[vid] BTV Art Report JKS Was Voted as No. 1 Best Performance as Overseas Star in Chinese New Year Countdown Show

Credit: BTV
Translation: Springsuk_USA

Note: JKS part starts from 1:55 min to end.

Brief translation: There were many stars from overseas performed at some Chinese major TV channels’ New Year Countdown Show. Here are the voting result of the best 3 overseas performers for New Year Countdown Show. Jang Keun Suk has been voted as No. 1 best performance by getting 9623 votes and vote rate 36.8%. Jang Keun Suk was riding on a sports car to arrive on the stage, like other Korean performers, KHJ (3rd) and TVXQ (2nd), this was the first time JKS performed on Chinese New Year’s Countdown Show, he was very energetic, he was being very lovely to interact with fans on stage and having some fun time with MCs. He even played ventriloquist during performance and make the whole site became to a big party.

10 thoughts on “[vid] BTV Art Report JKS Was Voted as No. 1 Best Performance as Overseas Star in Chinese New Year Countdown Show”

  1. wow..a lot of recognition already and it’s only the first month of the year!!!
    2013 will surely be a great year for Prince JKS,he’s really amazing!
    no one can stop him from being the WORLD PRINCE,he’s only moving towards greater achievements..jyo-zikzin!

    thanks Sarah for sharing 🙂

  2. Its the 10th day of January, and he has received many recognition already. A great proof of how God rewards to a person who is so hardworking and has the pure intentions in his heart. SUKKIE CONGRATULATIONS! Its another milestone of becoming the WORLD PRINCE!

    Sarah, Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. So happy yo know that people recognized how good as an entertainer he is. I hope people will continue to love JKS as he is a really sweet person.

    • Agree with you..he loves people; you can see that in his behaviour.
      He understands people and therefor will show the best and sincere self to others..

  4. Wow! a millions thumbs up to you JKS you really deserve to receive this kind of achievement I know you can do it,though some people dislike you but as of now you proved to them that you can make it no matter what.I’m very proud that my sky I’ve been looking up shows his brightest light among the stars.CONGRATS!!!you already conquered China you captivated they’re hearts and I have faith that you will also conquer world soon.For your hard work, humble heart, and love of your people will bring you the best in the world.But I just wish that you will not forget to take care your health because without it you can’t do nothing, once again “CONGRATULATION”

  5. It is no doubt whoever see him alive performing will say he is the best, he is no one,he is excellent, and for me he is incredibly awesome artist who always show his best to people.when i was watching the countdown party on that day i feel like i was so bored to death watching other people performance except one or two were good … When Sukkie came out the atmosphere was totally change into live.Wowww Our boy is always great.I wanna see him more in international show.Congratulations Jang Keun Suk.


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