[06.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

OK, volkerwanderung to Facebook will begin on Monday~~~ Ah, I’m tired after business trip.. and this damn cold, by the way..
페이스북으로의 민족대이동은 월요일에 하는걸로~~~ 아 피곤하다 출장다녀왔더니..
근데 이 놈의 감기는 참..

Ah, How frustrating! I really wanna act.. What should I do with my tooth…?
아 이런 슈밤 연기하고 싶네.. 이를 어쩌지..

9 thoughts on “[06.04.2013] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. he’s just amazing!! finally to the FB world,it’s really great coz i believe that he can reach more through FB…zikzin!!!

  2. You’ve got a cold and you still smoke? Honey, It’s KILLING!!! I got a book called “A Bad Hair Day’ for you. It was confirmed from the guy that the address that I can send presents to you is Tree J Company. That guy whom I called Mr.T who seems to follow you everywhere taking photos and post them on this site should be a reliable source. I formally sent you 2 books, one on Mischief and I think the other one on Love. They are collections of animal expressions on different feelings. I wonder whether you have to do a thesis for your study. You can work on a title called “Emotional Expressions in Animals: Lessons for Acting”. I would love to read it. This will be a great contribution to the acting world, and when you get older and become a director you can make use of it. Well, a silly suggestion from your professor eel! Just wait for the present and ask the staff about the two books I sent earlier. I bought them in Vancouver in October 2012.

  3. Yepey! at long last our prince open his FB I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it I’m so much happy now and very very excited lalalalalalalala yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joke for the weekend. I hope the video “Chinese boy smoking and eating cigarettes” CSHH209 on You Tube, will make our prince laugh to death (not literally). Please stop smoking, honey. You see you can’t even get sick or die. Special request from your loving eel. The video will help you get rid of you stress too, if you are.

  5. Whoa, unexpected good news! Come Monday, let’s migrate to Facebook.. the new home of prince and his eels LOL BTW Tenshi, what does his second tweet mean?

    • I heard during Taipei Team H show, he opened a bottle of champagne and broke his tooth a bit… So today he went to a dentist to fix it. He said to the audience after knowing the fact that he heroically broke his tooth to entertain fans. Lol.

      • again????…did he not brake one of his teeth sometime ago. He posted a pic of it on the web and got scolded by his loving eels and toke the pic down……
        Mr. Jang…you are quit PIG headed…LOL

  6. Too wild, honey. Don’t use your teeth to open the bottle, use them to nibble your eels is better ;). I hope the dentist can nicely fix it for him. I hope it’s not one of those lovely two front teeth.


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