7 thoughts on “[Video] NicoNico Team H program_20130413”

  1. Fabulous!! Sukkie is a superb raconteur …. he kept his audience completely engaged …. even though the audio went down. He is an infinite professional. He never displayed any frustation but used his superb rapport with his audience to keep them engrossed until the sound was restored. Cheers to JKS- the consumate professional!!!
    Your supporter and American noona,

  2. Awwww…..Sukkie, you are born to be an entertainer for real. No matter what happen, the SHOW must goes on. I love your quick wits and great rapports with your fans. This is not the only time things gone bad on stage, and you were able to resolve the problem sooooo naturally and efficiently every time. Sukkie, my head bows to you!!!

    Please keep on doing GREAT work!!!!! Love you!!!

  3. JKS is soooooo coooool on stage!
    Truly a tactful pro who can handle anything!
    Soooo man! Also very handsome on stage. Like his hairdo.
    I should learn Japanese & Korean languages to enjoy his speech!
    Ok, I shall work hard to learn as much as possible.

  4. a total performer,that’s our Prince..witty and smart nothing can stop the show!! the audience seemed to enjoy it more when he talked 🙂

  5. When it comes of performance Wow ! my prince Jang really great no one can stop him full of energy, fun and he wants that his fans or audience feel so much satisfied and enjoy a lot. and that was the best characteristic of sukkie when he perform his really Perfect!


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