[Video] Tongyi ICU MV BTS Part 1 (with Text Translation)

Credit: 统一鲜橙多
Text Translation by Springsuk_USA

1:09m I fell on the table in the hotel. My ribs hurt.
1:38m Everytime I laugh my ribs hurt. Now I have to hold not to laugh.
1:50m At Team H Party Show I think I will have to sit to sing. Gotta Getcha… Gotta Getcha…
2:14 I saw Ming Young for the second time. This time was also a happy shooting without burden. During shooting I felt we had good chemistry. We both can get focus in a second. So during shooting it was very relaxing. We were just like two old friends. Even this time was after a year, we haven’t seen each other for quite a while, but the shooting was very pleasant. This MV also got lots of attention in China. I hope everyone will look forward to new drama(s) that Ming Young and I will play in the future.
2:58m Let’s see Park Ming Young
3:23m First day shooting went smoothly and now just finished. Is 3am, tomorrow will start shooting again at 12:pm. Now I need to go to have a drink. So bye!
Cameraman: You don’t really look tired.
JKS: What you’re talking about.

Note: He talked about ask people to support him and PMY for their new drama, here it was not clear if it is a drama for both of them in one or just generally dramas that he is in or PMY is in. I think it they work in one drama together, that’s good since they work very well together. 🙂

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  1. “We both can get focus in a second” – Both of them are excellent actors, pleaaase both of them in one drama.

  2. Awwww……he looks sooo courteous and friendly to everyone in the set. @.@..who is the man that he hugs and seems happy to see him. I love his ICU appearance, very fresh and handsome looking!!!!

    Yaaahh Sukkie, you are the clumsiest STAR I ever watch, always hurt yourself with you crazy antics and actions. Anyway, I still love you just the way you are!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see you in drama soon. I don’t know what type of drama you will chose, historian or temp modern??? If you chose Historic, even though I don’t like to watch historian dramas much……but I won’t miss watching your drama if this world will end!!! Needless to say, I wish your drama will be success in Korea and in the world!!!

    Though, the cowardice and weak side of me, I’m worry little about the TV rating in Korea because we know and understand your big situation in Korea. Since you are very POSITIVE and determined guy, we know the TV rating won’t deter you from doing and performing your BEST. We have confident that you will be well loved and earned the respect of your people some day, because despite every little things they don’t like about you, they can’t deny your talents or your status in the world outside of Korea!!!! No matter what happens, we, eels, love love love you to continue playing in dramas or movies. I love your beautiful voice (talking or singing), but I admire and respect ACTOR JANG the most.

    Sukkie, please keep on fighting in earning your respect and spot in neitizen’s hearts with your talents, hardworking and sincere heart!!

    • Kailey I share the same feeling… Prince himself said he got “burnt” for the last TV drama he filmed, not very sure why he said that coz personally I like Love Rain very much…and my confession I used to think he looked too feminine until Love Rain. It’s not until then I realised he is so cute and can look so manly!!! I hope he will pick something that will make him happy.

    • I agree with everything…
      but..JKS so much want the respect of his own people and he’s entitled to want that because he himself is such proud korean…but I have this feeling…it won’t happened in the near future.. if ever.. because a lot of them (luckily we have korean eels who are loving him to bit too; thank you eels for loving and supporting him in this heat) are already determined “not to like him”…so whatever the case even if he is paired with the best of korean actors or singers…the ratings will be low and they get to blame him
      of course I hope I’ll be proven wrong
      For me he’s one very colourful and talented young man; he will keep charming me with his acting and singing..I hope JKS gets to do whatever he want and not be too pressed about ratings and there for choosing right(compromise)..I love all his work; very suprising and refreshing every time..
      I hope he can get over the fact that a lot of his own people don’t like him for some dark unexplainable reasons(maybe he’s not the boy nextdoor type or he’s too good looking for his own good; or he’s not the silent; humbleness pretending type????)
      and focus on developing his multi talents because there are lots and lots of eels all over the world who can appreciate him and he gets to do it for all of them…

      • Mamacri: “… a lot of his own people don’t like him for some dark unexplainable reasons(maybe he’s not the boy nextdoor type or he’s too good looking for his own good; or he’s not the silent; humbleness pretending type????)”

