. Thoughtful prince!
    My friends and I end our conversations with these three little words, everyday. Just to show we care for one another. Ha…ha.. but for Hong Ki, he almost got into trouble with Mina. Nature Boy rocks…. Good luck, to our prince.

  7. Hi Susann, nice to know that we learn something new everyday and thank you. I get the part where it is okay to say “drop” and “coming out” when it refers to a CD or movie, right.
    But when a guy says: I’m coming out, then it means he’s coming out from the closet. But, i just want to make sure that when JKS tweeted with VJ, “I’m come out, too”. Since he had his YT link to refer what had come out, i think that is a common statement and it should be okay, right. Correct me if I’m wrong, please. What you meant is to refrain from saying just, “I’m coming out, too”. That gives a whole different meaning. Actually, i just learnt about “drop”. I’m used to using the term… coming out … referring to movies, CDs etc.
    Although Noona is reminding JKS, we all read interesting posts everyday. Thank you to this blog and JKS who brings us all together. Love and peace …..

  8. Angel88 Sis, I didn’t know whether JKS was talking about coming out to meet someone or his CD.
    I was just trying to alert him to the different nuances in English. Most hosts would ask “when is your CD coming out or more commonly when the does your CD drop?
    Most young/cool guys use “drop,” I worked in the entertainment industry, and people would say “I’m working on the set”, now they say “on set” (eliminating “the”). Our Prince probably knows this already, but just in case he didn’t, I wanted to give him a headsup. I want him to be the “coolest Prince in LA” and not be surprised by anything.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you. Hopefully, we’ll met in LA.

  9. Angel88, I didn’t know whether JKS was talking about meeting someone or his CD coming out. I just wanted to alert him to the use of “CD dropping”. The TV host will ask “when does your CD drop or come out”? But the young, cool guys are saying “my CD drops or dropped”. He’s probably already aware of this. It’s a common expression in the US but I don’t want him have any surprises. I want him to be the coolest Prince in Los Angeles.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you. I hope we can meet in LA.

  10. Hi Angel, I really didn’t know whether JKS was saying he was coming out to meet someone or his CD was coming out. I just wanted to alert him to the current vernacular being used. If an interviewer asks him: When did your CD drop or Has your CD dropped? … I wanted him to be familiar with a common US expression not necessarily used in Korea.
    I want him to be the coolest Prince in Los Angeles and not have any surprises. I only hope someone at TreeJ or JKS actually reads this blog…..otherwise any good tips ….go astray. I hope to meet you in Los Angeles.
    Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you,

  11. Thank you , Susann. I’ve learnt something new. Now, while I’m in the U.S. at least I’ll understand when the word “Drop” is used in our conversations with regards to the latest release of music, books, movies etc. I agree that the usage of certain words used to express what we mean even within parts of North America are different. We say “Take-out” here in Canada and while i was in the U.S. they said; “To Go”. Awww…. I have my cousins who live in Long Beach so hope i can meet all of you at Prince’s party. Thank you for the Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams …. love it. Cheers to you, Anne.

  12. Angel, I’ve spent lots of good times in Long Beach so, most definitely, we have to meet up with Sukkie at his show.
    You’re right, we say “to go”.
    P.S. I used to work at the Canadian Consulate General in Los Angeles, I was their token American and I loved it! Champagne wishes and strawberry dreams to you. (there were two messages because my computer went out and I retyped)

    • Hi Susann, I really want to meet Sukkie from a close range, especially after reading Tenshi’s FA and how her mom enjoyed it too. I’m a person with 101 health complications and that’s why i retired at 60. I take a vacation every year and saving this time for LA. I love Florida and enjoy the evening walks over there. Hopefully, I’ll be well enough to travel when the date is announced for Sukkie’s show. One cousin of mine and her friends love to go clubbing on weekends (ladies’ night out) they live in San Diego. I enjoy their company and hope to make them eels. I’ll bring them to watch Sukkie and you seem to have the influence to turn them into eels.I’m the only one into K-dramas. My cousin is a (Lt.Cdr) U.S. Marines. I love visiting the U.S.and have fun with them. So sometimes i do twice a year. I wish Sukkie will have a show in Vegas like he said with LMFAO. i visit there every year to see my aunt and cousins. I like Vegas, and always watch a show. I’ve caught the Champagne wishes and looking forward to my strawberry dreams tonight. Thank you for them …. God Bless …

  13. There’s a PIG IN THE HOUSE!!!
    This means lots and lot of Good Luck to JKS.
    Champagne wishes to JKS and his Pig,


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