[20.01.2013] CriJ-3 Twitter

Credit: Sukbar

Eels are Jang Keun Suk’s backbones! The support event at the airport were really nice and perfectly finished!!! Even tho there were lots of great photos on the news already…. here we post these two late pictures. There will be more his going abroad pictures updated on Princejks.com and CriJ-3 FC later on. Good night.

장근석공식팬클럽Cri-J ‏@JKS_cri_j3
장근석의 빽은 장어떼! 공항 이벤트 정말 멋지게 잘해낸 장어떼들 멋졌습니다!!! 기사에 멋진 사진들이 많이 나왔지만…^^;; 뒷북 사진 올립니다.


4 thoughts on “[20.01.2013] CriJ-3 Twitter”

  1. I really admired they Eels being supportive to JKS, they always show how faithful they are , sometimes I just wish that I’m become one of them to show also my support and my loyalty to Jang, but since it impossible to be with the Eels the only things I can do for JKS is keep praying for his health and happiness.No matter how far I am still I can share my points of view and support him all the time.Thank you Eels for being there to our prince and no matter what happen don’t ever let go for our prince God bless all of you

    • I agree! Even if many would turn their backs on him, its rest assured EELS would always be there for him in whatever situations he is into. That’s the difference with EELS.


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