[News] Jang Keun Suk (AsiaPrince_JKS) official Facebook open

After his struggling for several days, Jang Keun Suk (AsiaPrince_JKS) official Facebook finally opened today (April 8th, 2013). There are some images of the header… Seeing them, we understand his struggles. ^^

I think opening Facebook means his playground for international eels.

Except his official fan club website,
he has already had JKS Cafe for Korean eels.
he has already had Ameblo for Japanese eels.
he has already had Weibo for Chinese eels.

Except these,
he sometimes uses twitter, but twitter is more like one-way communication.
he sometimes updates official apps, but it’s paid app only for Smartphone users.

But he’s now really stepping into the world to be World Prince.
Actually Tree-J has started to tweet in English.
And JKS surely knows there are many fans all over the world.

I really hope Facebook helps to form a bridge between our beloved Prince and eels.

Please access and click “like” button on his Facebook page. You don’t have to register FB account ^^

This is the final header on the opening day.

This is the profile picture on the opening day.
P.S. If you haven’t known yet, this is Big Brother’s official Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/bigbrothersoundofficial

28 thoughts on “[News] Jang Keun Suk (AsiaPrince_JKS) official Facebook open”

  1. Thank you Prince, I think I cant sleep tonight. I feel we are very near. love you Prince. And take care of your health, I feel sad when you feel sick.

  2. its was a Great Opening Day!! even myself lost my own comment …happily swimming until drown…kkkkkkkkk…. but it was SUPERB!! feels like dont want to miss any second for his FB updates.. love to see our sisters there!! i LOVE ECI!!!!

  3. Agree with you sister ,No matter how much people said bad to him he knew he had so many international fans who love him As Jang Keun Suk.I wish him to enjoy more in FB n post in ENglish so that all international fans can feel him equally as he feels .Tks for ur sharing sis .

  4. Posting here as a request from Tenshi 🙂

    I just realised that his FB address is 0804… (8 Apr), which is the opposite of his bday 0408 (4 Aug)! LOL maybe some of you probably already knew… Which means he probably planned to launch this today some time back already.

    Our prince is so smart!!

    • I hadn’t realized it until you found it!!

      Suk tried to open his FB earlier, but he did on April 8th… So fateful!
      It’s very easy to remember when the opening day is for eels ^^

      • I found now our difference of date style between British and American English.
        I think we Japanese and Korean use American style.
        For me (I think for Sukkie as well), “0804” means August 4th.
        So, I think he chose his FB address, using his birthday “0804”.
        Anyway, what a coincidence! 😀

      • I also realized it few minutes after I liked it. That maybe it was date he launched his FB account as 0804 as just the reverse of his birthday. But it so easy to remember this date because today is also my brother’s birthday… kkkk. What a coincidence! But I’m so happy that finally he made a way to communicate his International eels who cannot speak Korean, Japanese and Chinese. I hope he will post using the English language.

  5. Finally!!! after a few days ( that felt like years ) it’s open! today is really an awesome day,frantically commenting and staying alert that he might respond to us,i even gained a friend thru his fanpage,isn’t that wonderful?
    now he’s really on his way to the world 🙂

  6. hello…gud dayahmm,just wanna ask,how can i be jang geun suk friend in his facebook.?i really wanted to become his friend in his fb..so i can also follow him..hopefully,he can spend a time to visit here ln my country,,PHILIPPINES..
    i am very much loved watching him in LOVE RAIN..i felt like im inlove evryday..

    ive been idolize some korean actor but i felt different with you…
    coz,i felt also that you are a good person..am i right

  7. hi oppa please i many times send for you a message for your real facebook and you don’t reply.you can’t belive how much i love you.i didn’t sleep tonight for your birthday.i crying all the time for you.i swear.i had a dream for you.do you want to listen?so my facebook name is (charya jang).love you

  8. enjoyed your movie.great you speak English. its difficult finding Korean celebrities who speak English . we Africans enjoy your movies .anyway good luck with your acting career.

  9. Hi JK..Firstly let me tell u that u r damn good at what u do..Ur style,acting,attitude..every things totally rocks.
    Hope u could find some time to reply to the people who worship u,and in english hopefully..


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