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  1. Eels all over the world will always be with you, Sukkie… Love you always… <3

    I hope he had a sound sleep last night.

  2. aawww my heart aches for him…we,eels only wants your happiness Prince..we will do everything for you…WE ARE WITH YOU ALWAYS!

    i really hope he slept and rest well last night!

  3. We know you r lonely Prince. You wanted to hv someone to relate to. Just bear with it Prince, your special one will eventually be with you. It just that time is not at yr side now. For now, Just tweet to eels and we will shower you with our love & support. You will be re-energised again! Don’t work tooooooo hard! You are already so Mighty! One of the Best in our Hearts! Happy Christmas to you and may you hv a wonderful time this season!

  4. don’t be lonely….there r lots of people out here who always pray for u……hope u will get that someone special who’s gonna make ur loneliness and sadness disappear……:)
    eels r with u forever!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    just keep on smiling ur sweet smile……….:)

  5. Jang Keun Suk is a man very successful, millionaire, famous, handsome, intelligent, firnedly and cheerful, Jang Keun suk is perfect. I think Jang Geun Suk is doing very well economically and professionally, I’m sure!. But, about emotions I think his loneliness or sadnesses could being caused by “Love”. I’ve observed him always been very optimistic about labor situations, He is very bright with respect to labor, he can fix everything ingeniously. he is a proffesional!… but …”the Love”…I think this time the love hit him harder than before.
    remember, Jang Keun suk stop went up his messages for twitter, after many fans were jealous because jang keun suk went up on his app one pic where his hand taken with the hand of an girl and both wore a black bracelet. I guess he must feel sad for can’t love freely. as many said: “the price of fame.” :(.

    this is my opinion. I always support Jang Geun suk = World prince.

    This video (lyrics) is something that I think he is feeling…”FT-Island – I wish (MV)”.


      • I don’t you can get it!!
        1 is Not allowed because is a paid app.
        2 The photo is forced to take it down, so u can’t see it anymore!!!

    • Allison22 says,
      You said:-
      …”the Love”…I think this time the love hit him harder than before.
      remember, Jang Keun suk stop went up his messages for twitter, after many fans were jealous because jang keun suk went up on his app one pic where his hand taken with the hand of an girl and both wore a black bracelet. I guess he must feel sad for can’t love freely. as many said: “the price of fame.

      You are referring to the girl in red? Yes heard that a lot of nasty message were send to him so he was forced to take it down.
      Anyway he is also human, why can’t people let him fall in love ?
      We love him, we must also love his girl !!!

      • @JJ: Way to go….. that’s the spirit.
        As the saying goes, ” Love me, love my dog “.
        Don’t we all even love Sunni?
        Sure, eels love and understand Prince JKS and everyone around him.
        In my opinion, that incident was caused by some fans in the spur of the moment.
        Prince, don’t worry…be happy. You are still young.
        Having a secret love makes it all the more exciting.
        Don’t think too much. Don’t work too hard. Enjoy your “Blessings”.

    • omg?!..his secret love/crush is…Yoona?..right?! :). I read in a comment that after sukki and Yoona finishing love Rain and separated, they started wore black bracelets in different places, as: airports, restaurants, events …etc. (discreetly for separate).
      …Am I only one crazy? who observed that they always looked really happy together in the recordings of love Rain (even though the ratings were low only in korea, but they didn’t care, they looked like two cute kids, happy, sincere, funny and adorable), they worked hard for their fans (because they love and respect their fans), but after Sukki and Yoona had to say goodbye (because the drama ended), he began to look distinct (more reflective), he started to say he wanted to have a girlfriend, started talking about how he wanted to have 2 children, he wanted stop drinking, said felt lonely (concert cri-show2), chose as his lucky number “7”, buy bears and candles, ate chocolate mint and use her favorite word “Kizuna” for printing on his stamps and cards, sukki really began to enjoy and choose all her tastes….ha!…expression of duck lips, flatfish (= fish lips), she always did duck lips and flatsfish long before, now He does, too. other funny facial expresions that she always did (because she does not mind destroy herself face with funny expresions, because she is so funny and natural) now he also does like her expresions. sukki said Yoona that “she is the female version of him”. I know that all his female versions for him signy “his girlfriends”.
      then, the answer is Yoona. but I believe for some reasons of work and fans, can’t have a relationship beyond friendship. In October seemed Sukki and Yoona wanted to give themselves a chance. who happened in minds and hearts them?. they have shared many times together in love rain.

