[14.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

The result of attendees for Dinner Show was decided by lottery today… but, we have upcoming Lounge H tours! ㅡ Please smile seeing Captain of withus!
디너쇼의 추첨이 결정된 날이군요… 하지만, 라운지H 투어도 있으니까! ㅡ 위더스 단장님을 보고 웃도록 해요!

Park Jung Min – Beautiful MV / There must have been intense competition for Dinner Show… Even if you fail, please don’t feel down! Dance team, Withus is cheering you.
박정민(Park Jung Min) – Beautiful MV / 엄청난 배율인거죠… 디너쇼… 당첨되지 않았더라도, 기운내세요! 댄스팀 위더스가 응원합니다

The day announced the result for winners of Dinner Show in Japan. I heard the competition was tremendous. ㅡ They must feel down, but said “I wish I could be there together. I can’t go, but my mind won’t change. I cheer for him.” ㅡ Thank you so much. I understand how you feel.
The image: I hope you will stay with me in the next 20 years as well.. Jo~! Zikzin!

일본 디너쇼 당첨 발표날 무시무시한 배율이었다고 한다 ㅡ 속상하고 안타까울텐데도, “함께 하고 싶었어요, 갈 수 없지만 마음은 변하지 않아요, 응원합니다” 라고 말해준다 ㅡ 감사합니다 그 마음, 전해집니다 ㅡ

6 thoughts on “[14.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. Although I can’t attend the DS, I know that it will be a success as I have faith in all the endeavours of Sukkie. He puts in his maximum effort in all that he does. I know he will achieve all his dreams.

    • I’m here in Boca Raton, Florida and I don’t see the connection. What does Park Jung Min MV have to do with JKS dinner show? Although it was an excellent MV….loved the neon lighting at the end….but he’s not JKS. Merry Christmas to all JKS supporters from Susann in Boca Raton!

  2. I think Tree j staff just want to share Park Jung Min’s MV coz JKS Cri Show Dance Team is in this MV. Kind of they are helping each other to promote their work/talent.

    • Thank you so much Kristin for your quick reply. This is an excellent example of JKS showing his love and support for his hardworking Dance Team. Good things always come to those with a kind and generous heart like JKS. Merry Christmas from Susann in Florida


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