32 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Team H NICONICO LIVE_20130201”

  1. OMONA !!!! Our naughty Prince is still the same, I love him!!! Thank you so much for english translation Tenshi, mwackssss !!

  2. I was so sad that I can’t understand what my prince Jang said, some said that there is a English translation but I could not find it, I’m hoping that I can hear him speak English so that all the people who doesn’t understand Korean language will fully understand what JKS said but as of now watching him is more enough even I don’t understand seeing his sweet smile can make me happy

    • Hi Genie, you mean you don’t know how to watch the soft-sub on YouTube?
      Here is the guidance I posted on my YouTube video. If you access via iPhone YouTube apps, you can see the subs, too. If I misunderstand your problems, please tell me which Eng subs you are looking for. Thanks ^^
      I edited this with YouTube, so the subtitles are only seen on YouTube with PC.
      [[ How to see the subtitles]]
      If you cannot see the English subs, please click “balloon” button.
      [[ How to Change the background style or font size ]]
      ■To make the captions bigger, click in the player and type +.
      ■To make the captions smaller, click in the player and type -.
      ■To change the color of the captions, mouse over “balloon” and chose “other settings

      • Hi sis Tenshi thank you for your help I use my own PC at home yeah your right I don’t know how to watch the soft sub in you tube ,the truth is I started using PC year ago when I started following prince Jang but before that I don’t waste my time use my PC only my kids, so when I started liking JKS I tried to keep on watching him every day and I want to know what the latest news about him tried to know everything about him but definately I have no idea about the translation, so every time I read the comments of all eels I just ask myself where’s the translation they are talking about but for your help now I’m very thankful for you,hope your always be in good health because without you we can’t never receive any up dates about our prince from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU

  3. Thanks for the English translation, he so charming & very cheeky. I suppose he is like any other young man and he can get away with it because he is so loved by his fans.
    Thanks again I’ll be following your translation.

  4. Thank you so much Tenshi for the english translation. he’s so cute when he’s naughty….

    Genie, if you want an english-speaking role of Sukkie, WATCH “The Case of Itaewon Homicide.”

  5. Genie,

    You will know him more if you will join us in ECI. I’m also a Filipina and a regular reader of this blog and all your comments here made me think that you love him so much like us. We will wait for you there if you’re interested…….

    • Thanks Jez it’s a great honor for me if I can join ECI Phil. I will be join soon I also wanted to know all of you who loves JKS and I do believe that all EELS all over the world are kind and friendly one day I will be thank you once again

  6. hahhahahah! I wouldn’t help laughing… JKS you are talking to me, looking at me & so happy just doing this bit… Love ya so much!! God bless….

  7. Oh My! This boy is really so funny and cheeky. Hmmm wanting to have the audience in mini skirts and high heels? I’m sure thousands of them will be wearing such attire heheheeh…

    Tenshi, Thanks a lot for the translation.

  8. Smiling alone here like a mad person. How can you nnot love him?? sugoiii neeeee~ Handsome, cute, naughty, sexy , all in one ! cray crayyy !

    thanks Tenshi for the translation. loveee

  9. I love how playful and naughty he is. I eat sleep and breathe him. I think I am addicted. Thank you sooo much for your hard work on subs!!!


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