[personal blog] Jang Keun Suk’s Music Touched a 5 Year Old Boy

The followings are totally personal experience. I just want to share with eels, since I was touched and laughed from it. Hope you do too. πŸ™‚


I have a 5 year old son who loves Jang Keun Suk’s music. He likes rock songs so “Let Me Cry” “Gotta Getcha” “Shake It” are his favorite from JANG KEUN SUK’s songs.

Today on the way to his piano lesson and back, we had some talk about JANG KEUN SUK’s Just Crazy Album.

Yes, I played Just Crazy Album in the car when I was driving today, I haven’t listened it for a while since I have been listening to it since I bought the album in June, I listened so many times when I’m on the way to work. My son has listened many times but can’t compare with me, also when he is in the car, I tend to introduce more kinds of music instead only one artist, but sometime he made his own request and ask for JANG KEUN SUK’s music, he loves rock songs a lot, so basically, Gotta Getcha, Shake It, Always Close to You etc.. are the songs he wants to listen. Well, when the song “Rain” was playing, he knows that is my favorite, is no. 8 song in Just Crazy album, he said to me: “After this one the next 2nd song is my favorite mama.” I said “I know that’s Abracadabra!” Then he said: “After this one the next 3rd song is my favorite too.” I paused, since this was first time I heard him say he likes Guardian Stars. I asked him:”You mean you like Guardian Stars” “Yes, I love that song.” I was surprised, since that’s a slow song. Anyway, so we keep listening and he sang along with Jang Keun Suk, hehehe. Then when Guardian Stars started, he was quiet, he was just listening. After the song I turned the music off and I told him: “You know, what this song is for? There was a very bad earth quake happened in Japan in 2011. Many people lost their lives and homes. But people who lives need to be strong and try to survive, so JANG KEUN SUK sang this song to show his care and support to them. This is a charity song.” He was quiet for a second, we got to the music school. He got out car and then he said to me:”Mama, I’m sad that Japanese people lost their lives because of earth quake. I love all the people in the whole world that live on earth, all of them from different countries. I want to write a song for charity too.” This time it was me quiet for a second, I know my son is always a sensitive boy, he has a soft heart, but still I was a bit surprised to hear these words out of a 5 year old mouth. I hugged him and told him:”I’m glad you think like this, that’s my wish too.”

I will get English translation of Guardian Stars’ lyrics and let him read it.

I think now he knows JANG KEUN SUK is not only a singer can sing good rock songs but he is also a person with good heart like to do charity works.

Anyway, I also had to add this second part of our conversation in the car about Just Crazy album. This time I hope you can have a good laugh about it.

After his class, we got back into the car, we turned on music again, now is the last song in the Just Crazy album. “In My Dream”. He asked me:”Did he write this song?” “Yes, he did write this one himself.” “What is this song about? What it tells you.” I think I need to find the translation of “In My Dream”‘s lyrics too soon to let him read, he loves reading. I told him:”You can hear some words which he sings in English, I will fly high, I will fly high… So he wants to fly high in the sky…” His eyes shined because I know he would love to fly high that would be his dream too. “So what’s the biggest dream JANG KEUN SUK has?” He talked like a news reporter, hahaha. I said to him: “Right now, I think his biggest dream is to become World Prince, which means he wants the world to know him as a good singer and actor. He just give a name World Prince.” “World Prince? hehehe, then does he get a princess?” He giggled, boys know lots of fairy tale too! I laughed:”I don’t know, maybe, a prince does needs a princess, right? I don’t know who tho.” “Oh, I know!” “You do?!” “She is the girl whose mother got blind.” ??? I couldn’t figure out who he is talking about. Then he said:”Remember, the Korean drama you watched, that girl’s mom got blind and there is JANG KEUN SUK’s mom in it too.” Ahhhh, now I remember, LOVE RAIN! That was when he was sick in May and one day I had to stay at home with him, so we watched one episode together, I couldn’t remember which episode tho, but he remember it. So the World Prince’s princess is Yoona. lol. It just amazed me that he remember Love Rain. “oh, that drama’s name is Love Rain?” He asked again…… I know he will remember Love Rain and JANG KEUN SUK, the World Prince’s princess is in it.

See how Jang Keun Suk won a 5 year old’s heart! And he is a boy! Jang Keun Suk should be really happy for it.

I just want to share this sweet story with eels. Thank you for reading.


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  1. sis Sarah, awwwww…this is the sweetest FA I have ever read!!! I want kiss and hug Ayden soooo bad. He is so special kindest boy. I have a son too, who is six going on seven year old…unfortunately all he cares for right now is comics and cartoons…LOLL

    I feel so proud of Ayden when he said he loves everyone in this world, in every countries….awww..amazingly full of wisdom from such young age. sis Sarah, your son is a precious gem among gems.

    sis Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing this story, it’s sure lighten up my earlier gloomy heart. Ayden is my hero for the day!!! Thank you Ayden!!!

  2. Wonderful story, such a sensitive loving and lovable boy. Not unlike Our Prince!
    ECI has a few very young eels… and your son is one of the youngest male eels I think I’ve ever heard of.

