[News] Album release postponed and Showcase cancelled

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The release of Jang Keun Suk’s first album 《let me cry》will be postponed to an indefinite date. His Tokyo Showcase on 27 March will be cancelled and the cost of the tickets will be refunded.

张根硕首张专辑《let me cry》决定延期发行,日期未定;原定于27日举行的东京showcase取消,门票会退还。

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14 thoughts on “[News] Album release postponed and Showcase cancelled”

  1. This is the right decision – today is already 15 Mar.
    I don’t think Japan can solve its nuclear problems in 12 days, and in a matter of hours, radioactive winds from the affected areas will reach Tokyo. Hundreds of thousands of people are being evacuated from affected areas and some even from Tokyo. The situation looks grimmer, with increasing levels of radioactive leakage being reported.

    The Japanese need to focus all their efforts on responding to this crisis and re-building their homeland from the ravages of the disaster. What is a little delay to us?

    I don’t believe in Gods, and yet, I wish I do, so that I can pray that this is the last piece of bad news we hear today… Please…. Let there be no more injuries and loss ….

    • Agree with you that it is the right decision. The Japanese people have to focus on rebuilding their lives first amidst uncertainties that is brought about by threat of a nuclear meltdown. My prayers are with them that it will finally stop so that they can move on with their lives.

      Eels all over the world can wait for the release of his album.

  2. sigh… my heart goes out to the japanese… the radioactive plant explosion was just… horrible. But they’re such admirable and resilient people, staying calm, offering their limited food supplies to foreigners, queuing up to buy supplies in an orderly fashion, taking things in their stride. It’s such a pity… all we can do is pray for them and offer them whatever little help.

  3. The biggest earthquake in over 100 years hit Japan causing a tsunami of destruction to sweep through the North. Hundreds are dead. More are injured. Even more are homeless. The videos are horrifying. Japan has declared a nuclear emergency. And a tsunami warning has been issued in dozens of countries, so really it’s ok JGS, I don’t mind waiting; as for now my prayers go to Japan the country of my heart :(.

  4. it’s a right decision.. what matter most now is that people in japan will all be safe.. my prayers for them that no more bad things happened in their country..

  5. I agree.
    I will pray for people in Japan and for JKS. This disaster really impact not only for Japan, but also for other…
    If I met him I want to say, don’t be sad Suk-ah! So many people love you and will support you.

  6. Its a right decision….. Always pray for Japan! For my one & only Star…… Jang Keun Suk don’t be sad. All your fan can wait to release your album. I always support you. We love you<3<3<3

  7. Agree… the situation in japan is dangerous right now, let’ pray for japanesse people, and for JKS I,m sure all of your eels will support you forever, we’ll wait your big showcase anytime, anywhere…

  8. Now is certainly not the time for celebrations or parties in Japan. Delaying the album release and cancelling the showcase is simply a sincere way of showing empathy and sensitivity towards the plight of the Japanese as they struggle to rebuilt their lives in this period of difficulty.

    CHEERS, Keun Suk! You are in for the long run and your love will be felt.


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