[Video-2] Team H Taipei Party_20130404

NOTICE: It’s very exceptional, but Jang Keun Suk himself allowed the audience to take pics and videos during the show and share them on the Internet. So I’ll share it here. Let’s enjoy!

tenshi_akuma’s note: I tried to look for videos with better sound and quality.

Credits: Naomi Peng

Credits: snow7133

Credits: Lu YuTing

Credits: Jane Cri

Credits: yun shang wu

Credits: Alice Hu

Credits: echorain

Credits: yuchuhs

12 thoughts on “[Video-2] Team H Taipei Party_20130404”

  1. Wow! his really sexy oh my! I could not even close my eyes all my attention is only focusing to watch this video thank you sis Tenshi for tagging me always I love you so much sis

  2. Team H rocks the house down!
    Piggy sing along with Team H toooo! lol
    This Pig is getting famous day by day!
    Zikzin to all!

  3. My body is shaking right now when I read the article in http://www.inewthings.com. It is news in Taiwan. What is he thinking? Why did he say that? Is he digging his own downfall? In times like this, he should not even say these kind of words – jokingly or not. It will be difficult for him to retract those words if he said these jokingly. People are already ambivalent about him.

    I hope his parents and people who truly cares for him give him good advice.

    I am afraid for him, all his efforts and talents will come to waste if he is not careful. The K-entertainment industry is highly competitive. Once he falls, all these people around him will leave him. Even eels will turn their back. I can’t bear to even think of this.

    I hope that if someone can dig and research deeper to the story behind this if this is true or not.

    I’m having an upset stomach because of this story.

    • JKS is not gay or bisexual if you have followed his news, interviews and videos. I agreed with you that he has made a big mistake by jokingly saying that he was bisexual. Either his company or himself must publicly clarify this matter, otherwise his future or his image will be damaged. The number of his weibo fans has almost stopped to increase right after this incidence. I believe many many eels hope that his company will publicly clarify that he’s not bisexual.

  4. Team H is really really good.. the sound, stage and performance is fab and fun. Every country their performance is specially catered. Sukkie fooled us all. Can not see in his performance he was sick.., read somewhere he is really not feeling well with this bad cold……needless to say.he’s so professional…


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