[26.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Finally Tree-J (staff) officially expressed their appreciation for IHT ad! I’m happy to hear that. Really!

Finally I got this in hand! Seeing the real ad made me more touched T_T By the way, this ad appeared for two days? If I had known this ad beforehand, it would have been nicer T_T But I really thank you T_T
드뎌 실물로 받았어요! 실물로 보니 더 감동이 ㅠㅠ 근데 이 광고 이틀인가요? 이 광고에 대한 정보를 알면 좋았을텐데ㅠ 감사합니다 ㅠ
tenshi_akuma’s note: Some eels might have misunderstood her point. According to a Korean eel (@skthtj), “MIN said she was touched to see real newspaper. and she and Tree-j received the paper today. She said if she had known earlier, she could help us.” This is the fact. Getting their support more, and make Jang Keun Suk be World Prince together! zikzin!

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  1. to begin with,this is really a great news but i’m really saddened that others take it negatively..i believe that we did IHT project to show the world who Prince JKS is and to show him too how much eels all over the world support and love him..yes of course it would be nice to hear from him but it’s not his obligation to do so and that also goes for the staff.. keep in mind that we did what we did not because we want to be praised and recognized..the ad is for Prince not for us..

    thanks for sharing this Tenshi!

  2. This is a wonderful news! They appreciate everything we have done for our Prince, we are being recognized. =) Ahh, I am really curious about Prince’s reaction when he sees this… truly surprised, I think! XD

    I feel really proud about this project and really thankful to everyone, especially the admins and all who are in-charged for this project, we created a wonderful surprise for the Prince! It’s our gift, our love, our dedication to the Prince we all love.

    Please put away all misunderstanding… we will always be with him, won’t we?

  3. Right now, I’m at work. Ahhh… I can’t access to FB. (If I don’t write about my feelings now, I might never will). I would like to express my feelings and opinions about some misunderstanding among eels.

    This is totally my opinion. Please ignore it if you want to.

    I can understand the frustration of many eels have in regard to TreeJ’s messiness or “unprofessional” approaches on many things. I well understand, many eels are disappointed becoz Sukkie is silent and blind-sided to many eels’ gifts and projects……because those feelings are normal human feelings and reactions. When we are doing something for someone, no matter how many times we said we are doing it without wanting anything in return, our little hearts are still yarning for some kind of recognitions or reactions from the recipient. But all being said…… I feel sooooo sad and sorry for eels who are feeling that way. I can’t help ease their feelings of pain, anger or disappointed. If some eels wanted to leave the pond, I would totally understand….…..but I do wish with all my heart, no matter what happens, they will still support Sukkie quietly and still carry some good memories of being eels-fans with them.

    No matter what, I promise I will never leave him because other people said this and that to discourage me about him.

    My opinion about Tree J company and staff….sometimes, I feel frustrated with their messiness ONLY because my heart wants the BEST for Sukkie….nothing against their persons or actions. TreeJ’s staff might not be the most experienced and don’t have certain skills fans expected them to have…… My dear eels friends, based on my observation about TreeJ staff, they are loyal and have loving hearts for our STAR. They have tried their very best….sometime their best is not enough….obviously. Sometimes, the things they did or said are comedianical of errors…….LOLL. My point is…..whoever they are, I don’t have special feelings for them… I just respect them because they are JKS’ staff. I don’t follow or support them. I only follow and support Jang Keun Suk!!

    Most people are following a STAR because of personal preference and a choice….. Me personally, I’m following, supporting, doing things for my STAR because of admiration of whatever he is doing or producing, and most important of all…..because I love my STAR. If I ever decide to leave my STAR, I will naturally and freely leaving him with smile and fond memories in my heart, due to unforeseen circumstances like, may be illness or unable to freely pursuit fan-girl life any more due to family problem…etc…

    Most importantly to everyone, please do things that make you happy!!

  4. Eels, do not be negative. Jang Keun Suk and his staff realize that this is a gift of love by countless numbers of eels in countries all over the world! This expression of the our love for our star, Jang Keun Suk, is probably the likes of nothing he has ever experienced before.
    Though he has dreams of spreading his influence to Europe, the US and the whole world… he already IS Asia Prince. He is used to these demonstrations of love from Eels in Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries.
    But I think he has not imagined… that there are thousands of Jang Keun Suk fans outside of Asia already.
    I think that he has not imagined a group like Eels Club International… where there are 3 brother eels and hundreds of eel sisters… from all different races, religions, countries from all over the world… who are proud to say, “I am a fan of Jang Keun Suk!”
    I am proud to have taken part in this project. Because Jang Keun Suk makes me happy. And if I can do something that makes HIM happy, my life as his fan has meaning. Doesn’t it?
    I used to like a TV show in the USA called “The Pretender”… one of my favorite quotes from this show was, “It only takes one person to make a difference.” In my life, right now… that person is Jang Keun Suk.
    So I say to him… You lead… your eels will follow! Zikzin!

