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At 3 pm, Tree-J announcement Papan!!!!
3시 트리제이 공지 빠밤!!!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: Tree J announced Team H performance in Korea at 3 pm. You can read the same announcement on JPN official FC website.

Team H performance in Korea
Date: 2013/05/26 (Sun) PM 6:00
Place: Gangwon-do INJEAUTO Theme park, open air special site (All standing tickets)
Entry: You have to buy the admission ticket of the theme park (The ticket price will be announced later.)
Performance time: About 2 hours

Last night I ordered friend chicken and found no money in my wallet, then rode Segway to borrow some money from Mom.. While I was out, my house was guarded by President P.. k Cool isn’t it??
어젯 밤 치킨시켰다가 지갑에 돈 없는거 발견하고 엄마한테 돈빌리러 세그웨이 타고 출동.. 우리 집은 프사장께서 지키고 계시고.. ㅋ
간지좀 나나??

As the weather was good, I enjoyed shopping and changed into shorts, then went to Han River with brothers…………. but I was freezing to death -_-
날씨 좋아서 씐나개 쇼핑하고 반바지로 갈아입고 형들이랑 한강갔는데………….얼어죽을것같다-_-

11 thoughts on “[07.05.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS Twitter”

  1. Suni is soooooooooo cute…like owner : )

    If Sukkie is living apart it must be really close by from his parent…
    Going by Segway…the dileveryman is not gonna wait forever..
    Sukkie..if you are living alone you should always keep some money in the house…
    Glad to see he is enjoying some downtime with friends..guess the managers have some freetime also or on b’ness trips in the US maybe??

  2. Btw so curious to find out how Team H party will be in Korea…open air…and no pre-order for tickets…so..it will be anybodies guess how busy it will be..

    We have a lot to look forward too…23-24/5 parties in Japan, 26/5 in Korea and 29/5 for his release of his second solo cd…yihoooooo

    • Precisely it’s not Team H Party. It’s Team H performance in Korea. So most of the audience must be car racing lovers. I think this is what they want to do. The audience didn’t have to pay additionally. That’s why Team H didn’t have to announce earlier.
      As he mentioned in POPS POPS, Team H won’t have their own concert in Korea. Like UMF KOREA last year, they’ll appear on a stage at events. Even Team H didn’t release their album in Korea. But I’m sure Team H music is loved by Korean, too. So I hope they’ll hold their performance at clubs. I love their lounge H style. Just performance at clubs doesn’t cost much. For clubbing lovers, I hope they’ll try in the future.

      • Thank you Tenshi for explaining..
        That is a really elegant solution…Sukkie loves cars and racing, a lot of males attend this spot..no pre order tickets so no headache about that not for him and also not for eels…and he gets to perform for the Korean eels anyway and that is what he wants…ZIKZIN…AP is so clever hihi
        Don’t think I will actively going clubbing anymore with my age; exception for Team H party so can’t wait for Team H DVD…for I love their music and really love love love their show…it’s so different from other club/DJ parties..and I’m from the land of DJ Tiësto, Afrojet and the likes… : D

      • Tenshi chan: I really like team H a lot and would not hesitate to attend team H party if I have free time, and I kinda recalled Prince saying on the radio show a couple of days ago that there was no market for them so they did not bother to release team H’s album in Korea – would you let me know why? Is it because electronic/party/techno music is not very popular in Korea? Or is it because of Prince’s big situation (which until now I cannot understand why people are still not forgetting/forgiving him, provided that Prince has given so much!!!!!)? Mamacri chan: If I were a Korean eel I would probably be annoyed coz I that means I would have to queue up for who knows how long just to secure a seat/spot! But like you said this is a elegant combination!

  3. If Keun-Suk says there is no makret in Korea, he’s absolutely right not to release cd there. There’s a whole big world waiting for him,
    He needs to open the door and step through it (hopefully, with an English dictionary, and native English tutor by his side). Eventually, Korea will accept the 21st Century and they will come to realize that they missed a golden opportunity of embracing their native son (JKS order T-shirts for your concerts (“Made in Korea” and on the back of shirt “Citizen of the World”)….because the world awaits you and we are waiting!

  4. Is there a translator at Tree-J reading his blog so JKS can know what his followers are thinking and often giving excellent suggestions?
    I would like to think I am not spinning my wheels here!..
    JKS, feedback to your supporters is necessary from you or at least someone at your company. This blog should be more than your supporters commenting to each other…..I need to know that you are tuned in and aware of my thoughts and all of your loyal supporters.
    Your American Noon in Boca Raton, Florida. I will see you in L.A.


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