6 thoughts on “[Preview] Jang Keun Suk 2nd album “NATURE BOY””

  1. Mamacri, I’m looking forward to receive the full album too also… I love the whole album and especially Love Letter made by Sukkie himself.. I’m sure he wrote that with much of his own emotion put in as Sukkie mentioned in interview before he loves to express his feeling via love letter and he used to do that for his ex-girlfriend.. even in the electronic & internet modern world.. our prince is still a sentimental down to earth guy when it comes to his love one ^_^

  2. from the short preview..my fav gonna be love is black hole, save me, serenade, turn off and…actually all the songs sounds great.kkkk..but since im prefer rock songs so im very happy suk still choose some slow rock songs or can i say pop rock..ah..hembukke yo..this album gonna be great hit again!!! zikzi!!!

  3. Looking forward to when JKS’ CD drops. The visuals are beautiful on the MV. It will really incorporate well on stage when he does his next Cri Show….great for his back-up dancers, who always do a superb job!

    Difficult to chose a favorite song, I do like “Like a Movie, Love Letter, Turn Off, Eden and Save Me”. But I’ve already been pulled into “Nature Boy and Indian Summer.” It’s not easy for an ECI girl to choose!!!!
    Let’s be sure to GO, GO, GO to support our Prince!
    Champagne wishes and Strawberry Dreams to all of JKS’ Eels and supporters.
    Konbae (Cheers)

  4. Hi ECI, I just want to ask if you guys know where to find the lyrics of Love Letter or if you guys have it? :)) Thank you.


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