How to order JKS 2nd album “Nature Boy” with “Nature Bag” novelty

UPDATE: added YESASIA link (April 17th)
Jang Keun Suk 2nd solo album “Nature Boy” will be released on May 29th. There are two editions; first shipping limited edition and the regular one. Each has special privileges, but if you order these website below, you have another chance to get “Nature Bag” novelty. Usually this bag is only for the subscribers at specific 6 record shops in Japan. But some online shopping site offering oversea shipping will provide the same novelty.

tenshi_ akuma’s note: Here’s the detail about each edition.

Nature Boy [Standard Edition]
Nature Boy [First Press Limited Edition](CD+DVD)

* cdjapan
Nature Boy [Regular Edition]
Nature Boy [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Nature Boy (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
Nature Boy (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)

There are 6 types of “NATURE BAG”. See here.
HMV ONLINE offers this version.
YESASIA and cdjapan novelty seem this one.

8 thoughts on “How to order JKS 2nd album “Nature Boy” with “Nature Bag” novelty”

  1. HMV on line hasn’t corrected the JKS’ song POKER FACE – it is still listed as PORKER FACE. JKS is perfectionist, this would not make him happy. This should be corrected for our Sukkie.

  2. Susann – you are so observant! Maybe you can leave Prince a facebook message. For real “Porker Face” is embarrassing…unless he wants us to know how much he likes his Pig by naming a song after it/him…Thanks Tenshi for the info as usual!

    • Thanks RANDA for the Links

      Wahhahaha…..they think JKS is not even good actor, (not acting naturally…T.T), but other actors have grade A acting skills….what’s an unbelievable opinions…LOLL

      I used to like reading critic on different actors….but I usually found that writers would write good things about artistes they like and bad things about artistes they don’t like. So I don’t care about their opinions much anymore.

      If I want to know good actors from bad actors, I just watched their dramas and judged by myself. (Of course, my opinion would be different from some…but I can gurantee I would never called one artiste bad actor or actress…purely because I can’t act on any roles if my life depends on it…kkkk)

      In my opinions, all actors or actresses deserve some credits for doing what they are doing or they won’t be famous or being recognizable as they are to many in this world, especially the ones that stay in the ShowBiz for long long time.

      • dear Kailey ,don’t take things too seriously this blog is just for fun ; they are most haters ,and since you can post a confession anon you can pretty much say any thing you want, i personally enjoyed reading every single comment about him and his drama cuz most of them were pretty good i even posted some of the confession my self , and the blog also helped me see people point of view about jks and other drama .so don’t worry every body knows what a great actor he is 🙂

      • You are the best critic there is for yourself…
        In my humble oppinion A artist is as good as you can feel him or her…
        When you watch the person acting and you feel his emotions from top of your head to your big toe and getting goosebumps…wow..that is the greatest acting for me
        Especially the eyes and the non verbal acting…
        The most decorated or famous actors are not perse the best actors…
        So I don’t care what others says….
        For me JKS is a great actor and even a singer..for he’s able to emote in that as well….and he will grow and grow and grow some more in every work he completes
        I love Sukkies acting..period
        I watch his work over and over again and even after soooo many times I still feel the emotions, laugh and even cry..
        That is good acting all about for me : )

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