JKS in Belgium

Jang Keun Suk looks utterly striking in this photograph.
Next to him is the photographer and according to Sukbar news, this pic is taken in Antwerp, Belgium 4 hours ago.

JKS seemed to have departed Hungary on Sunday 13 March, and he tweeted via his Japanese website that he was going to London.
So it seems like he’s now in Belgium?

Credits: Suk Baidu Bar
【槿爱SUKの图图】【0316】与摄影师一起, 这张照片摄于Antwerp, Belgium,四个小时前

8 thoughts on “JKS in Belgium”

  1. Isn’t the photographer is the one who interview him on O’Live TV that was shown on TVN in TVN Style Report? I forgot her name though…. She’s a top female photographer in South Korea…. Woah! I’m excited for his photo book. With her on the helm the pictures will be great & beautiful…. 🙂

    • oooh… any pic with JKS in it will be great & beautiful, but the photographer’s skill is equally important too.
      Cannot miss his photo-book for the whole world!

    • You are right! I thought that lady looked familiar. Saw the Olive interview but did not know that she is a well known photographer. Wish the photo book could have English/Mandarin and would certainly love to have it when published!


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