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Of all my mother taught me, there is a word that reaches the deepest part of my heart now..

After all, we are alone.

How powerful and surreal this word is.. I will not be vulnerable any more…
Now is not the time.

엄마가 나에게 알려준 많은 것들 중 지금 가장 마음 속 깊이 와 닿는 말이 있다..

어차피 인생은 혼자다.

이 얼마나 굳세고 초현실적인 말인가.. 더 이상 약해지지 않겠다..
지금은 그럴 때가 아니다

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  1. Awwwww….why I feel sooooo sad when I read Sukkie is lonely and sad.

    When your life gets rough, just remember that you still have thousands thousands of eels who love you, support you and always stay by your side no matter what happen!!!!!!

    Sukkie, please don’t give up!!! Please have faith and keep on going…..things will get better in time.

  2. For this reason I love him…….showing to us how normal he is with ups and down like us. You such a big star but you having problem in life just like us….I know you can overcome what ever problem that come your way coz what you a strong person.

  3. Keun-Suk – as an only child myself I know where you’re coming from. Life never gets easier … we just have to give it our best shot. Pig is too vulnerable lying on his back, he needs to stall tall, and be strong. I think a little playmate for Pig in your toy store might work. Kind regards your number one supporter in Boca Raton, Florida,

  4. Hey Prince, you may be alone but you need not be lonely!
    You still hv you father, mom and your friends & ….. million of eels!
    Keep your spirit high!

    • I have my parents, brothers, sisters, and a lots friends. but us need looking for “Love” in someone special. Us need a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, happily, intimacy, spirituality or compatibility … as our “Soul mate/other half/true love”
      obvious I’m fan of Keun chan , i love keun chan as my brother or friend. because I hv my honey (boyfriend) and I don’t feel lonely because have my loved. I am sure that Keun Chan needs a girlfriend, someone who can communicate well with him and understand”, “someone who can always smile o laugh with him and that between them can shared happiness or sadness, and that Keun Chan can to find support in her (girlfriend) and he can support her too ( support each other)”.

      I remember, Keun chan said: “Being in love is important, … 2 different people will talk and interact happily “…

      prince keun chan should to court her and wins her heart! Go Go Keun Chan! ^____^ We support You. ( My boyfriend and Me )

      ¡Suerte! 🙂

      Saludos from Spain *__^

  5. Wait..that little pocket piggie is ribbed on the inside? If they make it in silicone he could make a lot of $$$ off that thing.

  6. suk ah..if u have faith in GOD..u will never be alone 🙂 or if u always feel lonely..just married..kkkk…be happy..

  7. It makes me sad that he feels so lonely. He’s been down for quite a while now… I’d say over a year now, with some on and offs… Since Love Rain had finished, maybe even before that.

    I think he needs some time for himself, just away from everything… But being an ‘idol’, especially at the peak, I don’t see how that can be done without damaging his career.

    I think this is a common problem for all the Korean ‘idols’. Most of them have been in entertainment industry since childhood, they never had a normal growing up and now they don’t have a normal youth either. I can’t even imagine all the pressure they had and have to put up with every freaking day… It is very very sad.

  8. JKS….Stay strong on the path you believe in, don’t let others get to you…pull you down….
    If moments you need support I’m here for you as are many others who really trying to see all your colors…
    You can’t please everybody…but instead choose to please yourself first..

  9. Keun-Suk – perhaps Pig could have a little Pigette (amiga) friend. We only need one good friend to count ourselves lucky in this world.
    Konbae to you always,

    • surreal??!! -> “after all we are alone”, mmm… basically not real or a part of reality, mmm..or It is real but doesn’t feel like it… 😉 -> “after all we are alone”.
      personally I believe that Keun chan is trying to tell us that “He’s dating with someone”?!?!. hohoho jojojo ^^

      very good Keun Chan!. Keun chan is a genius, I love his messages.


      *p.d. : Totally I agree with Randa!

  10. You are self aware enough to realize being alone, but it doesn’t necessarily make you vulnerable. You are also fortunate to be supported and loved by many who hope only good things for you. Thank you for always sharing your innermost thoughts!

  11. Two quotations from Jean-Jacques Rousseau for Geun Jang for This message of yours. I am glad you sit back quietly and think more after the rolling life of your concerts. “Men are born free and everywhere he is in chain.” There is always a tread off between the freedom you have and the chains around you, in your case, one of the chains is your fan club. When we are young we hate chains, we think it is a boredom. We need more and more freedom. But when we get older we will find that chains give us strengths, pride, and happiness. Think more about this and you will not feel lonely and being left alone. Another one “You are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.” Yours affectionately as always.

  12. My prince Jang if things get rough and your so helpless you don’t know what to do just remember you have loyal good friends who will never leave you no matter what, an Eels down here and Gods up there so keep it up my prince Fighting!

  13. Dear prince jks, just find comfort in knowing that lots of people all over the world are much grateful to have you in this lifetime. You may feel lonely, but your existence is a ray of hope to most of us..that even though there’s a slim chance in seeing u in person, just knowing you are around somewhere on the same sky, we can still smile and go on with our daily lives. If in giving happiness means there’s room to receive it back, then definitely joyful moments are not far from u..god bless and take care <3

  14. He seems like a lonely person :(. There is a saying that comes to mind: how can someone feel so lonely in a crowded room? I see it a lot, and recognize it from experience….he seems too lonely. All alone in a crowded room. I hope that changes for him, soon.

    • yes..sometimes i can feel that too..he look so lonely..u can see it frm his eyes coz suk has very expressive eyes which cant hide his feeling. when i see that look..i really want to be the one to comfort him and cheer him up..


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