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  1. Hey Prince, there are just too many things you wanted to do and you keep thinking about it. Obviously, you are not resting your mind even when you sleep. Please calm your mind during bedtime or you will not b able to sleep peacefully.

  2. Oh My! You looks so serious. Working very hard again after few days of relaxation? How I wish you should have rested more. Reading at your previous posts in twitter, you seemed to to be so stressed and tired. Anyhow, you looked so handsome and manly with that serious look. And I love this photo when your long hair is covered, it reminded me of how you looked like during Beethoven Virus and Happy Life time. Oh what I have noticed is a bathrobe from Zikzin.

  3. Personally I think the reason why Prince is so stressed out lately is something to do with work – whether it is something to do with Prince’s acting, singing, personal investment or personal business there is no way that we can tell. But there are three observations in general: 1. It appears to me that Prince is not at home right now – the background of the photo looks like a hotel suite to me; 2. Since he is using twitter more frequently for this week, looks like that he is super busy, cause twitter is the only channel he sends out messages to his fans without any translation done and thus the quickest. 3. Even if he is sleepy and super busy (he said it himself that he cannot waste any time), he still puts in effort to let eels know his thoughts, I find it very endearing.

    He always makes himself so busy… Cri Show II followed by Team H party then what? A solo album was already in thepipeline!! Boss where did you find time for all of these? This is crazy. I was in awe for this young man – he is not only a cute guy who is well-versed in acting and singing (and perhaps directing plus producing, really cannot tell as we (ok maybe just me…) do not now how involved he is in those projects/side-projects), as his name suggests he has firm conviction of his goals.

    • So agree..I’m sure his day must have more hours than mine…at least he has more drive and stamina than me and most of us I guess..
      You forgot to mention he writes scripts, compose music and writes lyrics somewhere in between, producing his own shows…and had some scripts he was looking into…so he has to read and studied them and maybe take up some lessons to upgrade some talents..

      He’s doing all these without repeating himself/his work in any of it…
      GREAT MIND…no wonder he has no peace of mind…
      Geniuses minds are working differently I guess

      I love his Zikzin bathrobe!!! I want that one
      and did you see pig…she/he is sporting the feathers of JKS from his Magical Cri show hahaha

      • thats why he always impressed me..i wonder if he got enough sleep every day..he’s working like tomorrow never come..but still i think he’s really good in time management…he’s not only genius..but also hardworking..wish he will achieve his dream.JANG KEUN SUK…fighting!!!

        anyway..is pig try to steal suk’s lunch while suk is busy??kkkk…

    • He was joking. He gave himself a nickname Do S. (Do sadist) but in a way of joking and laugh when he is being mischievous. 🙂

    • Maybe he’s thinking about this girl whom they share their dream together whom he really feel in love with. She is a prosperous & decent woman with self-discipline & is strict to herself with passion and a warm heart. As JKS said before, in an interview, she has everything he’s looking for an ideal woman, but he loved ‘someone’ who he said “I love you” everyday, definitely. So what do you call this kind of love– A TWO-TIMER. In his documentary “World Prince,” 01/15/2012, he says he wants to be in love with someone with passion & a warm heart. When I love someone without regrets, it will be hard to strip myself away from that happiness. When loving with regrets, I don’t want to get away from loving passionately & happily. 11/2011, I saw this video on YouTube showing a graffiti sign, and by that time, I have the feeling that there is a hidden meaning, so I watched it. 12/2010, it’s hours before the KBS Drama Awards– he makes a confession on YouTube to this girl , that she’s special to him & says “I love you,” and the girl was surprised & smiled at him; he’s waiting for her response. In a few minutes, he saw on his cellphone her answer. Everytime they go out, she feels that she’s special for him, and says she already fell in love with him. He held her hand & looked at each other, said these are the powerful words “You’re only the woman I love besides my mom, and I promise that I’m not going to hurt you.” So sad he really fell in love with this girl, but she doesn’t trust him anymore, and walked away. That’s why, right now, she’s in so much pain & suffering. I believe & pray for this girl that the angels will be always beside her. God will always protect & watch over her, more strength & courage, find a peace in her heart, mind & soul

      • Uummm, Is this JKS’ love story? please let me understand…thanks…Why did the girl walk away? Aaaaahhhh, I’m so sad…

  4. Hush a bye baby, on the tree top
    When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
    When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall
    And down will come baby, cradle and all.
    I really want to rock you to sleep, my prince.

  5. sleeping is nt waste of time,its refreshing n rejuvenating,.dont be soo greedy sadist jks:p,hey i thought about a script fr u dis evening,how about a college life n lovestory??


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