[ENG-SUB] LOTTE Duty Free Interview

Credits: lottedfs
Original source: LOTTE Duty Free_Interview_Janggeunsuk
English translation: tenshi_akuma

The original video has subtitles, but it’s too small to read and has some grammatical mistakes. So I subtitled it in my own way.

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18 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] LOTTE Duty Free Interview”

  1. waahhh “Psycho” you’re the most gorgeous and only Psycho i’ve known that could melt the heart of millions πŸ™‚
    Prince..i’m thinking of you as the boy next door i fantasized everyday,sorry but i can’t help it ^_^
    thanks for subbing and sharing Tenshi!

  2. I’m sooo loving it.. after a long time, Thanks sis Tenshi !!! and awww these lines are kinda funny but sweet “I wonder how much people, especially my fans know me & what kind of fantasy they have for me, I want them to feel closer to me rather than to have fantasy like brother or boy next door” .. Hope he’s not lurking in eci.. lol !!!!

  3. I don’t know about foolish, but unpredictable is a very accurate description of this chameleon. We never know what he will do next. I think ‘psycho’ is a good word for his eels as well. And yes I am one of them. Thank you very much for the video and subs Tenshi! I think I am your fan as well, you are amazing!

  4. Thanks Sis Tenshi for the translation. Although I want to treat him as next door boy, I can’t help myself to have fantasy on him .. “blushing” ….

  5. Thank you.

    He has been in hiatus for so long now. I hope he is recognize as a talented actor in Korea. So sad for him that his potential in acting is not being tapped at the moment, especially at the prime of his career when he is very popular outside of Korea. I hope that directors, script writers and producers recognize that he can do mature roles too. (I hope that the Hong sisters will write another script solely for him, like what they did for him in You’re Beautiful.)

    I hope that he slowly goes back to well-scripted drama and/or movies.

  6. Every time I read JKS eels fans comments I can’t stop smilling I really enjoy what they are saying towards him, they really love JKS specially girls well that’s not impossible our Asia prince is very talented and very handsome man I’m agree for them, but for me “BEAUTY ISN’T ABOUT HAVING A PRETTY FACE, PRETTY DRESS,ACCESSORIES, OR A MAKE-UP ” BUT what I really LIKE JKS? he has a PRETTY HEART, PRETTY MIND and most of all he has a KIND SOUL. That’s what i see him and I love the way he is, that’s make him beautiful in my eyes

  7. Thanks sis Tenshi! for the translation, I love seeing him again and learn more about your personality, how he thinks and your daily life or as he says his ordinary life, thanks again for your effort to share with us all this. Sis, Hugs and kisses thousand. Fighting and zikzin. ^_^

  8. i love him here..he look like an artist but his way of talking to the interviewer is like he casually talk to a friend. he is indeed a sweet and warm person.

  9. Thanks sis Kaori chan for subbing…

    My dear prince, even though, you did foolish things sometimes…I love you even more when you’re not afraid of admitting doing them, on TV broadcasting to the world to see to boost!!!

    Yeapp….you are a very special artiste. One of the kind in this world!!!
    I love you for being real and sincere person. I admire you for being great Artist that you are.

    P.S. Dear prince, Sorry to tell you that your warning eels not to fantasize about you comes too late…kkkkk EELs are soo trapped in your magical kingdom..!!!

  10. Prince JKS has an unexplainable charm that many eels could not resist. I’m one of the eels who fantasizes Prince JKS even though I’ve tried not to do that. He is not just has a pretty face and unbelievable talents but also he is having a beautiful heart that matter the most. I think Prince JKS is very humble and down to earth even though I’ve never met him in my intire life. He treated his eels not just a fan but a friend and family who could stay with him forever. He treasured all of his eels like his family. No wonder why many eels (including me) gives their love with no limits or endlessly!! You are the most precious one Prince JKS!! I will support you forever even in my own little ways.


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