        I think the reason is mix of all of the above mentioned but the main reason, IMO, is the fact that he speaks his mind and does what he wants no matter what and that is a MAJOR NO-NO in Korea.

        Also, there’s this thing called the Tinkerbell effect and a lot of people practice it, especially crazed Sasaeng fans or, even worse, significantly crazier non-fans, a.k.a. the ‘haters’ or ‘antis’.

        Basically, the Tinkerbell effect is a term describing things that are thought to exist or are real only because people believe in them…

        Example: “OMG, all my friends have read somewhere that JKS said/did so and so and, OMG, he’s such a loser and I HATE him because all my friends HATE him… But, OMG, Lee Min Ho is sooo modest and sooooo cute (which, in their small minds, somehow miraculously makes him so much better actor than anyone else) and we all LUUUVV him and wanna have his babies!”.

        I don’t know… Maybe it’s just the way of the world today… Or maybe I was just brought up to think with my own brain, question things and search for answers.

        Sorry for the rant :o)


  3. Yeap, he needs to stop drinking ASAP. He’s falling down, not just because he’s mischievous but because he’s drunk most of the time when he’s not working… And sometimes when he’s working (most Team H parties, they were drinking before, during and after the concert; remember that video when he slips with champagne in his hands… yeah). You might argue with this but it’s noticeable that it has become a real problem and it’s affecting his career as well.

    I understand that he’s under a lot of pressure but he’s always been under quite a lot of stress, even as a child… Something else is causing him to drink this much. He’s very unhappy about something.

    Whatever it is he needs to overcome it somehow or, at least, try to control it. Hopefully, with new drama his habits will change a bit.

    Please, don’t hate me. This is just the way he’s been lately.


    • JJ: I think he’s lonely, he’s mentioned himself a couple of times recently. Part of the drinking may just be age related and the excuse to have friends over to hang out with.
      This seems like a transitional period for him, he wants to be independent and live his life on his own terms, which he himself has said. In order to do that he needs the physical separation from his parents and he he has now done that by moving out. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of managers hanging around him all the time either, so I think he’s actually alone more than usual.
      Even though he has many Eels who love and support him, this new life he is making will be done on his own. He must want to do this (live on his own) since he tried before.
      It’s difficult to watch someone you care about go through a hard time, hopefully Sukkie will make this transition and be a stronger man for it.

      As with anyone else’s life, we only see a glimpse. We are fortunate that Sukkie shares as much as he does so we feel connected to him in a personal way, but we must understand there is much more that we don’t see.
      So, we will keep watching our Prince and hope the drinking is not a habit, but a passing trend.

      Seattle, WA

    • U GOT IT ! I totally agree with Jazzy.

      “Drinking” and “smoking” are addictions that harm your physical and mental health,also damage his professional image. if you haven’t control of it or if you’re submerged in this…. you will be missed.

      My recommendation to Jang Keun Suk:

      1º Stop drinking and smoking. Do not take shelter in these vices.
      2º Stay away from “pseudo-friends” with vices.
      3º Renew your life, giving you one pause, breathe and meditate deeply. Take all the time that you need.
      4º Do not take shelter in the first person traverses in your way, Look carefully around you. Be cautious.
      5º if you want to act, then choose Japanese dramas by moment, while the situation calms down in Korea, because with your last comment genus more discomfort, hatred and antipathy.
      6º You always should to appreciate your work, even if it had low ratinks or low ticket sales. Appreciate it … because of any work or project… we always learn something new and helps us to mature and grow personally and professionally.
      7º Try to stay away from negative comments by the networkit, this isn’t good for your mind healthy. Do not read it. you just do a good job as always did and if you have more free time then creates and builds new works/jobs, you can do it.
      8º Sometimes a COOL HEAD at work is better, apply it, will help you.
      9º Continue with the sports like tennis, soccer, etc, etc..

      I wish you much luck and success. bye.

      pd: Love Rain was one of my favorite dramas worldwide. The actors, actresses, director and staff did a grandiose, excellent, interesting, spectacular and clean job.

      Congratulations to all.

      from Spain.

