5 thoughts on “[05.01.2013] @bigbrothersound twitter”

  1. They are really busy…because the release for this album is in februari already..
    wonder if they will go around promoting this..

  2. Though I’m not a member of JKS fans club or either eel’s member but when it comes of supporting him I’m more than for that.I can always watch and read all comments share here, some of them love him and some of them too dislike him,I keep observing the people who dislike him though it so sad to say that no matter what my beautiful sky JKS did still is not enough for them to like JKS, for those who love sukkie keep up the good work for giving your loyalty and support specially now he start to got busy for promoting his album and I’m sure this time another bad comments comes but to my JKS don’t mind them do what is the right as long that your fans who loves you will always there for you I’m sure your album will be success and I’m hopefully and pray that your album come will be big hit goodluck! hope your album will also release here in Philippines and I’m pray you will come here to let Filipino people what my JKS can really do


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