[article] TEAM H led by JKS holds a concert on 26th in Korea

Source: My Daily
Photo credits: Tree J company

“Team H” led by Actor Jang Keun Suk holds their concert for Korean fans.

Team H holds “TEAM H PARTY ‘“I just wanna have fun'” on May 26th in Inje, Gangwon-do. This is the result that they succeeded their tours started from Hiroshima, Japan in February and 4 cities in Japan, Shanghai, Thailand and Taiwan.

Especially this stage is held at “Inje Auto Theme Park”, Korea’s only complex spot fusing automobile and culture which opens on May 25th.

Jang Keun Suk expressed his hopes: “It’s about 1 year since I last performed in Korea at the biggest electronic festival “Ultra Music Festival KOREA 2012″. I really want to excite the audience.”

This performance is held on 26th, the final day of “Supar Taikyu” and everyone who has the “Super Taikyu” ticket can attend their concert.

Jang Keun Suk’s trendy and electronic music is expected to hold Korean fans. He releases his 2nd solo album “Nature Boy” on 29th in Japan and will be active in various areas.

4 thoughts on “[article] TEAM H led by JKS holds a concert on 26th in Korea”

  1. Kaori chan.. how I wish I can join my fellow eel sisters to this concert as it is held at his hometown and promoted by Korean Tourism Board.. a few of them are going for both Japan & Seoul TeamH all in a row during that weekend of 24-26 May … I can’t go this round but just want to Zikzin to eels and TeamH ^_^

  2. WOW….one man so many faces…so many talents..excellent and totally different in every role he does..he must be if he brings eels to waver…
    He’s great als Team H member; talk, behaviour and all…it’s clubmusic and clubbingscene!!!!!!!!!!…
    What a great opportunity…the closing of “Super Taikyu”…I wasn’t expecting this

    So eels…stay put…we are not at the end off the rollercoaster ride(in this case he’s taking us racing LOL) he took us starting the Cri shows; keep your love and your faith; I know I do…dressing/fashion don’t bother me because it belongs to his roles, but JKS is what he is and that’s is what I love…..I LOVE THIS RIDE!!!!!!!!………ZIKZIN


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