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Filling the fridge made me exhausted.. I need at least 5 cans of Red Bull..
냉장고 채우다가 지쳐서 뻗음.. 레드불 다섯가는 조져야겠음..

To graduate from university, I have to take TOEIC (The Test of English for International Communication) test.. A Korean entered a university in Korea to study film directing and acting, but they require to get a certain score of TOEIC test for graduation..
Why……………… on earth?

대학졸업을 위해 토익시험을 봐야한다네..한국시람이 한국에 있는 대학교에 영화연출과 연극을 배우기 위하여 입학했는데 토익시험을 봐서 일정 점수를 얻어야 졸업이 가능하다고 한다..

Eel: Wake up to the reality. In fact, the number of eels is decreasing (> _ <) You're becoming history. JKS: I think I know the fact more than you, but does it matter for you?^_^?
“@yukari_ri: @AsiaPrince_JKS 이제 눈을 뜨지 않으면 안돼 현실보고 장어가 점점 줄어들고있다 (> _ <) 당신은 과거의 사람이되어 버려”ㅡげんじつはオレのほうはもっとしってるけどあれって君にそんなにだいじなのか?^_^? 22:08 Ah.. I took a nap, but that made me feel not refreshed, rather awkward. I never want to study TOEIC today.. I feel like I’m becoming a sort of the outsider. I don’t want to hide myself, but I feel like someone asks me to live with my mouth mouth closed.. Who am I? Where am I!!
아 ..한 숨 자고 일어났는데 개운하기보다 뭔가 찝찝한 기분이다. 오늘도 토익공부는 절대 하기싫어지고..뭔가 점점 아웃사이더가 되어가는 기분. 숨고 싶은건 아닌데 누군가 나에게 입 다물고 살라고 하는것 같기도 하고..난 누구? 여긴 어디!!

Trying to find a miraculous eyeliner which won’t smudge even after sleep and sleep is my only and recent pleasure… kk
자도자도 절대 번지지 않는 신비한 아이라인을 찾은게 요즘 유일한 낙… ㅋㅋ

Eel: Stop it ( ̄▽ ̄;) Eels don’t like eyeliner~ T_T
JKS: I love it, though.

“@happychild720: @AsiaPrince_JKS 그만해( ̄▽ ̄;) 장어들이 아이 라인 싫어〜ㅠㅠㅠ”ㅡおれがすきだし。

What the hell do you know about it?… After all, we are alone!
My life is mine..
My mother’s Kakao Talk title ㅡ “Follow me”

알게뭐야.. 어차피 인생은 혼자인 법!
내 인생은 내것이다..
우리엄마 카톡 타이틀 ㅡ “나를 따르라”

I’m near to tears, listening the song..
I respect him..

노래 듣다 눈물 나올지경..

tenshi_akuma’s note: Cho Yong Pil released his 19th full length album “Hello”. This is the singer’s first full length album release in 10 years. According to the image JKS posted, he seemed to listen one of the songs included in the album, “I want to walk”.

* the song “I want to walk”

* Summary of this album

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  1. OMG! Sukkie I feel your too! Take the risk of taking the TOEIC, this is for your own advantage. This would be one of your doors to conquer the world. Do not mind those who said that your EELs are decreasing in number… the truth is there are a lot who followed and admired you who are not officially members of your fans club but they are so loyal to you. They are just the silent EELs who followed and love you without you knowing… and I’m one of them together with the almost a hundred of friends and relatives.

  2. If you r reading this….
    Just make sure u dont write fuxx in ur paper when u can’t spell something okay!? U will b doing fine for your test!

    Popularity is not measure by how many albums sold, how many sold out show tickets, how many likes on your post etc.. but is all about how many people KNOWS about you. like or not is just a sooner or later thing!! You cant please everybody.. and no one is perfect.. A true eel will learn to love your imperfection.. 😉

    What about your popularity? Do u still remember our Promise from eels all over the world? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zmwl1rxesw

    And eels will help you to begin the new era, no doubt on there!!! We are always with you!!!! http://jangkeunsukforever.com/archives/20036

  3. So you need to take an exit exam on one of the standardized test. Good for you! Well, think about this as one of the thing you need to do to become international. Thank God that it is TOEIC not TOEFL. Come on it’s easier. Actually you do use English while you are traveling all the time and you do it so well. You also used English throughout in one of your films, right? If you read our replies to your twitter and FB everyday, you also use English. Probably it’s the feeling of taking an English test to graduate from a Korean university that put you off. Honey, I am sure you will do it with no problems. You need just to practice taking the test. Go through it like you do with your script. Self monitoring (I mean learn to edit your writing and your speaking) is one of the way to learn effectively. I suggest BBC Learn English if you have time just 15 minutes a day. One of BBC’s mission from their starting years is promoting English learning and i think they do it so well. There are varieties there for you to choose. I am serious here because English as an International Language Education is my profession. All the best. You are so sweet sharing this worrying with us like any other students, but you are special, my prince.

