[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 3

Pic scanned by KiKiWang0810 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation by Aphrael77

JKS’ White Valentine’s Day

Question: Do you have any weird habit that no one else knows?

In the past, I used to switch on the television immediately after I got out of bed in the morning. It’s not because I wanted to watch television, it’s because if I don’t turn on the television, I would not get out of bed… Switching on the television gave me a feeling of not wanting to lose out to society.

Question: As a pretty boy, please share with us what is your definition of a real man?

A man should have very strong leadership ability to guide everyone in whatever he’s doing. Haha! I also want to be like this. If I can, that will be very charismatic!

Question: Share with us a memorable Valentine’s Day and White Valentine’s Day.

Once on Valentine’s Day, I received a box of chocolates from my ex-girlfriend, which she had made herself. At that time, I felt it was a special gift, though it didn’t taste as nice as store-bought ones [laughs]. On White Valentine’s Day, I returned a gift to my girlfriend. It was candy that I had especially bought. Although candy may not seem special, it was not easy buying candy that the recipient liked. I had also written a letter to her.

Question: If you’re not a human being, what animal do you want to become most? Why?

Rabbit! [laughs] Because a rabbit can survive on grass only, and can still jump about energetically. Since a rabbit eats only grass, I don’t have to go on a diet intentionally.

Question: Have you ever fantasized about your future family life?

Yes. Although I don’t know when I’d get married, if the right person appears, I would want to get married at any time. I’ve thought about living together with a person I loved, waking up together… These may be very normal situations, but I think this is pure happiness. If I have children, I hope that I can be a friend to them when spending time together.

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