  5. Thanks Tenshi for sharing this.. Personally, I participated in this project willlingly and thank for a dear friend who allowed me to join ^^ All well said here.. I understand both who have positive and negative reactions for this event..and its result. we all want the same thing.. DOING our BEST for Prince.. ^^ But in this real world, all Eels as well as TreeJ staffs and, Prince himself should realize that to become or achieve the goal of being “WORLD PRINCE”, lots more constant supports will be needed..along the way..

  6. Get to the truth of the matter before we judge JKS. Previously, he is very very vocal about his thankfulness to fans and he was always updating fans in every way possible. This time around, there seem to be silence from his end, except for tidbits from his staff, and I am sure there is a reason for his silence. Who knows – he might be sick, or writing his thesis in order to graduate, or probably writing a script for a drama or a movie, or probably breaking his brain for another creative activities he must embarked on. He is an artist, not just an actor or a performer, and an artist always have those moments wherein they can be alone to themselves for days and days…


    • wholeheartedly agree
      artists r humans too … dont we all need our spaces
      as well? he is not a robot. if we love him, then respect

  7. and also take note that there are some sectors of Korean and Japanese media who accuse him of buying his own tickets for his own fan meetings so that those meetings will be full. they might accuse him again of fabricating this advert to come from his own pocket instead of eels international, that indeed this is a legit advert from fans. so, to those in-charge – KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS. remember that JKS is not “the most loved actor/entertainer in Korea”. As Park Shin Hye said in an interview, many people looked at JKS as “arrogant” but according to PSH “he is not. He is a genius, very creative, he has some mischievous side but overall he is cute and he can manage a performance and is not dependent on others to perform for him.”

    what am is getting at? TreeJ staff are also careful, and its their responsibility to know what’s going on so that JKS will be able to answer the “ambivalent press”. Bottom-line, there is a risk of not knowing, and risk can only be mitigated if you know what’s going on.

    I hope all eels will continue to support him.

  8. Surprised to see this tweet message as i was certain that one of eels rushed all the way to Tree J to deliver this newspaper the same day this paper was released. I guess the staff at Tree J did not pay attention to the newspaper until 2 days later. Not sure if they even showed it to their boss. Tree J staff indeed lacks a lot of experience in handling a lot of things. I heard a lot of complaints about them so i hope they will learn along the way.

    As for complaints from eels, i was a bit surprised. I guess when fans give gifts, they do want some recognition from him. But perhaps we choose a wrong period. He stopped tweeting for quite sometime, rarely even use his app. I am not sure if his silence has something to do with the book that he has read or because he is too busy. He does seem to lose some weight judging from the xmas pic he posted.

    So far, he only responded to the korea ad in mrt because he was still quite active on tweets during that period. After that, he rarely tweets and we can only know his whereabouts through staff tweets. So i think silence from him might be better because if he acknowledge one effort, he has to acknowledge all efforts make by eels from different countries. When Chinese eels started the ad in mrt, no response, korea fan ad in radio and voluntary work, no response, international fans ads in IHT, no response, Japanese bus ad, still no response. I guess he is trying to be fair. If he responded to one, and not the rest, people will get jealous and angry. Not easy being a celebrity.

    I am sure he is definitely touched by all the efforts make by eels. He is a sentimental person.

  9. My only wish is to see he’s happy with our support for him. To see that he’s much love by his eels. That’s for me is enough because I have my own life, family and friend, above all I am not a STAR. With our support I wish my STAR will shine more brighter in future. Jang Keun Suk I wish you the best in your career and your personal life. For me you already done a lot to us in giving us happiness with your acting, singing, smiling, and …… <3

  10. I just want to say that I believe his feelings to his eels are sincere and never change. I also believe that his silence has reasons and I will understand whatever his reasons. He is only human and I will give him time to approach us again.

  11. it would have been nice if jks tweeted atleast once’love u all eels’ with his cute smiling pic otherwise how would people knw his reaction,people might even misunderstand..i guess mastereel is not taking proper care of his eels:p


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