[flash report] WOWOW Saitama CRI SHOW2 Interview

Credits: WOWOW
Source: Saitama CRI SHOW2 Interview

On Dec. 22nd, WOWOW, Japanese paid cable TV station broadcasts exclusively the final day of encore CRI SHOW2 in Saitama. Below are flash reports of the screen shots and brief interview.

Interview before the show
“THE CRI SHOW2” started four months ago, but I had prepared for the stage about one year ago to make the stage full of Jang Keun Suk’s various charms. At last, today is the final day. I’m much more nervous than usual today. I feel kind of strange. And I’ve been given really a lot of love in 2012. Thank you very much.

Interview after the show
The stage just ended. I’m just relieved and listless… And after all, I was so surprised that fans gave me such a great and unexpected present. Thank you so much for loving me in 2012. I want to create more meaningful and new stage next year than this year.
Again, thank you so much for celebrating my debut 20th anniversary today! See you next year~!!

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    • With the way he portrayed Seo Inha & Seo Joon differently, I’m confident he will win. I remembered how my friend who is not eel made a comment after I convinced her to watch Love Rain…she said it seemed she watched to different people. It was so convincing watching Inha and Joon as two different people.

  1. … I’m happy for you … keep safe always … We’re hoping that you’ll come to the Philippines nxt year ^_^

  2. My best wishes to Prince JKS: May he receive the best actor award for 2012 “Love Rain”.
    In my opinion, he has portrayed different acts with matching looks and just the right expressions. This proves he is an experienced and excellent actor. Good luck!!!


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