[Personal] FM preparation part 1

Finally, I got a camera!

JKS is not the only person busy with all his projects and upcoming FMs; us fans are pretty busy too. Hours of drama to watch, websites to scour for JKS news, lots of things to buy ….

For a start, I have been on the lookout for a better camera for months, and JKS’ scheduled arrival in Singapore in April galvanised me into action. I realised that yesterday was the first day of the (quarterly or half-yearly) IT fair, where there may be worthwhile deals on cameras. Friday to Sunday (last day of the fair) would see very big crowds, so I decided on impulse to go buy a camera yesterday.

Being a fussy customer who wants to get as much as possible for less money, here are my requirements:

– many times zoom (to see JKS more clearly, of course πŸ™‚ )
– can zoom in during video recording (to see JKS more clearly, of course πŸ™‚ )
– reasonable image and video quality

After 3 hours of last-minute frenzied plodding through camera reviews and technical jargon, I was left with tearing, painful eyes and an option between Canon SX30 IS or Panasonic FZ40.

This is the video that made me want to buy Canon SX30 IS.
You must watch this – amazing!

Unfortunately, Panasonic has better picture quality. What a torturous dilemma! Then, while going through users’ comments, I saw one that said that Fujifilm S200 EXR is better than Canon and Panasonic, and after some research I decided to go for the Fujifilm one, only to realize at the IT fair that S200 was extinct already. Their new model is S4000 – it’s so new that there are no online reviews on it yet. Based on a blind leap of faith that the new model should be better than the extinct model, I bought my S4000 and would be familiarising myself with its usage before the FM. Look forward to playing with it tonight!

My only worry is the picture quality, because usually in super-zoom cameras, the pic quality is compromised. Anyway, it is still a fairly good deal at S$499 + $100 for 5-year warranty, with a camera case, 16 GB memory card, rechargeable battery pack, screen protector and tripod thrown in for free. And not only have I busted my budget for March, I’ve busted my budget for April too …. * a poor eel *

So that’s part one of my preparation completed. Whew! So much work to get a camera!

As for part two, I want to customize a cap with “JKS” on it at Far East Plaza. Any Singaporean friends who want to make one as well can let me know. My friend did one for around S$25, depending on what materials one chooses as well πŸ™‚

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    • My favourite laptop brands are Asus and Dell.

      Asus because its battery life is among the longest lasting, and it comes highly recommended by my IT brother-in-law.

      Dell because my office uses Dell, and I’ve not seen any problems over 3 years ….

      • Thanks, Ivy, I told my hb I need camera too, he said, For JKS? No, so I think I better wait my own pay cheque for camera.

  1. Congrats aphrael its worth it, I know you can get the best shot and all angle of our sukkie……I like your story and thats only prove how you really really love JKS….
    keep fighting!!!

  2. Wow Aphrael! Cool Cam! Will you be taking photos at Marina Sq? Can I trouble you to help me take when i’m on stage?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m going alone on 22 Apr so have no one to help me take photos… πŸ™

    FM can’t take photos right? Bummer…

    • Sure Jazzie, no problem at all if I can get a good spot with clear view πŸ™‚
      problen is, during autograph, your back is to the audience, though i seem to think that i’ve seen videos where JKS is willing to oblige if you ask him to pose for a photo, and u turn around for a few seconds.

      • YAAA! That’s what I plan to do.. ask him nicely if he can take a photo with me. That’s why I need someone directly below the stage to help me take photo πŸ™‚ thanks thank and if you trust MY lousy photography skills… I can help you take a photo using your camera when you go up for the photo-pass πŸ™‚

      • Thanks, but when I go up for the photo-taking, pls don’t take pics of me – I want videos of JKS!!! ^^

      • oh ok ok so please teach me how to use your cam in video format… then i’ll help you video him when you’re up there but make sure you have enough battery! :p

  3. Congrats aphrael, you have found your dream camera finally ^^ Must practise more before 22 April and dont miss any chance in capturing JKS when he look up and smile ah…..

  4. Can take photo on stage during auto/prhoto sessions? How about FM? Do update me after u attend the coming Singapore FM, ya! Mine is Lumix F40, 24 X zoom…. I also want to do recording and taking his photo though from far. Since I’m going alone ………as what u all planned, to ask someone to take for me too !

    • I think camera will not be allowed on stage, cos it would slow down their autograph process. So u have to ask someone below the stage to take photo/video for you

      • Sorry, out of this topic a bit…. do u remember to find me JGS merchandizes outlet location @ Lotte Jamsil. Is a shop in the mall right, instead in the Stars of Avenue….

      • Hi Carol,

        Hope you can see this reply. Can you read Chinese?
        Below is the direct link to the fan website that shows you, step by step, how to find the place.
        Just read and scroll to the bottom, then click on next page etc etc.


        If I have to put all that info in English, it’s going to take me a longer time…

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