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  1. Finally I could post this here. I’m so sorry to have kept all of you waiting for a long time. It was tough for me to select quotes and translate them into English with my limited English. But I did it anyway. I hope this will help you to tell what I wanted to share after reading this book.

    OK, I share my personal thoughts a bit now. After reading Haemin’s words, honestly I identified a lot with him. His words remind me of what I believe in mind and what I should continue to believe. The biggest thing I learnt from this book is how to pause for a while; put my mind on the present and take a deep breath for a while, just focus on the present. I think Jang Keun Suk now knows how to pause and how to watch over his mind like movies. I don’t know why but I’m sure he’s changed now in a good way. Some eels miss his tweets storm, but I don’t think he’ll do the same things again like before. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care eels. In my opinion, he paid attention to various things and tried to do his best and be perfect. But his such considerations might have led a big burden on him. I think he forgot how to breathe and just kept running. Not being able to breathe means painful and restless even though he chose to keep running. That’s why I think he needed to focus on what he is doing and wants to do. Therefore, learning how to pause and clear out his mind is very good for him to concentrate his present state.

    At the same time, I feel something different, too… When I was thinking about Sukkie while and after reading this book, I remembered “the fox” story of book “Little Prince”. Some parts of the quotes are, “the fox told him his secret: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” “You become responsible , forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose…” Many of you might know the story, too. If you know the story, I think you’ll understand what I’m trying to say from this story. Our Prince, Jang Keun Suk also has tamed us, eels. He’s such an unusual super friendly artist to his fans, so we’re used to his friendliness. And we’ve become to expect him a lot. I think it’s good time to appreciate how happy we have such an adorable Prince again and think over our relationship to keep it forever.

    If you’re interested in the detail of “the fox” story, please see the link below.

    • sis Kaori chan,

      I’m crying reading your message here,(crying with gratitude and revelation!!) It seems like you have opened up my heart and my mind wider to accept the truth behind the hidden doors by simpily understand, believe and trust in the person whom I always confess to LOVE.

      My love for JKS is exactly like this quote, “Love has no reason other than just to love the person.”

      sis Kaori Chan, may I praise you too!! You are also a very very special and wise young lady!!! I love you just the way you are, even without ever meet you before!!!!

    • Kaori chan, thanks for the extracts & translation from this book which Sukkie read recently this year.. I believe this book has really influence Sukkie a lot and I agree with you, I like that influence as he has started to pause to reflect at certain point of his hectic life and I always think this change is not totally new to me as I remember in the FujiTV documentary, the last part when he was interviewed, he mentioned he love his personal time and in the documentary.. he mentioned he wants to have time to spend with his friends over coffee instead of drink (how I interpret… he wants a more leisure day time spent with his friends than drinking with them at night only after work) I believe he deserves this time to spend with his friends & family… I’m glad to see the twitter from his friend on the group photo with Sukkie spending with this LoungeH friend recently.. I’m sure eels would slowly adjust to Sukkie’s change and understand that is actually good for his mind & soul.. though we may miss him ^_^

  2. Tenshi…thanks for this translation..i feel like i can understand him better now. suk ah..please take your time..we will wait for you definitely..no matter how long it takes.
    Tenshi…you are awesome eel..promise you will be eel forever 🙂

  3. Thank Tenshi for your translation. Now I understand why he is silence. I’m thankful he read this book so he can really take a proper break and take things easy. I don’t want him to burn out.

  4. such an in depth writing.. is mind blowing! he’s learning to stop to appreciate things around him. life around him and loved ones is primary, eels may be secondary but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love eels. just that he need to stop for a while to take a look at his current life and do the best out of it;) till he is ready to look at eels again, i hope, one day hopefully soon, once he is ready, he will include eels as part of his “break routine”!;) that one day he may come to realize that eels are not a burden to his current state of mind, but a joy to keep him going.. like he always say, eels give him energy. which i hope he wont get burden by our expectation to him, but because we truly give him the energy and joy..

  5. tenshi thank you so much for your effort on translating this,the words not only made me fully understand our PRINCE but also enlightens me on some of my views in life,you are right that it can be handy on our daily lives,it teaches us how to live each day happily

    our PRINCE may change his way towards his eels but I believe he still cares and loves us and he will continue to bring happiness in our lives through his music,dramas and movies.


  6. thank you for translation ,for me its a mouth of oxigen .
    we must to life to the present ,here ,now.
    we must to love ,be in love ,send love to enione around us.
    god its love ,peace ,we are love ,and ouer hearth and mind keep this faith of love.

  7. I felt inspired reading all these quotes, some touches my heart because it’s exactly what I need to hear right now, related to things that I’m facing at this moment. It’s really wonderful. I rarely want to read a book but after reading what you wrote, I’m interested to read the whole book myself, because I think I really need something like this in my life now.

