[Video] Team H Kobe Party (full version) NICONICO LIVE_20130226 (with text translation)

This is full video broadcast on NICONICO LIVE. This is about Team H Kobe Party held on Feb. 26th.
Sorry, I can’t upload longer than 15 minutes video on YouTube. So I just posted some text translation about this video.

Credits: ikumiJKS

English translation: tenshi_akuma
from 58:05 to 1:05:00 *I omitted to translate English speaking part.
JKS: Have you ever been to Kobe?
BB: Kobe. It’s 2nd time.
JKS: I didn’t know that he’s been Kobe before. About 3 years since I came here last. Then, I promised that I would be back again. It took 3 years though. Yay! Jyo~!
JKS: So, how’s your feeling now as you came here after a long interval?
BB: I feel good. Very good.
JKS: You must know some words related to “feeling good” because you’re Korean guy. Every Korean knows about “kimochi (feeling)”. And “itai (painful)” ,too.
BB: I have a headache.
JKS: Be healthy is the most important.
JKS: As BB can’t handle Japanese, so we’re going to speak English for a bit.
~~English speaking part~~
BB: My ideal type of girl is sexy. Yes, I love sexy girls. I’m not horny. I just love sexy girl.
JKS: He’s not horny, but very horny.
JKS: OK, then, cameramen. Please find out sexy girls in the venue.
JKS: Owesome! That’s why Kansai (the area including Kobe) is the best!! I love it! Really, Kainsai the best.
BB: What’s your favorite girl?
JKS: My ideal type of girl has never changed. With long and wavy hair. And feminine.
BB: Are you kidding?
JKS: No, seriously.
JKS: Girlish girl. Not sexy, but pretty girl. Pretty, then with bikini. Then, find bikini girls.
JKS: Where are they now?
BB: I’m OK.
JKS: Do you have a toothache?
JKS: I have another favorite. It doesn’t matter if she’s older than me. For example, I like senior women, too.
BB: How about your mother?
JKS: Then, cameramen, this time, not wearing bikini is OK. Please find seniors.
Where are they?
BB: Where’s pretty senior?
JKS: Hey, cameramen! Probably you’re looking for your favorite girl, right? But this time, please look for seniors. Not you but I want to see seniors. Where are they now?
JKS: How old are you? You look junior to me.
BB: How old are you? How old are you?
JKS: Oh, 24 years old… 24 is not good now. Oh, I found a bikini behind her.
JKS: I love Kobe city. Kobe has a lot of famous things like… Kobe beef.
JKS & BB: Kobe beef and bikini [repeatedly]
JKS: Then, how Team H started?
JKS: Oh, I heard a flash report that today our album was released and ranked No.2 on Oricon daily album chart! This one got No.2! This is the CD released today. We’re happy finally this was out. We feel great.
JKS: Oh, they bring it here. Who bought this? Raise your hand! Among them, who’s wearing bikini? Sorry.
JKS: You can get it on iTunes as well as CD shops. As BB produced this, he looked so happily crazy. Just for your information, AKB got today’s daily No.1. So it can’t be helped.
BB: I like AKB, too.
JKS: What are you saying? Are you stupid?
JKS: Anyway, our 2nd album was released. Not to become this as the final album, please help us. Let’s hold a party next year and the year after as well.
JKS: In summer, pool party sounds nicer. So-da-ne! [Good idea, isn’t it?]