      ** pseudo= fake.

  4. Well maybe with all the negative comments from Netizen Buzz. I also worry for him that the next drama might not what Korea people like. Therefore the rating will not be good. Sometimes is quite discouraging and you may loose your confidence.
    I actually pray and hope the he will be at the 49th beaskang awards. If not collecting awards well maybe giving out awards LOL

    • Actually no single actor can get awards for many years.. if so.. something must be really wrong with the industry. Personally, I feel as long as Sukkie put in his best effort, his work will be appreciated by eels including his Korean eels as we can see his Korean eels are super supportive along with the overseas eels….. I don’t mind his giving out awards too like he did earlier for KBS and Melon Music awards.. In fact better as we can see him through the ceremony ^_^

  5. I think it’s ok for him to drink. Sometimes drinking is a form of release. Like when I was young(er), I used to go to clubs to smoke, dance and drink my troubles away. Of course the after effect is terrible but I still do it again and again. I suppose this is sukkie’s way of release. I think we eels nag him a little too much kekekeke although it’s for his own good.

    Actually, I’d rather see him enjoying himself this way than compared to some other super stars (Korean or non Korean) who are so stoic and prim and proper. I always think they’re not showing their true self. Well, we don’t have to worry about that when it comes to our sukkie!! Hee hee!

  6. At some point, JKS shouldn’t be hurt by what the Korean people think, he has the whole world before him …. and needs to keep moving forward towards his dreams.
    Everyone knows that the Korean culture is very insular and not open to free spirits…..that’s why so many of these Hallyu stars pretend to be goody-two-shoes in public!! It will take Korea awhile, but they will evolve and come to realize what we already know, he is a truly gifted soul with a genuinely good heart. Thank goodness he has the support of his wonderful Korean Eels!
    JKS illuminates the sky with his talent and charisma and, this in turn, shines a beautiful light on Korea. For this, they should be ever grateful that he is made in Korea.
    Your sincerest supporter in Boca Raton, Florida. See you in Los Angeles!!

    • Yes Susann, JKS free spirited character may not be generally accepted by some of his countrymen, but he sure have the support of many who saw his specialities & qualities. He stayed onto his on tracks bravely even when being bashed by negative comments. No doubt he was hurt but he carried on and walk straight. Probably, those negativity creates positive drive for him to move further. He deserves our support & love! Your dreams will come true JKS, just keep on moving cos you are special to us! Jyo!

    • Hi Susann! I agree with you. And I just want to add many of those who like Sukkie outside of Korean are those who appreciated the real him, the free spirited person, the one who never compromised what he believes he can do. And the person who exposes not only his many talents but the person behind the camera, the person who never scared to speak up what is in his mind, the person who never scared to expose to world that he smokes or drink, the person who like anyone of us so imperfect, yet capable of doing a perfect work. To be honest with it he is the kind who would last in showbiz.

  7. Hallo Asian prince
    I have watched Love rain,you are beautiful and Mary stayed out all Night several times, and i love all of them. I am looking forfard the new drama
    Here in Finland Korean dramas must watch by internet dramacrazynet. I hope the best for you and your future. Love your acting and singing. My favorit song is the ending song from you are beautiful( what do i do). Dont drink too much

  8. work hard, play harder .. that’s simple i think.
    But .. i wait2see your new drama wait wait.. so!! Prince!! pali pali .. go2work.

    uhmm… may i call your this situation, it’s like a PiGG … oood oood!! .. moo+moo+
    haha kidding na our prince.

    YOU are the BEST.

  9. I believe this is what JKS trying to say:-

    Jang Geun Suk talked about his next project during the show. He started off by saying, “For a whole year, I didn’t get any offers from anyone,” and “I think I got hurt a lot from my last project. It burned me.”

    Jang Geun Suk’s last project was the KBS drama, “Love Rain,” which aired last year. He acted alongside Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Seo In Gook. Although Jang Geun Suk and YoonA’s match-up became a hot topic, the drama unfortunately did not see good viewership ratings throughout its course.

