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We develop a bond through countless personal connections and numerous encounters.

With a promise made 10 years ago, the old connection lead to our bond now.

Keun Suk managed to find time to attend my brother’s wedding ceremony. I really appreciated it. As I’d like to do whatever I can help him at least once, I hosted his dinner show in Korea.

In fact, I was helped again with Keun Suk’s immense popularity, but this guy said that we supported each other.

Because he’s decreased strength, he had an appointment for a drip. However, he cancelled it and drove me to the restaurant with a casual clothes usually wearing at home and had dinner together. He also called his friends nearby at random to join us. Even he promoted it on twitter. Then, he said to me, “I don’t want you to get hurt any more… by helping others.”

As I’ve always done to anyone, I’ll support this tremendous brother with heart and soul. If ever he needs me, I’ll do my utmost to help him as I always do to my beloved ones.

There are many perspectives in proportion to his popularity and interests, but for me, Jang Keun Suk is a very thoughtful, soft-hearted, and good brother.

우린 수없는 인맥들과
수많은 만남을 통해
인연으로 발전시킨다.

약속하나로 십년전의
인맥이 지금의 인연이 되었다.

내 친동생 결혼식에
혼자서 시간 맞춰 와주었었고,
난 그게 너무 고마워
뭐든 나도 한번쯤은 무슨일이던
도와주겠다하여 근석이 한국 디너쇼
사회를 봐주었다.

근석이의 엄청난 인기에
내가 둘다 도움 받은것이
되버렸지만, 이녀석은
우리가 서로 도와준것이라 말한다.

체력저하로 링거를 맞는다고
예약까지해둔걸 취소하고
집에서 입던 편한차림으로
자가운전까지해서 날 태우곤
직접가게까지 와주고식사하고
주변 지인도 즉흥적으로 부르고
트위터에 홍보까지 직접 해주곤
내게 건넨 한마디
“난 형이 더이상 남 돕기만하다
상처받지 않았으면 좋겠어…”

누구에게나 그래왔듯
이 엄청난 동생녀석을
열심히 응원하고 내가 필요하면
언제든 늘 내가 좋아하는 사람들에게 하던대로 최선을 다해 도울꺼다.

인기와 관심만큼
수많은 관점이 있겠지만,
장근석은 나에게 속깊고 여리고
아주 좋은 동생이다.

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  1. When I first read this, I simply cried…. Surely, another 10 years will strengthen their bond even tighter : )

  2. It is very touching. True friendship lasts forever. And beautiful people (in heart) make the world so beautiful. Zikzin. JKS and his friend.

  3. Thanks for sharing eels…
    I’m trying to understand this more…did prhyme get hurt(setback) because he helped Sukkie?
    Is phryme just a MC?
    We agree…Sukkie is good and soft-hearted person who is very truthful to himself and others

  4. I don’t understand your saying “Because he’s decreased strength, he had an appointment for a drip.” Does it I mean that our Prince did not feel well and he was supposed to get some drip at the hospital? As a good friend you should take him to the hospital and have dinner with him there. You can always order some food. I am so worried about his health. He fell very often recently. In the advertisement shoot for a drink I saw him put his hand on the rib while shaking hand with the shooting staff, he had a painful rib, what really happened. It seems he does not care much about his health. When he was in the Bangkok concert he also fell that I saw it in flesh and blood. Also I saw a few other clips where he fell during the concerts and the shooting. I AM SO WORRIED. Pls do not say ‘no wucking ferries’. I am serious that you need to have a thorough examination with your balance. It could be from the level of the liquid in your ears. Please go to see the doctor. You have used your body too much and it is complaining my darling. Go to see the doctor, please.

  5. I am truly touched by his friend’s words. In a place where JKS had always been prejudiced for reasons I will never understand, it’s very heartwarming to know that he has friends who see & love him for who he really is. He is a good person with a big heart, if only people will try to get to know him first before they judge him.

