[26.11.2012] jksjapan twitter

Soon the show starts. Needless to say, it’s raining outside…(^_^;) But we can’t give in to rain clouds. Let’s do “We are with you” together.
まもなく開演。 やはり外は雨…(^_^;) 雨雲なんかには負けてられない。 みんな一緒に《We are with you》

Thank you everyone〜♡ I’m waiting for you tomorrow, too (^-^)/
みんなありがとう〜♡ 明日も待ってるね(^-^)/

9 thoughts on “[26.11.2012] jksjapan twitter”

  1. that “We Are With You” paper planes are so touching and sweet,wish i was there when they flown that planes to our Prince,a moment so precious 🙂
    thanks Tenshi..

  2. ” We are with you forever! ” must have been a really touching sight when all those paper plains flew together. Each one filled with love and promise!

  3. we are waiting for him too! we so miss this playful prince!!! we miss the times he update us on twitter.. awwww.. every updates of him seem so precious these days.

  4. He stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome on 26 Nov 2011 and accomplished his dream.. on the 26 November 2012, it marks exactly a year from Tokyo dome stage.. he stood on the stage again with his eels.. I hope he will be able to “re-feel” the passion once again.. Whatever he may be going through over the past 365 days.. he may have lost the passion along the way, and the dreams he once had, for whatever he may be going through right now, i hope this week’s final stage will give him the strength and courage to accomplish his every dream and every hurdle in life.. We will look at him only.. And this is our promise to him..!;)


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