9 thoughts on “[vid] Hunan TV 2012-2013 New Year’s Eve Countdown Program Promo”

  1. yeay… lucky Chinese eels can watch him live on new year’s eve
    I’m so excited and looking forward for the updates..

    jyo .. zikzin….


    • Hi! The way I understood about it, is that Suk was invited ahead of time and the management already agreed on his presence of this event. And for me Sukkie would get more impact on attending this event. It will give a domino effect on his popularity. And we all know he is aiming to get more followers in the U.S. & Europe. This event will help him a lot to achieve his goal of becoming a World Prince.

  2. Eels! Let’s [Vote] JangKeunSuk for 2012 KBS Drama Awards

    Need to login or register before if you don’t have KBS ID you can register HERE
    : https://sso.kbs.co.kr/SSO/KBSWeb/foreign/ForeignSelect.aspx(Just follow step)

    Then Vote on ling http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/2012award/vote/netizen/index.html
    Please click choose at the name’s JKS spell in korea : 장근석 (사랑비) /loverain

    video Love Rain on 2012 KBS Drama Awards will be held on Dec. 31th

  3. I believe that the Hunan TV countdown show will also be aired simultaneously on Hong Kong’s NOW TV so those of you who have this channel may watch it on TV!


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