[Vids from etvorg] Press Conference in Taiwan_20130403 (text translation partial)

UPDATE: added some translation of videos, still working on them.
Credits: etvorg

Text translation by: Wen Lee and Springsuk_USA


Brief translation:
MC: Let’s welcome JKS, ok, first take pictures… (JKS is doing the pose. So cute…) OK, now give him platinum album certificate.
Lady: ‘The sales of this album has reached 10,000 in Taiwan which is very good result of a stale market. Wish you success in your show tomorrow & good album sales.
JKS speaks in mandarin: Thank you!


MC: You have been here a while, how do you feel?
JKS: I’m very happy, when arrived I see the weather is so nice. Very happy about it, since in Korea is still cold right now and I’m the person who loves warm weather, so feel the warmth from Taiwan people, very good.
MC: You have been to Taiwan quite a few times now in these years (5 times in total so far), we see lots of your fans in the audiences.
JKS: I was very happy to see so many fans and media friends at the airport, also Mr. Pig (Jason) was there too, and I brought my piggy (the pig toy) with me as well.
MC: You’re special, because yesterday was still raining but today is so sunny.
JKS: Because I’m coming so the weather gets better?!
MC: So did u know? That’s why you wear short sleeve?
JKS: I am rain god, it’s rare not to rain where I go so this is a pig situation!
MC: It doesn’t matter weather is rain or not because your show is indoor.
JKS: oh it is.
MC: Your album was released in 7 Asian countries & all got very good results. In Taiwan, it got ten No.1.
JKS: wow?!
MC: So what’s your thoughts about it?
JKS: There’s a song which was specially written for China region, it’s a gift for fans in China region, also the stage performances were great, people loved it so I’m very happy. Surprisingly, even it is a song wrote for Chinese fans but it’s also popular in Western areas like Hawaii, even to Arctic & Antarctic.
MC: Artic, where the the polar bears are?
JKS: yes, not only polar bears, the penguins are waiting for me.
MC: Penguins, you mean Anarctic too, but there’s no direct flight there, will take a long flight to get there.
JKS: I’ll ride on a pig fly over there.
MC: So you have pig coming?
JKS: it’s on its way.




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  1. Sukkie is sick???
    Poor baby is coughing…is it that’s why is looking a bit drowsy?
    Hopes he will a bit better for the party

  2. awwwwwwww… i love this presscon!!!!! he had a great time with the host and the translator and such a teaser even though he’s unwell.. penguin and north pole and south pole!! this boy is giving me a headache -.-

    • O..missyleen you understood the whole vid?…lucky you.
      I hope the subs with be up very soon…I want to know what he’s saying..you make me so curious
      The host is Calvin from Fahrenheit…his bandbrother Jairo is playing the role of Sukkie in the chinese version of YAB

  3. He is very articulate and interesting!! Never boring to watch him talk!!!

    But he is constantly making fun of Jason and the translator…will they be mad?

  4. Iam so worry for him what his illness? I think his breath an respritory system have problem. He wear mask and unfortunatly smoking.why he dosenot ……..my dear star pls take care.i am gloomy and sad.

  5. Sorry, guys..just to verify. The first vid, when JKS was given the platinum album, it was said that his album has sold over 30,000 copies and not 10,000 copies. Just thought to clarify this. Sorry.


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