[vid-TVB HK] JKS at Press Conference for Team H Party in Taipei_20130403 (text translation)

Credit: Uploader SUKSTAR-HK
Source: TVB Hong Kong
Text Translation: Wen Lee from ECI edited by Springsuk_USA

Translation of the contents:
(News Anchor) Previously JKS revealed to us when making friends, the secret is don’t ask for name first but to ask for phone number. Today, JKS held a press conference in Taipei, let’s see if he has learnt how to ask for phone number in Mandarin.

(Background Voice): Korean popular idol JKS recently went to Taiwan for the 5th time because of his concert. He held press conference just day before the concert, exhibited his Mandarin & even had cheeky exchanges with MC Calvin Chen.
(JKS speaks in Mandarin): Can you please give me phone number? I’m very handsome. I’m hungry.
(MC speaks in Korean) Hungry!
(JKS speaks in Korean): wow, you can speak Korean!
(MC Speaks in Korean): I can speak Korean.
(JKS speaks in Korean): oh, Are you Korean?
(MC Speaks in Korean): My mother is Korean!
(JKS speaks in Korean): mixed blood!
(MC Speaks in Korean): no, I’m just joking!
(Background Voice): Lately, JKS has a slang ‘it’s a pig situation’. Actually, JKS has treated the pig as his lucky charm, he takes the piggy everywhere he goes.
JKS: In Asian countries, pig represents luck. My agent Jason has not brought me luck, it is this pig which has brought me luck. It even has smell, try smell it.
MC: smells alcohol!
JKS: He does drink & eat pork.
MC: and get drunk!
(Background Voice): JKS’s suggestion for the female fans going to the show, if you want to make your idol happy, remember to follow the special dress code to attend the party.
JKS: If your figure is good, then wear bikini, but if you have floaty belly like her (point to translator lady)…
MC: You point to her, she’s sucking in her breathe! What about men, what should they wear?
JKS: men wear jackets, I don’t really care about men actually.

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