[Mar 2011] Fans magazine – page 2

Pic scanned by KiKiWang0810 @ Suk Baidu Bar
English translation by Aphrael77

JKS’ White Valentine’s Day

Question: Any memorable things done by fans?

No matter which country fans are from, they leave a deep impression on me, and I have many wonderful memories. The most special incident is regarding a fan in Japan. She would keep calling out loudly “Keun Suk ah” at the event venue and her passion is unforgettable. I’m also very thankful to her for her support.

Question: After becoming a well-known actor in Asia, what other work targets do you have?

I hope to conquer the world! [laughs] I hope it is not just fans in Korea who know me and acknowledge me. I hope to go beyond Asia, and become an Asian actor with solid acting skills who is recognised by the whole world.

Question: Having been labelled as representative of a pretty boy, which part of your body do you think is the most attractive?

My leg? [laughs] Although I feel the other parts are fine too, many people have complimented me on my legs! What do you all think? [laughs]

Question: Tell everyone a secret, what item must you bring with you when you go out?

No matter where I go, I will have a camera in my bag. Although there may not be changes in my daily life, there may be some scenes or images I wish to capture. If I photograph that moment, I can preserve that moment and that memory. Actually, in my spare time, what I like to do most is to look at my photographs and recall the events that happened then. This gives me happiness!

Question: If you have sufficient time now, what do you wish to do most?

I hope to live overseas for a period of time and reinforce my learning of language. I took time recently to attend English and Japanese lessons, but if I have more time, I want to learn it overseas. Hope that I can fulfil this wish one day.

Question: To you, what is the one element in your life that you absolutely cannot live without?

Music! No matter what I am doing – driving, resting, at a gathering – I will play nice music. This will make me feel very happy.

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  1. Besides JKS’ handsome face, most charming part is his personality, he always shows bright, positive and straight forward. Very intelligent, high EQ.


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