  6. The second picture is so cute, Sukkie lying down on Prhyme’s leg. My sister and I do this all the time. That’s how close they are, just like real brothers.

  7. Wow this is the JKS I would actually imagine him to be like……… not the unwell part tho…. hope he will stay strong and healthy from now on……….. ^-^

  8. a true friendship does not base in how long it takes but how you spend time each other to share laughter and joy , and always willing to open arms shoulders to lean on, ears eager to listen, and hands to lift you up in times that you stumble and fall and keep most always there besides you and never leave you behind even that the world turns they’re backs on you, and that was I saw for both of them JKS and Pryhme true friendship is always exist in they’re heart and I hope 10 years will continue up to the end 🙂

  9. Very touching! Besides handsome, beautiful, cute, naughty, talent, soft hearted, thoughtful …. there are still many virtues from this young man that we love! Hope their friendship will last forever!

  10. I’m so glad someone openly praising our Master how good hearted he is and a true friend. If only people get to know him better rather than twisting his words to make him look bad all the time.

  11. True friends will support each other.
    JKS always touches the heart of his friends.
    No wonder those who really know him love him sooooo much!
    Eels love him too!
    Heaven will protect kind people.

  12. Awwww….soo touching message!!!! I literally cried reading this friendship love and bond message, especially, after reading soooo many negative news and bashing comments lately about Sukkie,. I cried because I was happy and feel release that JKS does have some good people surrounding him and supporting him and believing in his goodness. I love this good friend of his, despite he might being facing trouble, he is still loyal and loves Sukkie. That’s what friends are for….helping out when needed and cheering others up when they are low in spirits.

    I cried even more when Sukkie said, “I don’t want you to get hurt any more… by helping others.” This statement makes my heart ache….T.T… even his friends would get hurt by associating or siding with him…(I’m guessing here!!). Is this mean Sukkie is soo unloved in his homeland that whomever associated with him, befriended with him, would be in the “industry black list”…etc?? How sad!!!! I don’t understand what did Sukkie do soooo wrong that so many people dislike him. For Godshake, he is NOT taking illegal drugs, raping women, or hurting anyone that I know of. Is it considered such a great sin and unforgivable behavior when someone speaks one mind, even out of frustration or anger sometimes? Don’t we all human beings got mad and said something that we’re not supposed to said sometimes? ….aigooo…. I cried every time thinking of the pig situation Sukkie faces in his homeland

    Sukkie might be super POSITIVE and high motivated person.. sometimes, he is soooo fragile, venerable and sensitive person because he cares too such about people.….he is like a child, fills with honest and sincere heart. He probably thinking that since he does everything with sincere heart and at his utmost BEST, people would see his goodness and feel sincere the same way toward him.

    Ohh my dear boy!!! No matter what happens in your life, please please always stay focus, never loose hope or loose sight of your goals!! Please keep on walking the road that you believe in even though your chosen road might be filled with thorny rocks. Even though you might feel retire, no energy left in you and you might be falling and crumbling time to time, please please continue fighting and stay POSITIVE and be emotional strong always!!! I love you.

    • Kailey I second you….it’s very difficult to stay strong and true in this E(=fake) b’ness..
      esp when it’s all set with “unmoveble” standards…

  13. so touching. i could not help but cried too. there are really so many reasons why his eels love him despite the attacks of his haters. keep on fighting Sukkie for we, your eels will always love and believe in you……..

  14. Hi every body . Befor i write anote here,i read other ,s notes, i wish my dear green star reads them. All of them are mixed with your pure emotions and sences good for you .i am worry for him too . I sent for him massages alot .despite all limitations in my country and filter ing on facebook ,twitter,and i can not see pictures abow here,i follow his news what ever you think.i feel he is sad and sick. I really feel his harm .what can we do exept God ? Thanks dear tenshi with the best wishes for all people around the world♡


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