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CRI SHOW2 ended shortly before, but soon 20th anniversary dinner show… those who feel empty inside, see you at dinner show~
크리쇼 끝난지 얼마 안되었는데, 20주년 디너쇼… 크리쇼의 아쉬움을 디너쇼로 만나요~ http://yfrog.us/htsunoxsxctvhaxfyeuuoxpjz

Working through the night ends today! All I have to do is to write a script for MC, make cue cards for MC and make prompts for Actor Jang!! ㅡ Seems lack of time… *sigh
밤 새는 것도 오늘로 끝! MC대본쓰고 MC큐카드 만들고 장배우 프롬프트만 만들면 된다!! ㅡ 시간… 모자라겠지… 하아… ㅡ
tenshi_akuma’s note: In this pic, the spelling of “dinner show” was wrong.

Today’s dinner show might seem a small fan meeting, but not only that. There we celebrate Actor Jang’s debut 20th anniversary together with those who love him. ㅡ I hope both eels and Actor Jang have a warm dinner…
오늘 디너쇼는 어찌 보면 작은 팬미팅이지만 장배우의 데뷔 20주년을 사랑하는 사람들과 함께 축하하는 자리이기도 하다 ㅡ 장어도, 장배우도 따뜻한 디너가 되길…

Jang Keun Suk 20th anniversary dinner show! Seeing this makes me feel it’s real.
장근석 20주년 디너쇼! 이거보니 실감난다.

Please come and see the 20th anniversary banner ^^
20주년 배너보고 오세요^^

Today’s protagonist greets us at Jamsil station.
잠실역에서 반겨주는 오늘의 주인공

On the way to hotel, he greets us again.
호텔로 가는길에도 반겨주는 주인공

There is a very big banner as well ^^
아주 큰 대형배너도 있어요^^

You’ll see a lot of banners here and there ^^
여기저기 배너가 많으니 찾아보세요^^

Awesome Cri-J souvenirs!
크리제이 기념품 대박!

Preparing by hand work even at the site
현장에서도 수작업

Thank you~ our Cri-J exectives^^ They’re very fast at work T_T
고마워요~ 우리 임원들^^ 손이 너무 빨라 ㅠㅠ

Something like this is installed at the entrance.
입구에 이런것도

Completed the script! Spelling is OK! ㅡ I have to go after a quick shower. ㅠㅁ ㅠ/
완성 대본! 스펠링 제대로임! ㅡ 이제 씻고 가야지 ㅠㅁ ㅠ/ ㅡ
tenshi_akuma’s note: In this pic, the spelling of “dinner show” was correct. On tweeting the early pic, eels pointed out it.

The entrance of dinner show venue
디너쇼 입구
tenshi_akuma’ note: Below are the close-up posters.

Yesterday Actor Jang said, “Why you selected songs only you want to listen?” ㅡ I couldn’t answer, “Well… That’s is because my heart is like eels’ heart”. ㅡ This photo was taken by cherry-chan.
어제 장배우는 이렇게 말했다 ㅡ “넌 왜 너가 듣고싶은 노래만 선곡해?” ㅡ 으음… 내 마음이 곧 장어 맘이니까 … 라고는 말 못함 ㅡ 사진은 채리짱이 찍어 준 것 ㅡ

It starts!

When the image of moon appears… Gee, tears are running T_T
달이님 영상 나오는중… 아이고 ㅠ 눈물나 ㅠㅠ

Not finished yet,,,
아직 안끝났,,,

The 1st dinner show held in Seoul ended! Very impressive and a lot of fun~ I got my name plate~ Chief of the design team, you’re great!!!
1차 서울 디너쇼 끝! 넘 감동적이고 즐거웠당 명찰도 받았다~ 디잔팀장님 최고!!!

To Cri-j executives, you’ve been mental and physical exhausted for preparing today’s dinner show~ Thank you so much today ^^ See you next week in Busan!!!
이번 디너쇼 준비하면서 진짜 마음고생 몸고생 많았던 크리제이 임원분들~ 오늘도 정말 고마웠어요^^ 다음주 부산에서 또 만나요!!!

And, To those precious eels staying together for about 3 hours and 45 minutes… We’ve made another good memory ^^ Take care on your way back home ^^
그리고, 약 3시간 45분을 함께한 소중한 장어분들… 좋은 추억을 또 하나 만들었습니다^^ 조심히 돌아가세요^^

Today’s Seoul dinner show is not like other shows. We’ve prepared it as a private one. As we’re having Busan dinner show next week, please refrain from sharing the detail report. See you next week ^^
오늘 서울 디너쇼는 다른 공연과 달리 프라이빗한 공연으로 준비했습니다. 그리고, 다음주 부산 공연이 있는 관계로 자세한 후기는 자제부탁드립니다. 다음주에 또 만나요^^

9 thoughts on “[09.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. Amazing man putting together an amazing event not only to celebrate his anniversary but to share it with his fans. Reading all these tweets and the excitement from staff and glimpsing little tidbits shared from those who have attended it is truly a blessing to be an Eel. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. “Yesterday Actor Jang said, “Why you selected songs only you want to listen?” ㅡ I couldn’t answer, “Well… That’s is because my heart is like eels’ heart”.

    *sniff* That is my favorite right there, she knows if possible ALL EELS would be there… and she has EEL best interests @ heart.

    I hope they have a great series of dinner shows and create many beautiful memories together!

    Will there one day be dinner shows or cri shows in the USA? I hope so!

      • Tree J angels are also his eels so they know our feelings!!!This is his way of saying THANK YOU to eels most especially to Korean EELS who stay beside him along the way!!! No doubt, he love’s us the way we love him!!

  3. i’m really loving tree J angels…i thought we can’t even have staff twits for today’s dinner show…not as elaborate as when they give twits before but still this tidbits is somehow sharing the Dinner Show to all eels who can’t come…thank you! thank you! they really understand Eel’s heart 🙂

  4. Sukkie, Congratulations your success first Dinner Show!!!!

    I’m soooooo glad that Sukkie put aside his tooo busy schedules to produce the Dinner Show for Korean EELs who had been stayed with Sukkie for sooo long, from the beginning until now.

    His Korean-eels might be few in numbers….but they are one of the most beloved and importance eels in the Kingdom of eels. Sukkie always has special feeling and feel proud toward his native eels. Kyaaaweeee….I see no evil here!!!!

    Korean eels are like the backbone and the driven force of his career!! Without them, we, international eels, might not see JKS as of today.

    To Korean eels (EELs who live in Korea)

    Thank you sooo very much for not giving up on Sukkie, for still believing in him, for supporting him in whatever ways you could, for always stayed with him thru the rough and hardest time of his life in the past until NOW.

    Thank you for being one of the invisible wind forces behind his success!!!!

    • and let us (International eels) join your force
      then.. we all have more, more power for supporting our World Prince
      jyo.. zikzin.. 😀


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