[20.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

Actor Jang Keun Suk 20th anniversary celebration video from CRI-J! Thank you, those who made this~ When I watched this during dinner show, I was so toched. T_T
배우 장근석 20주년 축하영상! 만들어준 달이님 감사요~ 디너쇼때 보다가 울컥했어요 ㅠㅠ

BB: Team H album comin soon
Staff: I love this photo!

“@bigbrothersound: Team H album comin soon http://via.me/-7zdbvqs ” ㅡ 이 사진 너무 좋아!

Japan official fan club! My heartiest congratulations on your 2nd anniversary! ㅡ From now on, being together, happy and healthy eels’ life zikzin!
일본 오피셜 팬클럽! 2주년을 진심으로 축하합니다! ㅡ 앞으로도 함께 행복하고 건강하게 장어의 길로 직진!

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  1. WOAH!! Cri J especially their video editor “daalcom” always giving me goosebumps..Her editing skills is brilliant just like Sukkie every detail is perfect!!

  2. Great presentation. All the various looks portrayed suitable for the characters in the respective dramas/movies. Only excellent actors can fulfill their parts and satisfy the audience. Thank you for sharing this meaningful video. God Bless!


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