    As for our dear prince, I believe that he’s standing at a junction of his life with many roads to continue to the future, change is inevitable. I’m glad that he read this wonderful book and I hope, wholeheartedly, that it helps him in whatever he’s doing. Of course, I will support him no matter what because I sincerely believe he’s different and he truly care about us (eels) and I want to give him my support, however I can, in a way that helps him instead of burdening him.

  8. sis Kaori chan, Millions Thank you would not be enough to compensate how much I appreciate your hard work in translating this article. I feel soooo profoundly proud of you, beside always admiring you. Such an honor to know you as friend!!!

    As for this article, I will book-mark this page forever. I will learn and read this wisdom teaching line by lines, for I just find out that I have been doing so many things wrong or in a negative ways toward myself or others.

  9. Thanks for the translation, Tenshi,
    I think everybody has such hard times in his or her life. At these times it is better to go back ones origin.( Maybe it would be a good idea to go back to school.) Anyway, I believe he will get over it and be stronger.

  10. Looking back to his tweet “The World will keep turning even without me” something like that,I knew something will change,I’m not shocked at all because that is actually my wish for him,to take his time to think things that are more important,his family for example..I remember myself writing him a letter in his old OFC where free member can post message to him, my usual message is ” have quality time with ur Omma and Oppa”.. Countless time I talked to my close eel sisters,we talked about the present situation and we agreed on one thing, nothing will shake our loyalty and love to this special “STAR” ,we’ll stay no matter what and will wait for him patiently..Yeah, pain is inevitable bec we used to be pampered with his daily updates and now no more..Once u understand him,you’ll never feel insecure because you’ll know that even his not around he will always be there,watching us..Yes, I cried because I miss him but I’m not a selfish eel not to give him what he deserves and that is peace of mind..I hope and pray that he’ll learn to forget those unhappy times and move on..He deserves a happy life!!

    Thank you very much Tenshi’ what I love about you is ur sincerity’,may we all stay together for the sake of friendship and love for this wonderful human being “Jang Keun Suk”..Love u Prince J!!

    • Wow..charlotte..u must be a very senior eel. yes..its true..me sometimes feel that most of my free time fill with jks since i know him..seems like my time with friends and family are very limited even for myself..this book is a good one.the contents can reflect anyone in a positive way of thinking not only suk.even he’s change..i promise my feeling for him will never change forever.

  11. i am amazed how many emotions i have come out reading just parts of this book, it just strucks you to the core. i have such a tough year and this has brought so many bitterness in me, i have forgotten how beautiful the sorroundings, the people around me, and the other blessings i have gotten. i have been moving too fast and fast forwarding the present to reach the goal i have been longing, to stop waiting and finally start living, and this never came, and i became more bitter and questioning why this is all happening.

    this book is telling me why, because i am not living in the present. Sukkie might have felt this too, he has been just preparing for what comes next and forgets to “stop and smell the flowers”.

    today, i will stop. i will walk around and see the beautiful sights, i will take the time to ask how someone is doing, and i will not think about what will tomorrow bring. this is hard for me, but it will be good for me, for Sukkie, maybe for you too.. why dont we all try?

    • Sis Steevee, AGREE!!! Lets all try to live in enrich and peaceful life in a “pause or pace” motion; not blindly running faster without breathe to the unclear destinations!!!

      • True we all need to breathe..I need to realize things that I’ve neglected and appreciate them as it is..I’ve been busy planning for the and it stressed me out..deep sigh** but it’s never too late right? I hope I can carry my words into action!!

  12. Kaori sis Thank you so much for this I see what is going on, and this help me to understand him more. I see he is being running like crazy for 20 years now it’s the time for himself. Anmd also this would help me to understand my boyfriend too who is the same kind of person than prince.
    Again Thanks a lot <3

  13. Tenshi: First i would like to express that i missed your very prompt daily updates to a point where i was concerned if you were not keeping well or what, since I visit JKS Forever about five times a day. That’s how much i enjoy reading here.
    Thank you so much for your time and effort to translate these very meaningful quotes from “Things You Can Finally See When You Stop”; by Ven. Haemin. I learnt of this book and it’s contents through JKS Forever, so i tried to find a book in English.
    Personally i am very grateful that i have had this chance to read your translated version and your shared comments. I have learnt a lot from this and hope many others will find how these quotes could make a significant change to one’s mind while finding inner peace and a strong impact to living a happier daily life.
    Since the time i found out that our prince JKS was reading this book and through the few quotes he shared i had a feeling that it had caught his attention. I see an expression of more confidence, peace and happiness shining through him these days.
    I hope you are aware of how much joy you give to others through your daily news, views and comments. Prince JKS is very fortunate to have an amazing eel like you. God bless.

