[News] Team H 2nd album “I just wanna have fun”will be released on Feb, 2013

Source: http://a.ponycanyon.co.jp/lounge_h/

Finally the long-awaited Team H new album “I just wanna have fun” will be released on Feb. 20th, 2013 in Japan. Yay!!! Not sure but Chinese version will be out next year, too? And their world tour? Can’t wait, anyway. ^^

The album has two editions, the first shipping limited edition and the ordinary one. The difference of them is below. There are B2 sized posters as the privilege for pre-order buyers. It is said the design is different between the first shipping limited edition and the ordinary one.

*The first shipping limited edition [CD+DVD]
Price: ¥3,800(Tax in)
Privileges: DVD (MVs of “What is your name”&”Feel the beat” and the making)

01. I just wanna have fun
02. Feel the beat
03. Party tonight
04. rock and roll tonight
05. What is your name
06. liquor shot
07. welcome to my world
08. beautiful change
09. the time(original mix)
10. can’t stop(remastered ver)
11. gotta getcha(remastered ver)
12. Feel the beat(original ver)
13. What is your name(original ver)

*The ordinary version [CD+booklet]
Price: ¥3,000(Tax in)
Privilege: booklet

12 thoughts on “[News] Team H 2nd album “I just wanna have fun”will be released on Feb, 2013”

  1. Today this news was just announced, so later it will be available on YESASIA. So please wait for a while to order this.

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  3. Thanks Tenshi,i cant wait to have in my hands,I saw it in Yesasia already and is number one in preorders in another site,so I think it will be another hit.

  4. According to Warner Music Taiwan, Team H digital album will also be released on same date in various Asian countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. It will also be released on iTunes which is a first for a Korean megastar for Warner. See more on http://www.warnermusic.com.tw/node/412


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