  4. JKS – your Eels’ base is increasing, if only by one, ME! I am your American Noona and supporter for quite some time. Now a new door presents itself and I have decided to open it and walk through as your Eel. Farina and Ivy (ECI) are graciously helping me in this endeavor. Please listen to Sudie, she always offers excellent and incisive advice. You have an innate, natural ability for languages. I know, English is a difficult language but you have such strength of character and a determined mind-set that you will succeed.
    Your American Noon wishes you every success,

  5. Thank you for introducing Cho Yong-Pil to your international fans. Although I do not understand a word of his singing his voice could bring tears to my eyes. Another great young Korean singer that could bring tears to my eyes not understanding a word, is Shin Yong Jae. Great artists. Thank you again Prince. LOL ;))

  6. the number of eels is decreasing???? absolutamente NO!!!, I do not think the number of eels are decreasing, I think that new EELS club is transforming itself with legitimate and true eels.

    ♣ my father told me: “You know true friends in the most difficult times in life”.
    ♣ now, I said Sukkie: “You know TRUE EELS in the most difficult times in life”.

    I am not an eel, but I admire and respect Sukkie and I always support him. I love his album “just crazy”, group “Team H”, dramas “love Rain, happy life, hwang jin yi and all, movies “baby and me, The Case of Itaewon Homicide and all”. honeslty, I love his work, really he is a big artistic talent (as composer, singer, actor and model).

    He looks like a Adult but has the Heart of a Child! I love his honesty and sincerity. Sukkie’s so adorable.

    fighting & courage Sukkie!!! let’s go my dear Sukkie. many people love U.

    ♣ If, Sukkie marries with someone, I’ll keep supporting him. Sukkie needs to love and be loved. I wish Sukkie will be really happy.

    from Germany

  7. nice song! I’m crying TT.TT my tears fall, I really like the song.

    Title: I Want To Walk with You 걷고 싶다

    Artist: Cho Yong Pil – 조용필

    ♣ (Here lyrics …)

    There’s days like this, living like flowing water
    And a clear night as if happiness has touched me
    You’re by my side, you’re the light of my life
    You’ve come a long way, my love

    My weary steps always returned with
    Loving solemness, you used to say, oh my love

    I held you and cried, but you embraced me and laughed
    On nights like this I want to let everything go
    And take a walk with you, I want to walk with you
    As I shout your name that turns into Spring
    Holding your soft hands in my grasp

    You comforted my worried heart
    Everything will be alright
    You used to say, oh my love

    I held you and cried, but you embraced me and laughed
    On nights like this I want to let everything go
    And take a walk with you, I want to walk with you
    As I shout your name that turns into Spring
    Holding your soft hands in my grasp

    I held you and cried, but you embraced me and laughed
    On nights like this I want to let everything go
    And take a walk with you, I want to walk with you
    As I shout your name that turns into Spring
    Holding your soft hands in my grasp

    • Nathaniell. Thank you Thank you soooo very much for posting the song’s lyrics here.

      I cried when I first listen to it even without understanding the meaning…now I cried even more knowing the meaning of the son… It’s a beautiful and so profound song.

      • @Nathaniell: You’ve said it all in your words of encouragement to our prince. I join you with those same words to re-encourage him. Thank you so much for the lyrics of the song “I want to walk with you”. Knowing the title of the song and listening to the music gave me a sad feeling. Now after reading the lyrics and going back to listen to this song, for sure is going to make me shed tears.
        To: Prince JKS,
        I’m also sad that you are in a sad mood. Cheer up; prince. Your eels are wonderful and want you to be happy. I commend you on what you said on twitter, yesterday. “My life is my own”. You are loved and admired because of your honesty and always speaks your mind. I hope i will live till the day i can hear and see you enjoying your life with a loving wife and children. You deserve it. God Bless you.

  8. My prince Jang things happen for a reason either it is for the better or worse, don’t worry to much ,don’t expect to much that all people will gonna like you but always put on your mind that they are also people who love the way you are and never left behind you no matter what, we are the Real EELS, all you have to do is to learn to deal with it, I know that it hurts sometimes when you tried so hard to make things work and it didn’t, but trust your self there’s a meaning behind every things either it is a right time or wrong, eventually things will fall into place and you must be patience , and about the TOEIC wow! that’s a good opportunity for you prince do it! if you want to communicate people around the world you must learn this , you really don’t know that millions of eels out there waiting that you use English for them to understand ,if you want to spread your wings widely in the wide sky you must learn to communicate your fans by using English and lastly my prince you life is belongs only you , even your mom bring you this world , but you still have a right to own yourself do as you want as long that you did the Right things, go for it Free to do the things you wanna do enjoy have fun while your still young okay? 🙂

  9. Tenshi, please post this information so everyone can see it…

    I’ve found out at the Yoonaddict.com board that international fans can now vote at The 49th Baeksang Arts Awards… It’s an app for Android phone and you can get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Hana.Mobile.PaekSangAwardsGlobal

    Unfortunately, it’s not free and it costs $1.5 per 5 votes. But luckily that’s not to expensive.