  14. Patient, discipline, respect, are we always been told about these words? I know patient is one of the very good qualities that a person should have but I’m apparently lacking of it. Read these words again will put me on a time out chair and let me think of being “patient” is how important and useful. I even haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing yet, but just by a few words from the beginning of this article, I’m already feel more peaceful.

    Thanks so much for your hard work, Kaori, is Thanksgiving time, and I’m being thankful, my lovely eels friends are the things I want to thank to JKS. Is my fortune to have these friends when we need each other to support and to understand better.

    I will also keep this article as “frequently” read thing. I do hope there is an English version of this monk’s book. 🙂

    I love you, Cri.

    • And yes, as maybe JKS is using more time to read books that he likes, which I always want to do that and hardly find time to do it. And of course, to spend more time with the people you care the most. I did that last week. Spent my vacation time with my kid and my parents. It was great. “Balance” is another word I like and I think here is also give from the book. 🙂

    • I finally finished reading this article. I started to read this because I was trying to find that what is JKS’s mind now and why is so quiet, but through reading, I found all these wisdom and buddhism words are actually directly to myself. I think everyone who read it will find some part that is talking about themselves.

      For me, for my soul, for my family, for my love, I’m glad I read this article.

      Thank you.

  15. Thank you so much Kaori, for sharing with us a glimpse of the profound words shared in the book, and offering us a perspective of Sukkie’s current state of mind and being now, really an eye opener indeed.

    One very good reminder is that many a times, we are placed in situations where we are unable to change the environment/people, so what’s most important is our mindset and how we chose to tackle and view the situation. Only when you are at peace with yourself, the external noises would appear smaller and more manageable; likewise only when we take a step to to breath and take care of ourselves a little, we can better appreciate the world and our surroundings and the people around us….

  16. Dear Tenshi,
    Thank you so much for your time and effort in translating this book. This book should be translated into english so that more people can appreciate and find meaning in life in this busy and brutal world.

    You have made it easier for eels to understand why Sukkie has become quiet recently and also, some of the quotes also explain some of sukkie’s actions and behaviour.Eg. quotes #123,#124. Now I know why he called himself Asia PRince and now, World Prince. It has less to do with arrogance but more to do with self-believe and self-confidence.

  17. Thanks for translating parts of the book, Tenshi! It is indeed a great book and I can’t wait for the English translation. I sure would want to have a copy.

    I had been curious as to what this book is all about although I know it had to be something so profound and inspiring for it to have a huge impact on Sukkie. He started to “become quiet” not long after reading this book. And I understand him more now. There’s a sense of peace and calmness, and a deeper kind of happiness when you stop and look around. I know, that’s what I feel now.

    After quitting from my job, which has enslaved me for more than six years, I am finally actually living in what the book says – the present, and I have never been so much happier in my life. I have been running too fast these past six years that I had somehow taken for granted the people around me, my family, the small things in life that can make me happy. And I am seeing them all now from a different perspective, a better perspective — as what Stv said, “I had stopped and smelled the flowers”. And I am happy, I am at peace.

  18. Kaori, thank you so much for the translation. You’re really one of Sukkie’s jewel. This would help me to understand and love him more.

  19. …wow i just read it once sis Tenshi, but i promise myself to read it over and over again..thank you very much sis..it is really very encouraging and rich detail about life..i am a Christian by faith but i believe some of the thoughts here agreed with the Bible..I love the thoughts about forgiveness..that is to forgive not for the person but for yourself…
    … about our Prince… now i had a deeper understanding about him now..though you have mentioned it before but your translation of the book really made me realized how I wronged him because of his long silence… i hope that Sukkie would really be mindful of the smallest details in his life and take care of every relationship he has and also take good care of himself… GOD BLESS HIM and GOD BLESS YOU SIS..LOve you both!

  20. hi Tenshi, really appreciate your effort for the translation. Prince will be so proud to have you as his eel.
    Everyone miss him, included me. But I know we can’t be too obsessed and need to carry on with our reality life. When you step back, you actually have clearer picture and gain more insight, which i’ve experience myself. Nobody is indispensable to anyone. We need to consistently talk to ourselves and educate our own mind..in order to be a happy person.
    Hope all eels will be a happy eel 🙂

  21. Don’t worry. Be happy. Worrying will not solve your problems. Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.Today has a lot to take care of but always maintain to have grateful heart. Count your blessings. Thats right when things dont seem to go well do not dwell for so long on it if you cant find a solution and learn to move on. Listen to what your body says and rest awhile from the hustle and bustle of life. Stop and rest and pray.

  22. Word of wisdom from Ven. Haemin. He has enlighten many including our Prince. Thru Prince tweet, we got to know of some quotes, and thanks to Tenshi, many more now know of this book and some of the extracts. Amazing ripple effect! and a Good one. These precious words definately inspires many…. Thanks Tenshi, you’v done many good deeds!

