[27.11.2012] Jason Jang’s Weibo

For next year’s Team H Show, I come here. There will be also Chinese song… here is Cri Show final Stop. Let’s looking forward to next year’s super party Long H Show !! But… what is Jang Keun Shuai (note: he typed Suk instead of Shuai in Chinese, because Shuai means handsome)’s facial expression… haha ^^
为了明年的演出我来了这〜Team H!! 中文歌曲也会来〜 这里是cri show final站!大家期待一下明年super party lounge H show!! 可是…张根帅这表情… 哈哈^^

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  1. Can’t wait For Sukkie’s creativeness Next year. This year’s Cri-show was so creative and magical eels felt Sukkie’s magical world filled with wonders and and lessons to learn! Last year’s Show felt like eels were in a castle for royalties and were bedazeled by the charming prince that lived in it and his struggles to balance between his duties as a prince and his own wishes as a person <3 What will it be next year? ……

    Will the theme be about …. LOVE? ^0^ It will be interesting in prince let us in on how he views love! Welcome to JKS's heart!!!! What a title! My heart is already beating!
    Love of Family , love of friends and love for eels! Wait! We shouldn't forget love for oneself too! ^_^

    Sorry! Got ahead of myself. Whatever he chooses to do , I will always pray for the best for him and all his loved ones and all my eel sisters.

  2. Oh wait!!! There is another type of love that wasn’t mentioned in my previous post! I thought I wrote it but I didn’t …… Romantic love!! ^___^

  3. oppa, smile!;) u r on camera.. im so glad that jason updated us something when he is in silence.. that expression of him is like.. “DONT U DARE TO POST MY PHOTO!!!”.. kekeke.. just for laugh.. and BB so cute!!;) cant wait for team H album..

  4. our Prince is such a handsome spoiler..he loves to tease Jason he even call him ‘pig’ kkk
    BB is really cute..can’t wait for their next album!

    TEAM H ROCKS ! ! !


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