    • actually I read both the Chinese sub and Eng sub of the vid in this BTS or the radio program.. he didn’t say for whole year, he didn’t get any offers from anyone.. can you show me where you read that.. can you provide me the link..
      Let me provide also provide the link to the Eng sub for you here with accurate translation of the vid…. http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/23662

      • Hi QQeyes007! I watch the video with translation, I never saw from the translated video that Sukkie mentioned about being hurt because of LR. What he mentioned was that he was burnt out, but he never mentioned being hurt. We all know what a killing schedule he had while shooting LR. And I think those people who are
        biased and don’t even know what kind of killing schedule and pressures he had misconstrued what he he stated. Like I read an article written from Soompi( many of us know about soompi) saying misconstrued statements about being hurt by outcome of LR. Another negative opinion from Koala’s ground ( this is from dramabeans ) stating all the negative side comments about Sukkie. For many times I read from both Soompi and dramabeans hitting Sukkie in everything. I remembered after the news about the donation at Hanyang University, that these social media were also giving all negative comments about Sukkie. To be honest with it those writers of those forum are all antis of Sukkie.

    • Daryl.. yes.. I think so that as many are anti-fans because they are fans of others.. we should always promote this site for eels to come here instead for proper translation ^_^
      I used to visit some of those sites you mentioned but not now since I know about JKSforever and ECI

  10. I would like to know when is Sukkie’s concert in Los Angeles!? Where can I get the tickets. Do I have to be a member of Eels to purchase the ticket? Please reply! Thank you!

  11. This is my first time posting a comment here. I just read the news and comments on this site. To know what’s going on with Sukkie. To tell you honestly, I was a Lee Min Ho fan. But when I discovered You’re Beautiful it’ all changed. I never thought that there was an actor out there that could top LMH. But JKS did it for me. I really like that he is real and true to his fans. I’ve never
    seen an actor/actress treat fans the way JKS treats his fans. I also liked the fact that he shows his true self to us. And that’s rare. I appreciate all of the projects that you have done. You are a great actor. And I know you will have more fans & supporters all over the world. I don’t care what other people say about you as long as you show us the real you and will always treat your fans/supporters in a good & caring way. Can’t wait to see your next project. I’m an watching love rain at the moment. I love everything about it. The storyline, characters, the songs etc. it makes my heart flutter. I waited this long to see it because I was hoping that there is a new drama coming out. But there was no news yet of a new one so I just watched it. I was saving love rain until the next project. Lol it may sound corny but that’s the truth. Thank you! Zikzin!

    • Hi maya,when I kept reading the past comments about JKS,I got interested to read yours.Even if its almost a year I would like to share mines anyway. I’ve seen many famous Korean actors on tv and not liking them at all. I don’t even like watching Korean series I rather watch american films.But,one day while I was changing the channel, I saw this angelic looking Korean actor and the drama was ” Love Rain”. I said to myself “How could Korea have such a pretty face actor”.And that was the beginning . The more I got to know him,about his life story. The more I admire him.Just like you I was impress by the way he treats his fans in a very personal way. Being transparent and so revealing about himself even if it is good or bad. But it’s a sad thing that a lot of people misunderstood him.I believe that this excellent actor and gifted artist has a sad memories of the past and somehow by opening his heart to his fans truly gives him energy to move forward despite of. I think he still has more deeper things to share when the right moment comes. Korea should be proud to have an artist like JKS, because he inspires people all over the world and he has a compassionate heart to help and share his blessings to those dejected.He may have thorns and scars within, he will always be a beautiful man inside and out.A one of a kind special artist no matter what.Just keep fighting JKS!!!

  12. When I read an articles about prince JKS I really felt so much disappointed to those person who always attacking him , though I understand the way they did because each of us has a right to open up whats on they’re mind , but I think some of them did too much and not acceptable. Nobody is Perfect and nobody Deserve to be a perfect, each of us has our own issues of life either we are rich nor poor,famous or ordinary stars cause we never know what we are going through. Worlds are fulls of Up and Side down we don’t know what happen next in the futures and it is okay to open what on our mind and heart, BUT before we start Judging, creticizing, and mocking to other’s someone’s life remember that even our self we are fighting our own weakness, if you think that your self is Perfect then go get that stone throw to someone’s who you hated most, but remember even Jesus Christ died for our sins and you are one of that person’s Jesus save, so do you really think your perfect? let their be peace by saying hello! and let love shine in your heart 🙂


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