  23. thank you so much kaori chan..finally i can understand what sukkie has tweeted before..
    ive seen this book during my trip to korea last week,they put it at the front spot..i think bcoz this book is good enough for everyone..

  24. Tenshi, a million thanks for translating and sharing the essence of this book. Though this is in the context of Buddhist religion, but still it applies to Christian like me or even to any kind of belief. Reading what you have shared, I agreed with you that in Sukkie’s silence this time we are assured that he is more at peace of himself, he is no longer scared for his future and he gave love to people whom he treasured a lot specially his parents and the people who work with him. Its really true, that what matters most is to live the present moment well.

  25. Because my ideal society is the one focuses on “what the person can do now and what he is trying to do now”. If we try to find his identity from his background or organization, we tend to see his “past”, not his “present”. It’ll be a big mistake.

    yeah Korean should learn to not judge our prince 🙁 especially things done when he is a kid and past 🙁

    jks looks really affected by that book. hope for best for him

  26. Thank you Tenshi very much. I like his philosophy because it gives me a peace of mind after reading it. But I do not know whether in this faith, they believe in heaven or hell or not?

    I am a Christian by faith and I believe in Jesus who can save both YOU all and me so whoever believe in Him can have ETERNAL life in HEAVEN. Bible is a guide book from the Almighty God in Heaven to lead our everyday life in living – to love, to forgive, and NOT to worry about tomorrow. Jesus did teach us about life about 2000 years ago. We need to repent of our sins and be good.

    I am so glad to know all eels in this pool. You are all very great,so nice people and so lovable because you can love someone so far – just from the TV, yet not knowing him personally.

    Here I pray God bless Jang Keun Suk and God bless you all always forever and ever!!!

  27. I reread this post again…even is of old date but it is not outdated..
    I so love the last one (p 125) because it reminds me of Sukkie how he tries to keeps his own color and identity doing what he believes in and is excluded by the mass…sabled down because he dares to be out of the box…

    I do wish this book comes in english very soon..
    I’m already inspired by your post Tenshi..and reading this makes me understand Sukkie and myself even more..

  28. sis tenshi, you are a truly amazing eel of jks…you do not simply update us on his whereabouts and what’s happening with him…you exert such great effort to help us understand our prince and what’s going on in his mind and why he acts so…thank you so much…

  29. from your translations, we now know that our prince seems to be happier and more at peace with the world and himself…now i understand why he does not harbor any ill feeling towards the korean public who give him low ratings for his dramas, and the korean press who persecuted and criticized him for a long time…admirable attitude of our prince…instead of telling “i told so! and “i said i could do it and i did!”… when asked about the three year period of his life, he just said..it was all a misunderstanding with the press……our prince really has a good heart… and he has great depth as a person…who would think a very busy and highly visible star would be reading and liking a book such as this?…he has an amazing mind and such capacity for learning and change…he has influenced my life a lot…i now have learned that you may have no choice with your present situation but you can learn to enjoy it…that you can pursue other dreams you have without fear of failure…that what matters is how you feel inside..because it will influence how you see the world..love you,jks, for making me appreciate the present more and no longer long for what might have been..and thank you, sis tenshi

  30. Ven. Haemin’s bestseller to hit U.S. shelves
    Penguin Group has decided to publish the English edition of a South Korean bestseller written by a well-known Buddhist monk.

    Ven. Haemin, known as a “healing mentor” among Korean youth, authored the book titled “Things You Can Finally See When You Stop.” Its publisher Sam&Parkers signed a copyright contract with Penguin, which plans to publish the book in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

    Penguin said the book will appeal to readers in their 20s and 30s outside of Korea. Part of the content will be edited in consultation with the author to make it more accessible to readers unfamiliar with Korean culture.

    The thought-provoking book sold 2.4 million copes in Korea since its release in January 2012.

    Ven. Haemin said he would donate all royalties from the book’s overseas sales to charities for poor children and the elderly.

  31. Got this one as it has been Jang Keun Suk’s favorite; he mentioned about the book’s content in his 2012 Tweets and even in his concert [2013 Jang Keun Suk ZikZin Live Tour in Zepp Sapporo]. [The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: Guidance on the Path to Mindfulness from a Spiritual Leader by Haemin Sunim]. Thank you, Sukkie, for giving me a chance to expose my spiritual belief to an alternate faith.

  32. hi there, i just find this FA now finished reading some
    comments from fans ,agreed on what your comments and sis Tenshi ‘s . this is a interesting book and will try to read it if they have it in Eng , I only wanted to say that ourPrince is very brave to disclose his sickness (Bipolar disorder) which is very common and he can deal with it himself bcx he has to be positive and think of all the LOVE and supports from his Eels . and dont Demonding too
    much from himself.No one is perfect and he already achieved so much. And please don’t have to pay attentions on those negative comments .We eels are so proud of you .byebye have a good week Love you all


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