      Thanks to everyone for reading my craziness coherent. 🙂

      I think it all born from a madness. I want to keep flying and dreaming.

      When Sukki said goodbye to the drama he said: “I feel like I was in a very deep love”….“ I’m going to suffer of the WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME/SYMTOMPS for a long time”.


      The consequences of addictive loving are most revealed as the love addict experiences WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME/SYMPTOMS when a relationship ends, or when a relationship is perceived as falling apart. This is when withdrawal of being with one person is experienced at its most intense level. When a break up occurs, an addictive lover longs for the attachment and apparent loving feelings of the lost relationship, as much as a heroin user craves heroin when the drug is no longer available. This longing may result in extreme debilitating pain.

      thanks eels…bye! 🙂 good day 🙂

      PD: thanks Allison 20 for your video (..hong ki looks like Jang Geun suk with glasses and they have similar sweaters color and model)…interesting! :).. the girl looks similar Yoona…interesting!. thanks! 🙂

      • hi,may i know where can i find the sources/articles mention about the bracelets,syndrome and other things..it just caught my attention..just happy to read you comments..hihi

  6. If one day your dreams fall to the ground breaking into a thousand pieces, remember, is a small thing that God is the greatest miracles. And in the end, you will not find who always sought, but to meet someone who always waited for you.

  7. JKS should go out and have fun. Join more korea variety shows :-
    Top Favourite Korean Variety Shows
    Star King.
    Strong Heart
    Invincible Youth.
    Happy Together
    We got married.
    Star Golden Bell
    Hello baby
    Running Man.
    At least we can see him smile and happy for a while.
    Love is all fated or God’s plan. Take it easy!!!!

  8. Love quarrel? Who is his girlfriend? Yoona, or Stephanie of Grace, or Tiffany, or Guen Young, or Becky the Japanese or the Japanese model?

    • somebody from SM Entertainment? Don’t know too.

      1. But Stephanie of Grace (SM) used to be his best friend on/off camera. They dated for quite sometime – their first meeting on arranged date. She is super foxy and sexy. She is back in Korea and Sukkie and Big Brother are following her in Twitter. (Is he busy going out with her again? Redeeming the time that she was away in the States?)
      2. Tiffany? – He used to hang-around with her even during YAB days. She is still very close to him
      3. Yoona? – He composed a song for her; had many kissing scenes with her in Love Rain (looks real to me); and he said that he can’t forget Love Rain
      4. the japanese who was linked to him – sometimes, i feel there is some truth to it because Sukkie is always in Japan and he speaks fluent Japanese (credit to his Japanese girlfriend?)

      Who knows? We can only speculate. BUT HE IS IN LOVE AND LONELY. Do you think it is unrequitted love; that’s why he is lonely? His secret unrequitted love? If he sees me in person, hmmmm – i’m more gorgeous and smarter than any those girls….and I’m natural beauty…hmmmmmmmmm

      • lol fortune teller I vote for you and your confidence to say you are very beautiful, I am sure you´ll get a chance with him someday

  9. We fans of JKS shouldn’t be mean and unreasonable if Geun Suk likes someone, we should be understanding, support him, protect him from haters thats how EELS should do. He is cheerful person but sensitive too. My heart aches for him seeing him so lonely. But how could he be so charming and cute still even when he looks so sad??? awwww! I love you Jang Geun Suk. My room is full of your dvd dramas and just done watching Love Rain! You are the best.

  10. I think JKS has the wright to choose his own girlfriend. Fans have no wright to choose who he should feel in love with. At the end of the day he’s the one who going to spend his whole life with her. We are here to support him who ever he choose. Let him be happy.

  11. jang keun suk … in time, u will not be lonely
    anymore. d woman u choose will fill all ur
    emptiness n make u happy.
    i wish u all d best, my prince.

  12. Tenshi, Thanks you once again. After reading your FA…now I completely understand this post of his staff about lonely battle and wishing him to sleep peacefully… Sukkie i will always pray for you…


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