from 1:27:35 to 1:37:25 *I omitted to translate English speaking part.
BB: Oh my gosh!
JKS: Hi, it’s our fist greeting to you today. I’m Jang Keun Suk of Team H.
BB: My name is Big Brother. I’m learning (Japanese).
JKS: Big brassiere??
JKS: Today’s show will be webcast on NicoNico Live tomorrow. Hey, NicoNico viewers, well, I have something to say. Watching at home and experiencing live are totally different. Right?
JKS: Hey, everyone here. Say aloud! Again, say aloud!
JKS: Isn’t it great?
JKS: Next, we’re going to Sapporo, then, Makuhari… and end. But you, who’re watching this through your computer, you want to go and see our live directly, it might be possible that we’ll have additional parties.
JKS: But, honestly, there’s no plan yet. Completely no plan. But, if you want it, it might happen.
JKS: Kobe, long time no see! I came here in 2010, 3 years ago. After a long interval, but I feel great. Big Brother, how do you feel?
BB: I feel good [sugoi]. I’m feeling really good. Interesting.
JKS: Interesting feeling? (It sounds weird…) For me, you’re more interesting.
~~English speaking part~~
JKS: To be honest, as AKB ranked no.1, it can’t be helped. Although we didn’t promote Team H beforehand like apearing on TV programs, eels helped us to promote the album. Thanks to you, we ranked no.2! We really thank your support.
JKS: When we were at waiting room here, we were watching a TV program. Accidentally, they showed today’s ranking. Team H, no.2 and AKB, no.1! Okay… it can’t be helped.
~~English speaking part~~
JKS: BB, please introduce our new album.
BB: This album… (Unexpectedly BB started to speak Japanese!)
BB: You know, I can speak Japanese. I can speak Japanese.
JKS: You’re really like a Korean artist.
BB: This album… Sorry. This album… We took a long time.
~~English speaking part~~
JKS: (He translated BB’s words into JKS’favorable words. I mean JKS didn’t translate at all! Just pretending as an interpreter. So mischievous!)
[BB’s words] “I had no confidence. So I relied on Keun-chan. Keun-chan helped to upgrade the quality of our album. That’s why I feel good now.”
JKS: [BB’s words] “I wanted to learn Japanese, but I’m so stupid, so I’ve been helped by Keun-chan to learn Japanese. But I’m not smart, so it can’t be helped.”
JKS: We released the album today, by the way. I’m sure you’ve never experienced this kind of concert or live before. There’s no intermission. Everyone keeps standing from the beginning. We haven’t take a rest, either.
JKS: Even at backstage, we were talking with you. We got drank. But this is real Team H. To be honest, we hope to go together wherever and whenever we can.
JKS: Yesterday, the MV was just released. What kind of music?
JKS: Hey, what music are you talking about?
~~English speaking part~~
BB: “What is your name?”
JKS: Keun-chan.
BB: “What is your name?” (in Japanese) Is it right?
JKS: Eel. Male eel.
JKS: Oh, there’s a male eel! A male eel [Unao]! You’re great!
JKS: Are you coming here alone?
JKS: Two? With your mother?
JKS: Is she your girlfriend?
JKS: Mother?
JKS: You’ve come here with your mother?
JKS: Wow! It’s beyond my expectation!
~~English speaking part~~
JKS: Say aloud!

from 1:45:40 to 1:47:00 *I omitted to translate English speaking part.
JKS & BB: Thank you for today! Bye-bye! That’s all for today.
BB: That’s all.
~~English speaking part~~
JKS: Which song do you want to hear? Tell us which song you want.
JKS: Green tea? (Actually the audience asked them “Gotta getcha”. “cha” means tea in Japanese. So JKS teased the audience, saying something “cha [tea]”.)
JKS: Tea?
JKS: Again, tell us which song you want.
JKS: OK, before that, I want to try one thing. Say loud, only male eels!
JKS: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Wow, more than ten male eels! We did it!
JKS: Gotta getcha!

from 1:50:41 to 1:52:25 *I omitted to translate English speaking part.
JKS: Thank you all. You’re awesome!
JKS: Thank you! This is Team H!
JKS: Did you have fun, you on 2nd floor? How about you on 3rd floor? How about you on 1st floor (arena floor)? How about you with mini skirt? How about you with bikini? How about senior women? Male eels, say loud again! It’s great as there’s more than 10 male eels!
JKS: One more time, thank you!
JKS: Again, please listen to our album!


I already posted another subbed video.

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  1. Thank you so much for the english translation..Now I can understand their excitement completely…Totally laughing my pants off…they are so high, honest and funny..but it is what it is…they just excite the crowd like no tomorrow and not just giving a show but really enjoy a party with the fans..

  2. I’ve just got time to watch this. It is as good as always. Geun Jang is always very playful, mischievous, and so handsome. No matter how he dressed, how awful his head gear, how awful the matching of red checked trousers and the orange T, he is still good looking. Am I just crazy or it is true? He brings out a lot of child in us, makes us young and happy. Thanks to him and the translation team

    • I agree. It is just about impossible to make him unattractive. However, I too miss him in acting roles. There is no one like him in the U.S.A. – This from an American fan who is studying Korean big time to understand him when he speaks Korean. And, yes, thanks fot the translation team


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