    C’mon international Eels, let’s make this fight fair!


  10. Arhhh-yahhh….I don’t know why I feel sad reading Sukkie’s tweets today. Sukkie sounds so stress out – his heart is burden with your eels’ demands and complaints, worrying about his exam and declining popularity….T.T. Truly, being celebrity is very rough and stressful life, you cannot please every one with your works or projects, no matter how much you had tried.

    Sukkie, please remember you still have many many many thousands true and loyal eels, who will always support and stand by your side, no matter what happens. Even though, the number of your eels might be declining, but the quality of your true eels’ loves and supports are still strong with no measurement!!!!! I am one your died hard forever eels. No matter what happens, you will always be my STAR, my only star whom I care and love beyond reasons.

    Sukkie, you have no idea how much I love and admire you (even you are way younger than me). What I like most about you are your determination and driving forces in every things you do…… when you work, you work hard; when you play, you play equally hard. Your confident is reflecting in your actions and words you said. I always admire your determination and focus on achieving your unwavering dreams. So when I read some people (or your eels) challenging you or complaining about your career or your behaviors or life in general…… I can’t help but feeling sad and heartache because I can’t do anything about it. Don’t worry….every time when I feel sad…..I would always listen to your songs or go read some of your Wisdom Quotes. Reading your wisdom quotes always make me feel better, make me understand you better, and make me feel closer to you.

    For new eels who haven’t read Jang Keun Suk’s wisdom quotes yet. Please do read!!! Sukkie had written with so much depth and meaningful poetic words. Here are some of them……

    1.“I want to complete each and every one of my dreams carefully, and will not hide just because of anxiety that I’ll lose (popularity )what I have now.” – JKS Cri-J

    2.“Truthfully, in regards to this popularity it hasn’t really made an effect on me. I’m still the same as before, all I want is to act well in the roles I get, which is something I always thought that from an actor’s perspective is very important.” – JKS JP interview

    3.“Someone may ask, why you work so hard, because I can’t see my future, the future may not be as happy as I am now. I have to non-stop climb to the top. I don’t want to be miserable when I fall, so I have to learn to work.” – JKS Press con

    4.“I thought that it doesn’t matter how people look at me. What is most important is what my driving force is. If I work hard, there will be returns. If I don’t, there would be nothing. The result is dependent on myself.” – JKS

    5.“If one feels proud of one’s career, one can live upright and frank regardless of time and place. That is the real life of an actor. What is important is not to show others, but to have an upright and frank attitude towards oneself.” – JKS

    6.“I always have a dream, and puts in my best efforts in what I choose to do. Even if the result in the end is bad, I will not be hindered by it, but will continue to have a dream for the next time – I am this kind of actor. “– JKS Cri-J

    7.“The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect.
    It is not possible to always get a 100%. But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript.” –JKS

    8.“I’m not ashamed to fail or give up. Even so, I’m just irritating myself. I’m not scared of being seen my failure by others. I may fall and get injured. At times like that, please cheer me up. I can bounce back. I’m a super positive person!” – JKS from 10asiae

    9.“I know eels’ life is very tough and hard. Everyday with anxiety. It’s like a roller-coaster. I know how much you’ve been anxious about me, so please wash away your worries….. “ -JKS Cri Show

    10.“I’ve spent my life proudly. If I were asked by me if I had no regrets in my life, I would absolutely answer “No!”- JKS from 10asia

    11.“Some made a fool of me and I did continue to make a fool of myself against such situations, while the others cried with me and continued to cheer me up….” – JKS Tweeter

    12.“EELs may leave me in the future, I have to do my best and make them happy. If like that, at least they will say, “I am happy to have met Jang Keun Suk.”

    13.“I am not scared of any sort of challenge of new things.
    I have enough passion to overcome such things.
    You should also ignite the engine of your passion.” JKS

    14.“You know it’s kind of difficult thing to be unable to feel something as if you have no problems – without pain, without suffering, and as if you have no troubles. Then one day I asked myself, ‘Jang Keun Suk, are you happy right now? I asked around about what a happy life is and asked my seniors as well. Of course, there is not right answer, but thankfully I have found a little bit of composure in myself. And now I can enjoy things, at least to the point I can smell the scent of fall outside of the window.” – JKS old fanpage

    P.S. Sukkie, for your English Exam, I know you will do just fine!!! As you like to say, you are genius, right!!!! …kekekek. You can do and accomplish anything if you put your heart and great effort in doing it. Fighting!!!!!

