[02.12.2012] CRI-J staff twitter

Prince successfully ended encore CRI SHOW2 in Saitama. A lot of eels gathered at airport to celebrate him when he returned to Korea. To all eels who support Actor Jang Keun Suk online or offline, we love you.
프린스는 사이타마 크리쇼2 앵콜 공연을 성공리에 마쳤습니다. 한국으로 돌아오는 그를 축하하고자 공항에 많은 장어들이 모였습니다. 온 오프라인으로 배우 장근석을 응원해주시는 장어분들 사랑합니다.

Feeling sad to say good-bye to 2012 CRI SHOW2, but looking forward to 2013 CRI SHOW3… You’ll see Actor Jang’s happy face at the airport event – we’ll upload the rest of photos photos in the afternoon. “Our Actor, Jang Keun Suk, we love you Cri!!”
2012년 크리쇼2를 아쉬움에 보내고2013년 크리쇼3를 기다리며… 공항 이벵으로 즐거운 모습의 장배우-나머지 사진은 오후에 올려 드리겠습니다. “우리의 배우 장근석 사랑합니다. 크리!!”

We’ve posted arrival photos at Gimpo airport after encore concerts in Saitama on Jang Keun Suk official website “Princejks.com” and “official fan cafe”. Eels, be careful not to feel sick, seeing out-of-focus photos. ㅠㅠ
사이타마 앵콜 공연 후 김포공항에 입국한 사진 – 장근석 공식 홈페이지 “프린스 닷컴”과 “공식 팬카페” 에 올렸습니다. 흔들린 사진에 장어님들 멀미 조심 ㅠㅠ

9 thoughts on “[02.12.2012] CRI-J staff twitter”

  1. I sad that Cri Show 2 have end but I so glad that it end successfully for him. Happy to see him coming home with a BIG welcome and a smiling face.

  2. Prince’s warm welcome at the airport was so touching and meaningful. It’s great to know that his Korean Eels love and appreciate him so much. The 2nd twit says it all “Our Actor, Jang Keun Suk, we love you Cri!!”

  3. thank you for translate and sharing …thank you jang for your dedication ,passion and love if you have for your job ,sing ,acting with your hearth .

  4. well, im glad to hear that your fellow country people love’s you and we love you too so much from the philippines and singapore i will always love you and support you no matter how far you are.. i will always watching you and looking forward to see you in person i love you jang geun suk you’re the best.. take care always and Godbless…

  5. thank you for giving us happiness through your acting and singing,,eventhough i don’t understand your language,,i am happy to listened to your song…now i will try to learned your language..its very interesting to learned hope to master it someday so that i will understand everything you say…take care of yourself alright…


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