36 thoughts on “[video] Preview of Tongyi Micro-Film Leading By Jang Keun Suk and Park Min Young_20130409”

  1. OMG! His voice is really awesome! If these two really going to have a drama together, they will have a good chemistry

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im totally charmed with that voice… singing in mandarin.. He should try singing more of chinese slow songs!!! He sound soooooooo good!!

    • I agree with you…Can we suggest that for his next drama, he will be singing for different versions of the OST… Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English? I really that voice…

  3. He sounds really nice in this song…the melody…his tone…!Oh
    Handsome JKS with Beautiful PMY, with very nice song…..just perfect!
    I LOVE IT. So sweet mini-movie.
    I WANT TO SEE MORE! kkkk

    • This film will surely capture the hearts of mannnnnnny eels and non-eels.
      Prince look so good in there!
      Can’t forget his character and songs in this film.
      I’ve watched it again and again…and its only half of the film…kkk

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful voice…singing ballad Chinese song? And what a great chemistry with Park Min Young! I hope his next drama is with PMY. I’m so excited for the full lenth of this movie.

  5. Awwwwwww……SUPER LOVE!!!! My heart is beating beating so fassssst, listening to his beautiful face and voice. I don’t understand Chinese, but I’m totally charmed by his awesome voice.

    Goshhh….missing Sukkie acting sooooo bad!!!! I can’t wait for his next drama. Don’t care who will be his leading lady. Sukkie, Please please…. choose your next drama soon, please choose it carefully and wisely. No matter what is your decision, EELs will always support you and stand by you!!!!

    • Is it HE!!!!!!!!!!
      OMO my heart is beating so fast….it’s like a spring breeze taken over me…and I have to leave for work……….how will I concentrate LOL

      • I can’t concentrate at work too. The beautiful sights and sounds, his captivating charms, just can’t stop thinking about it. Really miss his acting. I think we craved a long time for his acting & now we receive a precious film and it just mske us crazy! Lol@l@

    • I’m right there with you, I can’t wait for a new drama with him, I’m going through withdraw! I love JKS, I think I enjoy watching him better then any any of my favorite American actors, I don’t know what it is about him, I just can’t get enough! 😉

  6. lyrics should be this………
    H BABY I SEE YOU 一起去翱翔 I SEE YOU 。用快乐去分享 WE CAN FLY, 漂亮想法就是存在,You light up my life 我想拥有所有 ~~

    the part he pronounced.. “OU XIANG” and “yong kuai le qu fen xiang” such a killer………….. is he even a korean? he feels like a mandopop superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ballads just suit him best..

    • OH BABY I SEE YOU 一起去翱翔 I SEE YOU 。用快乐去分享 WE CAN FLY, 漂亮想法就是存在,You light up my life 我想拥有所有 ~~

      • Pronunciation..
        OH BABY I SEE YOU yi qi qu ou xiang I SEE YOU yong kuai le qu fen xiang WE CAN FLY, piao liang xiang fa jiu shi cun zai, You light up my life wo xiang yong you shuo you~

      • Sukkie has sang this song so well in Chinese that most of us can get the Chinese lyrics without any lyrics display in the CF ^_^ Zikzin!!!

  7. Hi missyleen,

    Do you mind translate the meaning of those Chinese characters, please. I really wish to know the meaning of those words. Thanks.

    • Translation Lyrics: Oh baby~ I See You, go to flying together; I See You, use the happy go to share! We can find, beautiful life really exists, you light up my life , I want to have all……

    • Let me try to translate:

      Oh Babe
      I see u
      Let’s soar together
      I see you
      Let’s share the happiness
      We can fly
      Beautiful thoughts exist
      You light up my life
      I wish to attain all…

  8. OMG!!! he’s voice is so sweet and at first i didn’t think that it was him…i agree with missyleen, his chinese is so good you’ll never think he’s Korean…can’t wait to see the full micro film on april 10…oh that’s tomorrow!!! so excited 🙂

  9. Omg what is that ? At first hearing is so impressive . So clear , so deep , the tone of voice . My gosh it is amazing . Sukkie you are really a perfectionist ..I am So in love of his voice . I think no one can sing a Chinese song as clear as he does .

  10. Yes, JKS’s voice is so good. It reminds me of a maxim I once heard: “Love enters the heart of man through the eyes; love enters the heart of woman through the ears.” If this is true, JKS is the beloved of many, many women. I hope his smoking is only a passing thing. I would hate for that golden voice, and strong lungs, to be damaged. I am so happy that in the U.S.A. smoking is banned in almost all public places. Well, you can smoke in the street. And yes, I am eagerly awaiting his next movie or TV drama.

  11. He has a soulful voice. AS my cousin would always say, even if you are simply listening to him singing without looking at his face you can always feel so much emotion when he sings. Hopefully his next leading lady in a drama is PMY, they have great chemistry together.


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