[article-1] A full-page ad of Jang Keun Suk appears in International Herald Tribune

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Credits: KOREA.COM
Photo credits: Tree J company

A full-page advertisement of actor Jang Keun Suk appeared in the widely read English language international newspaper International Herald Tribune (IHT).

According to his agency, Tree J. Company, on December 27, fans from twenty-seven countries, including, Korea, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, North America, Peru, Chile, Argentina, France, Russia, Turkey, and Canada, took out a full-page ad to celebrate Jang’s 20th debut anniversary.

The full-page ad appeared in the December 22 and 23 editions of IHT, which is based in Paris, and it will also appear in early January.

A picture of Jang holding the newspaper and walking down the Champs-Elysees in July was also released. He received a lot of attention by keeping the promise that he made four years ago.

Jang says, “I’m honored to appear in the International Herald Tribune. I was surprised and happy to have the event with my fans from all over the world. I will work harder to reward them so please keep an eye on me.”

tenshi_akuma’s note: You can check about JKS & IHT from here. [14.07.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter
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25 thoughts on “[article-1] A full-page ad of Jang Keun Suk appears in International Herald Tribune”

  1. In my heart I knew it touched His Heart. And that was enough for me.

    For him to speak about how touched he was that eels all over the world worked together to do something for him… that’s Precious.

    We will wait Jang Keun Suk… but in Our Hearts, You Are Already World Prince!

    Just lead with Your Heart… Eels will follow! <3

    • Yes, me too!!! I never doubted him for a second!!! I knew he had seen the ad and smiled!!! 🙂 I love our Sukkie and I love all my sister eels around the world!!

    • I always believe and trust in him!!!!

      Eels, let’s continue to love and support him!! He will surely reward us with great projects that make us happy. He will fill our lives with smile and laughter…yeahhh.

  2. Thank you, Sarah for sharing this article!!! Yey!!!! United World Eels, we made it!!! We did an awesome project and Sukkie knows about it!!! I hope he is ready for the world because we are SO ready for him!!!!

  3. Wow Sarah you’re so fast!!!! I know this surprise would be meaningful from him he deserves this and more. Eels let’s keep on showing our love to Prince!!!

  4. Thanks sis Sarah Ye for translation and posting this wonderful news.

    To me, better be late or never doesn’t matter!!! I’m already touched with all the stories behind this project. I touched with Argentina’s eels selling goods to raise the funds. Eel friend contributed for another eel because other eel is a student, doesn’t have much money yet…and sis Whitney’s doubling contribution campaign…so on and on great stories…….

    Awwwwe…..just remember those stories make me feel like crying. Even if I never read a word of gratitude from Sukkie or Tree J about this project, I am still so proud of all eels around the world UNITED participating in this world class project. World EELs, Jyo~Zikzin!!!

  5. Thanks sis Sarah, sis Kleidy, sis Whitney….and all
    I need a group hug here! Mwah mwah mwah…
    He mentioned is meaningful for him! Aww..

  6. Thaks Sarah, you’re faster to share it.
    This project very amazing, touching deeply… coz power of love from the world UNITED EELS worked.
    i know our prince know how eels feel and i believe to become world prince come true as soon… A NEW ERA BEGINS… Are you Ready Eels!!!!! I love this word.
    I just say… I’m really really PROUD as EELS…
    JYO… ZIKZIN!!!!!

  7. Thanks all ECI sisters, especially Sis Whitney and Sis Kleidy! I’m crying again when I noticed that my beloved Prince will work even harder to repay our love to him. I love you, Jang Keun Suk, please stay healthy, happy and fly higher and farther to every corner of the world. You really deserve it 🙂 We are with you 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing the news Sarah.

    This is great, he saw our hard work and he appreciate it a lot. I am already proud when the ad was published, now even happier that he really like it. It’s really wonderful!

    Jang Keun Suk, you are world prince, you are the best!

  9. Thanks sis Sarah for the translation ! This is great ! One step closer of achieving his dreams a the World Prince- though to eels , healread is the World Prince (y) 🙂

  10. What a memorable day!

    No matter how far we live, eels all over the world are always be with you…
    I’m sure he can feel this eels’ promise more strongly than before.

    I want to add, this fact must have surprised Korean media, too. They knew he is the most popular Korean star in Japan. But he’s already recognized as a popular star in other countries outside of Asia. And this ad was on world well-known newspaper, not on tabloids or gossip magazines! He’s loved so much by his fans all over the world!!!!

    Yes, we did it! And his words was very sincere… *crying
    We love you, dear Jang Keun Suk! T_T

  11. Could it be that our prince is dumbfounded and even he who is always quick with the tongue is lost for words???

    If I remember the last surprise in Japan well he doesn’t do praises and surprises to well…from what I read all along he’s used to hard work, bashing and looked down on and for that he knows how to deal…
    So with the phrase in the add in IHT (sore point to him)…ARE YOU READY??? we turned the table on him and for someone who is always in charge and knows everthing what happens around him guess he’s a bit lost and still in a state of “panic” (guess everybody would be like that if one dreams come true)…but he will recuperate and answer us with even harder work, more smiles and happiness…he understands hardwork and responsibility…he said so himself now …so I will wait patiently…keeping these “words” of JKS in mind…if I like, I like, if I love I love…and so it is, I like and I love not matter what.
    Zikzin…wonder what is coming to us at the Hunan show?

  12. Sarah sis, thanks for sharing this news out from the oven.. I was busy in the office today but in my heart, I feel so happy and proud of our eels’ bond.. and words from Sukkie has made all eels cheering with happiness ^_^

  13. It really doesn’t matter to me whether he mention about the ad or not because I know that he loves his eels very much. I know we chose IHT because this paper mean something to him. During those difficult time we know that his TRUE eels stick by him not matter what the media and most Korean people said about him. That is why eels are so close to his heart and give him energy to move on and work hard. Now even though he has so many eels I want to be like those eels that stick with him no matter what (good or bad). I want to be his eels forever and give unconditional support.

  14. Omg…. I m happy. Can’t express enough of my happiness. I know prince would feel touch and happy when he see this ads, but hearing he said he was touch is really amazing. Prince, let’s go further…we’ll always be with u!!!

  15. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 I was so happy to receive my own copy yesterday because it is not easy to find in the US. It means a lot to me personally to be part of something like this project because I live so far away from Asia and can’t participate in most events. It is hard to be an Eel in the US and I love JKS so much. He is such an amazing man and truly deserves the love and adoration his Eels bestow on him. I can’t imagine anyone turning their back on him for any reason because he is so open and honest with everyone that there are very few things that could actually shock his Eels. I’m really looking forward to the day I myself will be in Korea and continue to pray that he will be in Korea as well instead of working overseas.

  16. my eyes just wont obey me…can’t help but cry,not that i’m waiting for his response to our IHT ad project…what touched me is his thoughtfulness and sincerity towards us,his EELS…i knew in my heart that he will love to see himself on IHT even before the ad was released and his words just proved it..

    we love you our WORLD PRINCE JKS ! ! !

    thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Congratulations to all Daebak eels all around the world.. It’s the 4th anniversary of this beautiful and proud event today.. ??


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