[news] JKS Went Camping, by GO OUT KOREA_20130413

Translation: Chinese from Sukbar/English by Springsuk_USA

Note: Seems this camping event was in Japan. You can go to GO OUT KOREA FACEBOOK SITE find out more

GO OUT JAMBOREE (Camping) site had commotion when Geunjang got on stage!
[고아웃 잼보리 2013:라이브 생중계] 근짱 등장에 술렁이는 잼보리 현장!
GO OUT JAMBOREE(露营活动)现场因为根酱的登场引起了骚动!

8 thoughts on “[news] JKS Went Camping, by GO OUT KOREA_20130413”

  1. Wow! you looks so happy my prince and excited to go out camping, looking at you I think in your mind and heart you had a feeling to looking back while your still a High School student hehehe just like a boys scout doing camping and have lots of fun and activities. Your weekend my prince is full of fun and happiness and that’s good for you to let your worries out have a nice day my prince 🙂 <3

  2. I love the fact that he does things like this! I mean, how many idols sneak out of Korea and go camping or snowboarding?!?! That is just awesome!

    They should totally follow his example and enjoy their lives as much as they can instead just worrying about their images 🙂


  3. I am so happy with you. I hope you ‘ve got rid of the stress from your concert tours and other things. Wishing you good health and happiness. LOL


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