  11. Thank you Sukkie for sharing this wonderful song to us, It made me cry because I really missed my family. I been away for too long. Thank you Nathaniell for the Englsh lyrics and sis Tenshi for always translating and sharing his words with us. Good Luck and More Power to your blog.

  12. At the start of 2013, JKS seems to be quite unhappy over some issues like the drama and love. He always say he is good in everything except love, is it really troubling him? At home in Korea he did not really participate in many CF or some of their variety shows. Is good to remind people every now and then that there is this person call JKS.
    His good friend Rain, Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye seems to be doing very well especially PSH getting more and more popular. Maybe JKS can think of it and maybe they can help !!!!!!

  13. honestly, I don’t worry about him from his yesterday’s tweet at all. He is being himself and a normal person, we all have some thoughts sometimes, we all have some complain sometimes. He does too. That’s one reason I like him. He is not pretend that is perfect and he is always the finny star, he just being a normal guy. All we need to do as fan is listen, support and understand.

  14. I agree with you…If you are a real eel who appreciates his talents…just be there to listen, support, understand and love him for what he is or does..everything is with a reason..
    He does not differ from any other young guy his age accept he has much much more responsibilities than others..
    He just wanne have fun so now and then with his friends and with his eels….he missed out a lot in his young life…so he wants to enjoy his life before everything passes him by..
    All the life experiences he gathers comes alive in his music and acting for which we love him so much………..

    Well I just love him; eyeliner and all…hahaha, so funny looking for a smudgefree eyeliner..really a man on the go, can’t be bothered for these things…but eyeliner and JKS are synonym!!!!!!

    • @Mamacri: well said. He is an intelligent young man who shares his true self with the rest of the world. No trying to impress whatsoever. This is why we can all accept him for “just the way he is”. Being a genius, I’m sure there isn’t a problem he can’t handle or get over it. He just takes his time and he has his eels support which he cares about so much.
      God Bless him.

  15. Don’t discourage, you can do well on your exam. I love your eyeliner. Have you tried permanent makeup for the eyeliner? It said permanent but it will fade over a year if you don’t touch up. It is pretty cool. It is really in now in U.S.
    Good luck on your exam and don’t think to much about your Eels decreasing in number. There are many silent Eels around the world you haven’t got to know them. I am one of them. Love you always!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

  16. Hi every body.that ,s interesting because ialways ask my self keun suk sings rack these days i donot like them at all but he is too touchy!!. It makes him tired . I am worry for him he dose some works without he enjoies them . Any way he never read our comment here never never. I get lost behind hy _tech

  17. I think JKS’s English sounds great. He will probably pass the English test. I am an American fan and have gone to great lengths to buy all of his movies, TV dramas and DVD/CD’s on the market. My main effort now is to make my Korean better. I want to understand what he says without subtitles. He must have studied English from an early age. Even if I can get pretty fluent, I will have a thick American accent. Still, I would like to understand when he speaks. I would like to know Japanese too, so I could understand when he sings in Japanese, but that is a bit too much. He just has a totally enchanting talent, with a flawless appearance, and an endearing smile. I count myself as a totally committed fan.

  18. Hello Dena Pitchfork, I am JKS’ American Noona in Boca Raton, Fl.
    If you want to work on your Korean, check out Korean 101.com, it’s excellent, plus you can get your Korean Word of the Day….it also has audio to help with your pronunciation.
    Konbae (cheers),

  19. I wish I can help you with your TOEIC 🙂 All my Korean students here in the Philippines doing the same thing. I read a conversation with a fan. ( I don’t know, if I’m right) anyways I can’t believe a fan can say things like that. We don’t have the rights to say something like that esp. to the person whose having a rough time. I miss him too. Be more respectful. He’s a person you know. Let him get trough his life with support and not with negative comments. Reading that tweet , I got hurt in his behalf. Who are we to tell him what to do?

  20. I admire your frankness, because I am too very frank. Some people find it not good, but like you, I always try to be true to myself and my feelings rather than lead people in misconception. What you see is what you get. I’m a new die hard fan. But I heard a lot from my Korean students. I started to read all the news about JKS Being proud of your achievements isn’t wrong. I think people whose angry about that are those people whose envy, cause they can’t do it. There is a saying ” Sometimes when there is a tree with lots of fruits on it, people tends to hit it in able for the fruits to fall down”. I’ve been wanting to support JKS even just a simple positive message. I can’t watch all his concerts, or movies or drams. But I can be sure I can be a fan forever.


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