[02.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

I can’t leave the official website (PrinceJKS.com)… “We are with you” in Japanese official website, too… ㅡ I took a short nap, so time passed away ㅡ Alright, let’s restart again!
공홈에서 벗어날 수 없네… 일 공홈도 We are with you… ㅡ 잠깐 낮잠 잤는데 하루가 다 가버렸다 ㅡ 자, 이제 또 시작! ㅡ

I’ve experienced Daejong award (Grand Bell award), Drama award, Year-end feature event on supermodels, Music awards, and broadcast for Korean military service appeared President and 700 guests before… but I have no idea about dinner show. Should I visit and see what it is today…?
대종상, 연기대상, 슈퍼모델 연말특집 가요쇼에 대통령+출연자 700명짜리 국군의 날 생방까지 해봤지만 … 디너쇼는 정말 모르겠다 오늘 견학이라도 가야하나 …

Oh… God Keun Suk… You can digest my poorly-written scenario and change it into gold. I’ll follow just whatever you say. ㅡ I’ll take a day off until today… ㅡㅁ ㅡ;;
오… 근석 신이여… 똥같은 대본도 황금으로 소화해주시니 소인, 그저 분부대로 하겠나이다 ㅡ 오늘까지만 쉬자… ㅡㅁ ㅡ;;

9 thoughts on “[02.12.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. “You can digest my poorly-written scenario and change it into gold.” — and we all know what prince gonna say.. I AM GENIUS!!! kkekekee…

  2. What I love about Tree J angels, apart from being Suk staff, they’re his eels..We feel exactly the same towards Sukkie.. Cherry and Min are like his sisters and friends, while @codeinconnu often express motherly love towards Prince J..It’s like a proud Mother to her wonderful son”,she’s sweet and emotional when it comes to Sukkie…

    • totally agree!! angels protecting him and shining upon him.. they bring about the real him off screen and behind the scene.. i miss the days where both cherry and min account are not blocked, and they can share with us all the “behind the scene” account freely..

      • yeah right and it’s really sad we can’t have staff twits now 🙁 well our Prince is not silent now but still it’s nice to know what’s happening behind close doors..

    • I can still view their tweets, I guess it’s a wake-up call to everybody to learn how to respect someones privacy because even if we don’t admit it, some of us (eels) tend to break rules and even share things that is supposed to be private.. Simple things that we neglect for our own sake,sad but that’s human nature..Sorry if I offended anybody in this thread, but that’s only my opinion,peace!!


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