    And what a bright & special boy… to want to write a song for charity too? Why not? Your son can do anything he wants to do. And he has a lot of loving support from all the eels @ ECI. Jyo Zikzin… we’ll cheer you on to your dream little one!

    Thank you for sharing your sweet little boy with us.

    I hope some day JKS can really know how many people are looking at him, and he can be a true role model & really make a difference in the world!

  3. oh Sarah he’s such a very sweet kind boy,he’s smart and witty too,a PRINCE in the making indeed πŸ™‚
    you’re very good mom and i praise how you raise your son,thanks for sharing your story,i love it!

  4. Awwwww… I’m so touched!!! Ayden, my boy πŸ™‚ Guardian Stars is one of my Favorite too & I guess february babes think alike !!!!!!

  5. Just finished wiping off my tears, here! T_T What a wonderful and touching story, Sarah. Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

    Your baby is growing up to be an amazing human being. Thank God for people like JKS and for little boys like Ayden who have a big enough heart to fit the world in it!!


  6. Wow, thanks so much for sharing this story. I don’t know but I got misty-eyed while reading this FA. I’m so proud of Prince and how he won the heart of a 5-yr-old boy. I wish to here more stories from young eels in the future. ^_^ I think Prince would love to here stories like this too because it would show him that his music is not only for female eels but also to kids as well, especially to young boys.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story with us. Your son is so sweet n he is matured beyond his age from the way he talks. Now I have to find ways to turn my daughter into liking JKS but it seems quite tough as she is into her teens n Kpop… Anyhow, love this sharing.

  8. Hi Springsuk,

    our son is so sweet, sensible and he is matured. Hard to get such a wonderful child and you are so lucky to own one. God Bless you,

    JKS also wish to have a son in future, hope he will be like you son so adorable !

  9. Sarah, please give Ayden a tight hug for me, and I really wish to meet him some day. I am sure you are very proud of your boy and you have definitely brought him up well!! Great job momny Sarah!

  10. Sarah sis, I was reading this in the office but could make any comment.. really so heart warming that I would like to give Ayden a bear hug too and I’m sure you’re very proud of him!!! I hope Sukkie can read this too… please tweet this to Sukkie too ^_^
    By the way.. here is the lyrics of In My Dream in Chinese translation.. (sorry still have not found the Eng translation)

  11. Sis Sarah Ye , he is really amazing and awesome boy .I am proud for you having such a talented son .As my dream is child care teacher snd how I wish I could have many students like him to nurture and support , I don’t mind if they are so playful .Sukkie must be very happy and touched if he knows about it how he wins a boys heart .I love both if you .A great mum and an amazing son sis .

  12. Sis sarah, u must be very proud to have such a lovely son and both of your conversation was fun and Ayden isn’t like 5 years old. I’m touched when he said he is said of the japanese earthquake and would like to write a song for charity! It is great thought for a 5 year old boy to say that.
    Thanks for sharing and please give my hugs n kisses to Ayden!

  13. I ‘m late to read this one…

    So sweet and beautiful story…., mother and son were listening to the music together, talked and discussed about our prince,that was a great moment. Ahhh… I think every EEL wants having a cute boy like Ayden, so everyday can talk and share about prince JKS …

    Thank you for sharing sis Sarah and give my warm hug for your Ayden πŸ™‚

  14. Sarah and Ayden,
    I’m late to read this sweet post, and today on my way to work, I finally read and my heart was too full for words… as you know, I experienced that big earthquake actually and I couldn’t return home in two days. Fortunately my condo is earthquake-resistant, so even under such a big big earthquake, my residence building was safe. But roads around was broken and some buildings were collapsed. Water supply was very limited for a while. Anyway, we Japanese are now looking forward and stepping into the future with a lot of support, concern and love given from all over the world.

    Sarah, please tell Ayden that as one of Japanese victims, I really thank him about his kindness and I really want to be his friend, not only his mother’s friend πŸ™‚ And please allow me to hug him tightly when I see him in person.

  15. Ooww…I love Ayden!! Sarah, please catch my sincere kiss and hug and give to your adorable-amazing son! Really love to read this FA…gomawo Mommy Sarah…

  16. I was walking down the memory lane of Love Rain while waiting for ‘Beautiful Man’ premiere tonight and I stumbled upon this post. I am so touched by how lovely your boy is, sis Sarah. I’m a newly declared eel although I’ve got to know Suk for three years+. I am so glad I decided to be one of his eels and got to interact with all other amazing eels here and in the ECI fb group. Yeah… Our prince is getting slowly slowly nearer to his World Prince status and we’ll support him as much as we can :). I’d also like to say ‘amen’ to Ayden’s statement that our prince’s got a princess for him ;). He deserves to be loved by a princess with a heart :). I’ll be cheering out loud when the day comes and he introduces her to us ;). Thanks for this post… A very heartwarming one… Now I’m ready to go zikzin again \m/!

  17. Waaaahh this is the cuuuuuutest FA ever.. A million thanks to post it here.. And lots of blessings n love for our little eel..
    Omo can’t believe!!!
    He was only 5 then but his words have weightage of a 50 yr old man.. His concern for the victims touched my heart deeply..
    And he also remembers love rain❀❀❀ waaaahh..
    Very proud that our PRINCE is able inspire anyone of any age group from such a small age..


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